What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Second Hand Car?

Topic: 8 Benefits of buying used cars that you should know

Inflation is increasing day by day in the world, which makes it a bit difficult for an average class person to use a car. That’s why the market of used car is increasing day by day because people have started liking the used car and its proper industry is being made.

The reason for this is not only to get a car in less money but also to increase your royal life in less budget. That’s why we are going to mention here if you are thinking of getting a used car, then you should know these 8 benefits of buying used cars.

Why buying a used car is a smarter choice over new car?

The market for a second-hand car is booming in all over the world. And people prefer to purchase second-hand cars since it can save a lot of money when it comes to transportation. The daily commute to the office or market is a problem for people who need to go to different locations in and out of the city. But, affordability matters when it comes to new cars.

If you buy second-hand cars at an affordable rate, then you will be able to save in lump sum amount of money which you would have water in the name of transportation. Apart from that while traveling in a personal car you will get huge comfort and enjoy full freedom of movement. This is something never possible on public transport. for the reason this is one of the best benefits of buying used cars.

In FY2019, the second-hand car market in India was almost 1.2 times of the new car market. Almost 40 lakhs units of used cars were sold pan India that year. In developed economies, the ratio of buying used cars and new cars is 1:3 which means in every 4 sales 3 are old cars and 1 is a new car. That means the popularity of old cars more than new cars right now.

Advantage of buying second-hand cars

In India, people use to purchase second-hand cars for various reasons. And some of the benefits of buying used cars in India are given below:

#1. Price:

One of the biggest reasons for buying second-hand cars is certainly the price of the new car. The price of the new car is rising day by day. Buying a new car means a big investment that every buyer cannot afford.

But the buyer can easily buy a second-hand car from the online platform at an affordable price. Also, one other benefit added with the availability of valuation tools that helps you to find the right market value of any used car in just few seconds.

So, to make a smarter buying decision you should always consider to check car valuation at OBV. This will help you to get the best deal. The best part of this tool is that it is free to use tool and no need to signup or login to check used car value.

You can see one of the best benefits of buying used cars that inflation of the car increase day by day in the market and the consumers have to bear the brunt of it. This is the right option for those who like to get a car in a low budget. Because due to the high price of the new car, it has to be compromised. To avoid the rising prices of such a new car, using a used car is considered as a benefit.

#2. Certified cars:

There has been a huge popularity of second-hand cars in the last few years in India. The biggest reason behind that is that you can get certified second-hand cars from an online platform. So this is also benefits of buying used cars.

In online platform you will get the opportunity to check the quality and the performance of the car before purchasing it. Since you can easily test the condition of the car before paying the price for it there is no chance of being fooled. Hence you can get technically good cars.

#3. Low Depreciation:

The depreciation value of a second-hand car is always lower than that of a new car. And this is considered to be a special reason and benefits of buying used cars due to which people like to give more attention to second hand cars. With the passage of time, the value of the car starts decreasing and becomes close to 40% by about a year or so.

But after that its value remains the same. That is why when you buy a second hand car, the resale value of your car remains the same according to the price purchased.

#4. Low Insurance premium:

The insurance of a used car is always cheaper when you will compare it with the new ones.

#5. More options for low budget:

This is also benefits of buying used cars that when you are buying a used car then it is like taking a decision in your favor. You can see many options under your budget and used car provides you more options as compared to new car.

But when you choose to a new car, it means that you have made your choice, which cannot be any deduction according to the price. But when you want to go for buying a used car, then it is more options for low budget.

If we want to explain by example, then we can say that if you have a budget of 25000 dollars. Then in this budget new car will provide less option. But in the same budget when you want to move towards used car, there are multiple options for you. With this you can also select your favorite car. That’s why we can include it in the list of benefits of buying used cars.

#6. Lower customization cost:

A lot of customization accessories for car which makes the new car beautiful and takes the driving experience to the next level. You do not need to compromise with expensive dealership add-ons while buying a used car. You can invest the same budget in car customization.

#7. Good for the environment:

Vehicle is a big reason in polluting the environment. A vehicle generates a quarter of carbon dioxide in its entire life time. But compared to the new car then old car less produces carbon dioxide, which affects the environment less.

Did you know that hybrid vehicles use lithium-ion, lead-acid, or nickel-metal hydride batteries? It has a much higher environmental impact than a used car due to the toxic waste left by the used batteries and acids. Knowing this, you can be inspired to use a used car. That’s why we can include it in the list of benefits of buying used cars.

#8. Tension free drive:

A good benefits of buying used cars is that a car owner stress free driving. When a driver drives a new car, one wants to be wary of shocks and scratches. But if the driver drives a used car, then this type of worry is free.

The meaning of driving a tension free car can also be understood from this that when a person buys a new car, he hesitates to drive long in the initial days. But when you buy a used car, you are ready for long driving from day one.

To understand this in full details, we can understand in this way that when you go to the city after buying a new car. You think to avoid scratches in it and to avoid long drives. Even think about keeping the new car safe in the parking.

Why should you buy a used car online?

The popularity of buying the used car is growing at a tremendous rate in India. The Indians used car market has now become one of the largest markets in the world. People nowadays are demanding used cars from topmost brands since the brand new ones are very costly. And everybody cannot afford to buy a new car with such rocket touching price.

Though there are many places where you will get used cars, if you want to purchase second-hand cars at a genuine rate then you must approach any online platform.

On the online platform, the condition of the car remains good and since you can check it thoroughly before buying it there is no chance of getting cheated.  That is the reason why most people nowadays prefer to purchase a used car online instead of buying a brand-new car at a high price.

Even a few years back, people were sceptical about second-hand cars. There is a reason of course – the market for second-hand cars is largely unorganized. Buyers in this market directly contact sellers and have no option but to depend on their experience and what sellers convey. Here, all cars are tested on various vital parameters before display.

Visitors can find OBV to get a clear idea regarding the prices of the cars after depreciation. Everything happens here as per rules and regulations as laid down by the local, state, and central governments. Here you can find almost all kinds of brands starting from India’s very own Maruti Suzuki and Mahindra to premium BMW and sports cars.

Conclusion: Benefits of buying used cars

Second hand cars are cheaper than new cars which a common man can afford and easy to take care of used car engine. That’s why many people search in Google that what are the benefits of buying used cars? That’s why we have mentioned the benefits of buying a second hand car for a car lover like you. We hope that we have been able to provide you the best value while saving your precious time.

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