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If you asked me what is the most important accessory in bike gears, then I will tell you the helmet. Because helmet not only protects your head from dirt, dust, and any kind of dirty but also keeps you away from any kind of danger if you have an accident.

Many people searching on the internet which is the best helmet under 10000 in India. If you’re searching then be happy because you get amazing and best helmet under 10000 in this post.

Why we should buy an expensive helmet?

Helmets that are cheap are mostly made of fiber, which built to use in your everyday life.

But helmets that are expensive are made for basic long rides and high space bikes. The carbon fiber used inside it and there is 3 layer inside it. And its foaming texture and its graphics built a very premium type.

Pin lock is also available inside the expansive helmet, which is known to a large extent to maintain your safety.

Finally, if you buy an expensive helmet like the best helmet under 10000 in India, it is much better and more protective than your low-cost helmet and also has a more attractive look.

Low-quality helmets are available in many markets but riding them on a bike does not suit you as much as if you use a branded helmet, it makes your look voice even better. The most important thing is that the expansive helmets are DOT, ECE & ISO certified.

Feature to consider when buying the best helmet under 10000 in India

Here is the list of the 3 best features that will help you choose the best helmet under 10000 in India.

✔ No noise:

The quality of a better helmet may be absolutely noise-free. There should not be any kind of noise in it so that the problem is not encountered while riding.

✔ Safety:

We know that nowadays most of the accident bike is seen on the accident road. And there is such a terrible accident that the body parts of the people doing the accident get damaged from quite someplace. But their head survives because they are wearing a helmet. So these helmets under 10000 is a very safe riding accessory that protects your head.

You do not have to worry because all the helmets mentioned here are high-quality helmets that are made in a very premium type. With the help of these helmets, you can keep your head safe.

✔ Styling:

When you buy the best helmet under 10000 in India, you get a lot of graphics and style helmets inside it. Which you can buy as per your choice because you are convinced that you have to choose an expensive helmet. Many people decide to choose a better design and better-styled helmet so that they can enjoy their riding even more.

How to choose the best helmet under 10000 in India?

If you choose an expensive, branded, best graphics and better helmets then you must keep these things in mind. Here are given 4 tips that you help choose the best helmet under 10000 in India.

Head size:

Before buying any best helmet under 10000 in India, you should decide that the helmet is completely fit in your head. For this, you can do that you take your head measure. Usually, the head of the people is 55 – 58 centimeters approx. You should measure your head with your measurement so that you can be ready to buy a perfect and fit helmet. It is important to decide as the size of each helmet is medium, XL, XXL. You should choose a helmet that fits your needs.

Wear Balaclava:

A better identity can be that when you wear a helmet then you should wear a Balaclava, you do not wear it’d directly, and this gives protection from your safe long ride and dust.

Check your pain point:

It is often seen that when we use a helmet, the pain starts to start at some point on the head. Usually, this pain starts in the ear but when we use a new helmet, it is not realized. But when its pressure and weight increase, then a new pain starts to be realized. So you should take care of this thing and to observe this pain, you must use the helmet at least 10 to 15 minutes. So that you can check this point at which point in your head is hurting.

But you should be happy that helmets that are the best helmet under 10000 in India, do not realize any type of pain in the helmet. Such helmets keep your head completely safe and comfort your riding.


There is no need to worry about whether the best helmet under 10000 in India, you buy will be comfortable or not. This helmet will totally comfort your head. This type of helmet will definitely be fitting, due to which you will not face any kind of problem.

✅ Top 5 best helmet under 10000 in India

Now we talk about best and Top 5 best helmet under 10000 in India that is really best quality, best design, easy to use, easy to clean and powerful helmet.

#1. LS2 full face helmet with Mercury Visor:

ls2 full face helmet with Mercury Visor
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  • LS2 full face helmet is High Quality Shell with ECER Certification
  • Built with HPTT Composite Material
  • LS2 full face helmet Made with 3d Optically correct Lexan Quick
  • Easy mounting Smooth opening
  • Closing Visor lock
  • Visor ready for pin lock
  • In and Out air Intakes and Rear Extractors
  • Micrometric Quick release buckle retention System
  • Laser cut foam padding for superior fit Anti-odour, removable, washable, and quick dry

Ls2 helmet considered a very good brand, so we have mentioned in the top 5 helmets under 10000 India. Ls2 full-face helmet with mercury visor considered a very high-quality helmet made using HPTT Composite material and is ECER Certification also.

Talking about the design of its visor, its visor designed with 3D optically correct Lexan, which provides a way to remove quickly and easily. A lock has been provided to open and close its visor, which you can easily use pin lock.

The interior of this LS2 full-face helmet uses Laser cut foam padding, removable & washable, anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial, soft fabric Liner nose guard, and Chinstrap which is good for a helmet.

You should be happy that you choose a very branded and high-quality helmet which built with good design. This helmet performs very well and it definitely gets the best solution for your active safety.

#2. Green Stone Bluetooth Helmet (G6 Moto) with Voice Assistance:

Green Stone Bluetooth Helmet (G6 Moto) with Voice Assistance
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  • The helmet with Smart Bluetooth Helmet and voice Assistance
  • Two Mobile phone Connectivity
  • 3D sound System and Call Functionality, (Accept/Reject, Redial)
  • Music Playback on simple single click
  • The helmet provides Loud-speaker and Music/Call controls
  • Dual blue- red LED for charging support
  • Advanced ABS wit black inner visor with UV protection
  • Easily replace the unbreakable visor
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Odor-free interior

Green Stone is a premium brand helmet with a model (G6 Moto). In this latest version, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect Dubble Mobile and the voice assistant is also supported. This helmet has been made under an advanced feature. Green Stone model Moto G6 uses excellent 3D sound features that you can have fun while using.

This green stone helmet also provides an odor-free cloth with an air vent, which used to make the environment resistant. If we talk about its durability, then it built with a very high design, which often fits in the head.

You can use this helmet not only to connect two mobiles simultaneously, but you can also accept and reject the calls received on your mobile. And the good thing is that in a single click you can also turn on music playback. However, a loudspeaker also provided inside it, which you can use as per your wish. Red LED function has also been added which shows the status of its charging.

This helmet built with Advanced ABS Composites Shell and also features UV protection with a black inner visor, which you can remove and replace the visor very easily.

#3. SOL Metal Flat Full Face Helmet:

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  • 18 vents 10 intake vents
  • 8 exhaust vents and DOT approved helmet
  • Lightweight thermo-poly alloy shell Plush
  • Removable, washable interior
  • Designed for reduce noise
  • Vented chin curtain and rear neck roll
  • Padded chin strap with D-ring closure
  • Reduce fogging and retention snap
  • Anti-scratch optically corrected shield

The SOL Metal Flat Full Face Helmet considered a very premium type of helmet that has no shortage of features. There is a lot of function available inside it which shows the helmet to be premium and high quality. As such, 18 vents, 10 intake vents, and 8 exhaust vents have been used to expel hot air in this helmet.

You are riding the bike through this helmet and due to the strong wind you want to control the helmet. So you can use it properly even while wearing gloves. Because this helmet is very lightweight and full of function, which has multiple shells and EPS and this helmet is DOT approved.

The SOL Metal Flat Full Face Helmet has COOLMAX interior parts and can be washed and removed from its interior parts. This helmet designed to reduce any type of noise.

We talk about how beneficial it can be for us if we have to use this helmet in winter. In winter, the path does not look right due to frequent fog deposition on the glass. But because of using this SOL Metal Flat Full Face Helmet, you will not face any problem in fogging as it provides an anti-fog facility.

#4. Royal Enfield Full face helmet with ISI DOT ECE Certified:

Royal Enfield full face helmet
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  • Royal Enfield full face helmets
  • ECE, ISI and DOT certified
  • Perfect classic styled helmet with protection
  • Distinctive matt black finish
  • Lightweight and strong enough to absorb impact efficiently
  • Classic full face helmet
  • Carbon Fiber Construction and High density EPS for better impact absorption
  • Washable comfort liner Visor
  • Hard coated for better scratch resistance and UV treated
  • Vented EPS with multiple adjustable intake ports

The idea of ​​a prestigious brand comes to our mind only from Royal Enfield’s helmet. We will talk about such Royal Enfield Full Face Helmet which is ISI DOT ECE Certified.

This Royal Enfield Full Face Helmet offers a perfect classic style made with carbon fiber. Which also provides protection very well and this helmet is very lightweight. It is very strong to use, if we talk about its design, then it is a classic design full-face helmet whose shell construction is of carbon fiber.

And the high-density EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) liner works for better impact absorption. It is very easy to use, and you can change its liner very easily. It also has ventilation which allows air to enter. And there are many internal parts that we can easily remove and wash.

#5. SMK Stellar Helmet (Ma200 Clear Visor Pinlock Fitted Helmet):

SMK Stellar Helmet under 10000 in India
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  • One touch replaceable visor and extra wide
  • Gives the rider an clear view of the road
  • An efficient ventilation system
  • Helmet top provides maximum comfort
  • Chin air vents, Top air vents
  • Breath deflector and quick release strap
  • Channeled exhaust and Hot air exhaust
  • Pinlock antifog, UV and scratch resistant visor
  • Removable washable liner

SMK helmet considered to be one of the reputed brand helmets. So we have placed in the list of the best helmet under 10000 in India. Although this helmet is not very expensive, we have placed it in the under 10000 categories because it really provides good features showing a very premium look and good quality.

The model of the SMK Stellar Helmet considered being a very powerful and better-designed helmet made with Ma200 Clear Visor Pinlock Fitted. The color of this helmet is matte black which looks very attractive. Above this helmet, there is a place to pass air, which you can easily use while riding and enjoy the air.

This SMK Stellar helmet has an extra-wide and replaceable visor, which we can change according to the need. Not only this, if you drive a bike in the winter season in this helmet, then the fog will not get deposited on the mirror of your helmet because it provides antifog.

This SMK Stellar Helmet is very perfect for both the summer and winter seasons. You can use it easily in both climates and the top of this helmet has air vents that designed to provide comfort. We can also use SMK Stellar Helmet for long drives.

Conclusion: Best helmet under 10000 in India

Before buying expensive helmets, it is very important for us to pay attention to some things as we have told you in the above list. So while taking care of all these things, if you choose a good helmet, then it can prove to be better for you.

But here we have told about the best helmet under 10000 in India, freeing your trouble. If you are willing to take any of these helmets then hopefully you are ready to choose better quality and branded helmet.

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