Top 10 Bicycle Brands In India {Cycle Manufacturing Companies}

Cycle is one of the best travelling things which almost maximum Indians choose. This is not only used for students but kids, adults, men and women also. There are mostly used bicycle students if you are a teenager’s. You should also choose the cycle brands in India.

Many people want to know which is the best cycle manufacturing company in India. Don’t worry here we will tell you top 7 manufacturing cycle brand in India which you can go for one of them.

When first cycle manufacturing in India (History)

Basically cycle manufacturing started in 1938 in India when Indian government want to use for Indian force for British role. And then before independence in 1943 cycle  manufacturing ready to use.  And finally in 1960 cycle has been started to manufacturing in India. There are many bicycle brands in India, we will tell you one by one.

Top 10 cycle manufacturing brand in India

Are you searching for best cycle company? Here are the list of top and best cycle manufacturing company in India.

#1. Hero

Hero Cycle one of the best bicycle brands in India that founded in 1956 in Ludhiana Punjab (India). And this company ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. This brand supply not only India market but all over the world today time. And It’s manufacturing almost 18000+ cycle per day. 

Hero cycle was a part of Hero Motors in the early time Hero Motors  manufacturing motorcycle after same time this brand start also manufacturing in cycle. You can figure out from the fact that this company is now exporting bicycles to more than 70 countries.

#2. Avon

Avon cycle is the founded 1951 in Ludhiana India. This is the India’s largest cycle manufacturing company which export almost every country. You can guess the largest area of this cycle company is not only manufacturing is cycle but electric cycle, rickshaw and electric scooter as well as fitness equipment.

The authorized capital of Avon is Rs 100 lakhs and has 89.64 lakhs paid-up capital.  Although  after so much authorized capital in 2018 this company invest 12.5  crore manufacturing sector.

Talk about only in India, then in India this company almost 2,000 authorized dealer and almost 12000 distributors in all over India. Avon is the list of best cycle brands in India that famous all teenagers age for the high quality cycle.

#3. Atlas

Atlas cycle is one of the best cycle company and valuable branded in all over India. Atlas bicycle was established in 1951 in Sonipat Haryana (India). Initially this company manufacturing more than 10000 cycles in India and and export all over India.

If you are in any corner of India then you can find atlas brand cycles due to reason that this company is the third largest bicycle brands in India.

This cycle considered for all about teenagers and older than teenagers. If you have a any less than teenagers kids then also you can buy this branded cycle for your kids because this cycle is basically grow with your child. And the other hand this branded cycle is durable because this company is not compromise any type of high quality parts.

#4. Hercules

Hercules is the list of best cycle manufacturing company in India this company founded in 1961 but operation started in 1949 in Chennai (India).

This cycle is based on Chennai Tamil Nadu India and steady many other companies like Murgappa and TI cycles. And you should know that Hercules cycle is also managed by these companies.

If you want to search in Google that what is meaning of Hercules you will find that it is brave and you will be happy to know that this company built is a very strong cycle not only for kids but teenagers and old.

This brand is also manufacturing and not only in normal cycle but also manufacturing sports bike. And if you look for this branded specially designed then you can find attractive design.

All over the means is that if you want to a cycle for daily use and if you want to ride a cycle in mountain and hill road then you can choose this branded cycle. Many people considered that this is one of the best cycle brands in India.

#5. La-sovereign

La Sovereign cycle manufacturing company considered a largest company and list of the best cycle company in India. All through this is not Indian based company but it is Thailand company and it established between 1975 to1980.

La-Sovereign cycle is first cycle that joint venture between Thailand and India and this company proved that this is the world-class design and comfortable cycle manufacture.

This branded cycle famous for kids cycle MTB bicycle and any other bicycles that for not only kids but adult people also can use this brand.

La-sovereign cycle company not only manufacturing bike but also an electronic vehicle for Asian European and American market. The area of this company approach 90% market share in the Thailand product like bicycles etc. And heavy contribute in Indian market also, for all the reason people considered list of the best cycle brands in India.

#6. Fire fox

Firefox bike branded company established in USA but joint venture company in Uttar Pradesh India in 2005.

Although this company famous all over the world for multiple types of bike like mountain bike, road bike, BMX and all train and kids bike etc.

This is one of the premium bicycle manufacturing brand in India that is famous for all age groups like men, women and teenagers, especially students bicycles available. And the best thing is that this company is available in maximum area of India.

#7. Montra




Conclusion: Top 10 bicycle brands in India

There are multiple types of cycle brand available in India but you choose a  branded cycle which is valuable and durable cycle.  We know that you have most important time which you cannot spent to read this entire article so that we have mentioned top 7 cycle manufacturing companies in India that every young Rider want to consider one of these cycle.  Thanks for reading this article. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any query related to buying branded and durable bicycles in India.

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