Best Bike For 8 Year Old Boy- (Review & Buying Guide)

As a parent, you must be concerned about your child’s development. But do you know that biking is known to be a very important tool for developing the mind as well as the body of an 8-year-old child? Many types of bikes are available on the internet for 8 year old boy, which can confuse you in choosing the right and most comfortable bike.

We also faced confusion when we were looking for a better bike for our friend’s son. But after doing a lot of research, we found a safe and comfortable bike. Don’t worry! We will share 5 Best Bikes For 8 Year Old Boys along with Buying Buying.

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Now we will advise you on some categories of bikes for your 8 year old kid. You can buy any of these bikes according to the situation of your 8 year old kids.

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How to choose a bike for 8 year old boy? (Buying Guide)

Size and height (Look for Seat):

For your 8 year old child, a 20-inch bike is considered to be better. You should also note that according to the height of your child, you can go towards the bike for 8 year old with an adjustable seat. There are many types of branded bikes available in the market that offer different types of features but in all of them, it would be wise to go for bikes with adjustable seats.


Your 8-year-old is not quite as young as 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds. Therefore, paying more attention to the weight of their bikes can be a hallmark of buying a good bike but it is not a very important point. According to the weight of your 8-year-old kids, going towards the bike with at least 50% weight is the hallmark of comfortable riding because if the weight of the bike is less then your child rides well even on bad roads.

Safety and comfort:

The 8 year old boy is still young when he rides a bike, so he can misbehave while riding and fall which can cause injury to him. So when you buy a bike for an 8 year old child, it is important to pay attention to the features given in the bike. For this, you can pay attention to the quality of the tires, along with the suspension features and cushioned seats. If the bike you buy for an 8-year-old boy is more comfortable, then it will not only be better for long rides but will be fun to ride even if the road is a bit rough.

frame Design and color:

The bike maker makes small kids bikes with very attractive designs and many colors as well as nice frames. Companies know that kids love bikes with nice colors and nice designs. So whenever you buy a bike, you should be aware of the likes and dislikes of your 8 year old baby. A bike with a good frame proves to be a sturdy bike and the colors designed on it are sure to captivate a child’s mind.

Brakes type:

Mostly V-brakes are used in your 8 year old kid’s bike and coaster brakes are avoided. The biggest reason for this is that it is much better at controlling the brakes. Whenever you buy a bike for your 8 year old, it is important to consider the type of brakes. We don’t recommend going on coaster breaks until your child is older

Geared or single-speed:

You can choose between both geared and single-speed bikes for your 8 year olds. But if your child is less intelligent and is riding a bike for the first time then you would be right to go for a single-speed bike, although your child can move to a geared bike as soon as he turns 8 years old. But when choosing a single speed for the first time, then definitely pay attention to its gain ratio while choosing the bike.

Appropriate Tires:

Different brands of bike manufacturers may use different types of tires for your 8-year-old. You need to make sure that on what type of roads and places your child prefers to ride a bike.

If your kid loves to ride a bike on the pavement, then you should go for fast-rolling tires. And if your child likes to ride a bike in normal places or in markets, grass, and mud places, then you can also use wider tires.


Never compromise on price before buying a bike for a small child. When your child rides a bike, not only does his mentality grow but his body also develops. When you go for a good-priced bike, it offers good quality as well as lightweight with good features.

If the bike of your choice is expensive then it will be available in a nice frame, nice design, and nice color which your kid will love. We have mentioned here some such bikes which are according to different price ranges, you can choose according to the choice of your child.

why should a child have a Bike?

There are many benefits of cycling for your child which are linked to their development. Here we will tell you about 6 such benefits of riding a bike to kids, knowing that you will motivate your child a lot to ride cycling.

Biking is pure fun

When you want to give your child a happy moment, you can make them happy with a variety of activities, out of which bike riding is considered a better way. And this not only makes your child happiness, but it also helps them to connect better with their friends and family members. It also proves to be much better for your child’s investment.

It develops physical and mental strength

One of the best reasons for kids to ride a bike is because you think about your child’s not only physical growth but also mental growth. According to, every young child should do physical activities for at least one hour every day, and for this, your child can ride a bicycle. When you encourage your child to ride a bike, your child is also ready to go to school by bike, which contributes a lot to their focus and learning.

It’s provide independence and confidence

When you give the responsibility of riding a bike to your 8-year-old kids, then you understand that now your kids have become independent. Because while riding a bike, they learn how to handle the bike and where to do what type of activity, they understand all this. And when your 8-year-old goes to school riding a bike, you feel quite free

Biking is for the environment

Your 8-year-old also benefits from riding a bike to the environment as this use of active transport contributes greatly to reducing carbon emissions, reducing traffic as well as parking problems.

Great way to go to school

If you want to provide a perfect transport facility for your child then you should arrange a better bike for your 8 year old child. Because not only does your child develop mentally and physically, but your child also covers the distance to go to school. And also uses the bike for sports and other activities so that you don’t have to always be ready for a lift for your kids.

FAQs on bike for kids

Is riding a bike a cognitive development?

Cycling or biking works like a boon for children. When a child rides a bike regularly, brain development, cognitive performance through physical activity, and learning are affected. Because physical activities affect more mental areas, you can see their ability to concentrate and concentrate on their studies.

Is riding a bike a developmental milestone?

Yes, riding a bike for kids is equal to giving right direction to their life. It is considered an important physical developmental milestone in a child’s life. Riding a bike not only improves balance, but also enhances attention, readiness, sharpens vision and improves arm and leg strength.

What size bike is right for your 8 year old kid?

Generally, a 20 inch bike is considered better for a child of 7 years to 8 years old kids, if your child’s height is equal to the average height. And if its height is less than the average height, then you can go towards 24 inches.

Conclusion: Bike For 8 Year Old Boy

If you are looking to gift your 8 year old child, then we suggest you go for a better bike. There are many parents like us and you who prefer to give normal bikes to kids instead of motorbikes. Because it is a better way to develop the mind and body of children.

Let us tell you that there are many types of bikes, many colors and many features available in the internet world, but you should not get confused in it.

You will be able to buy a better bike for your 8 year old if you follow our “5 Best Bikes for 8 Year Old Boy” written by us. We hope you found this article very helpful in collecting the best bike for your child.

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