Are you looking for disadvantages of wearing helmet?

Are you looking for what is the disadvantages of wearing helmet? You do not need to worry because we have mentioned here about 10 points of disadvantages of wearing helmet. Which will try to explain you better what are the reasons why you should not wear a helmet.

However, we have mentioned the advantage of wearing a motorcycle helmet earlier. Which tells you what are the reasons for the helmet that you should choose the helmet.

There are many people who search about the disadvantages of wearing helmet. They want to understand well what are the reasons for wearing a helmet which they should know.

If you are one of those people then you will be happy to know that we have mentioned here the points of disadvantages of wearing helmet.

Why we should not wear helmet?

There can be many reasons for not wearing a helmet. Out of which some of the most popular reasons are believed to be such as wearing a helmet leads to more risk and due to the helmet, the high speed of the bike is not known.

When the helmet is loose or tight, it gives an uncomfortable feeling to your head. And it can spoil your hair too. Due to some such reasons people do not want to wear helmets. We will understand each point here and know why people not want to wear a helmet.

10 Disadvantages of wearing helmet?

Now we talk about reasons not to wear a bike helmet.

Let’s start:

#1. Helmet makes more risks

When we ride a motorcycle or bike wearing a helmet, at such a time we think that our riding is completely safe. Sometimes our riding speed becomes high which shows danger in a way. Although helmets are actually used for safety. Therefore, so, reasons not to wear a bike helmet because helmet makes people take more risks.

#2. Helmets cause discomfort

A lot of motorcycle riders don’t want to wear a motorcycle helmet. Although there is safety in it, but sometimes riders feel that the helmet causes a discomfort.

#3. It is difficult to carry the helmets

It becomes difficult to carry a helmet when we are not riding a motorcycle or bike. However, when we ride a motorcycle, we wear a helmet on our head. But if you do not want to, then riding with a helmet proves to be a bit difficult. And neither a bike or a motorcycle has such a place that you can store it.

#4. Not clean vision and hearing

When riding a motorcycle wearing a helmet, the visors also come with such a quality that makes it difficult for you to see the road clear. And when you try to listen to the sound around the road, then there too you have to face trouble. Although many types of helmets that have Bluetooth inbuilt inside, you can listen to the internal sound very comfortably.

#5. Can cause skin infections

One of the biggest reasons not to wear a bike helmet because foam is used inside the helmet, which is afraid of spreading infection if used for a long time. However, the foam inside which the dirt, dust, soil, accumulates very easily, and it is also a bit difficult to clean it.

#6. Wearing a helmet messes the hair

There are some riders who do not like to spoil the design of their hair. But when we use a helmet and ride a bike wearing a helmet. Then the design of our hair gets spoiled. And this is one of the common disadvantages of helmet for hair. Because your entire head’s hair gets collected inside the helmet.

#7. Feels like a weight in the head.

When you ride a motorcycle or bike because of the helmet, it feels like some weight is placed on your head. Which makes many types of riders feel uncomfortable dieting. So this is considered reasons not to wear a helmet motorcycle.

#8. Helmets cause ear pain

Padding is used in the helmet which is made to give comfort to your ear. But many times it happens that when you use the helmet for a long time, then your chances of getting ear pain increase. Therefore this is the reasons not to wear a bike helmet.

#9. Helmets look uncool

Stylish looking riders want their faces to be completely open when they ride a motorcycle or bike. But when we ride a motorcycle or bike wearing a helmet, the face is completely hidden which feels uncool.

#10. Wearing a helmet for a long time causes sweating.

We can use a helmet only when we ride a bike. But sometimes there comes a time when we ride the bike for a long time, then the hope of sweating increases in our head. Which allows you to annoy. Therefore many riders say that this is the reasons not to wear a bike helmet. Although many branded and good helmets use ventilation, which you can allow air to go in.

Important Note: But for all these reasons not to wear a bike helmet is not considered as important as your life is more important for you. We mostly hear that the biggest reason for the damage to the two wheeler in an accident is not wearing a helmet.

That’s why you should choose a better helmet which is made after testing. We have mentioned here about the importance of wearing a helmet which is really a lot of importance in your life.

Conclusion: Disadvantages of wearing helmet

We have mentioned here about the disadvantages of wearing helmet which is ready to give you full details but our point would be that when you wear the helmet you get permission for more comfortable riding. We have mentioned here that Disadvantages of wearing helmet which is enough to give you the correct understanding of a helmet.


Does helmet cause hair fall?

It is not necessary that the helmet cause hair fall. Although it has not been proven that helmets cause hair fall, but wearing a helmet for a long time accumulates dirt, dust and soil inside the hair, which are frozen inside the foam of the helmet. Although it can take the form of a disease.

Why should kids not wear helmets?

kids do not wear helmets because kids like to be open. When kids wears a kids helmet, they feels like a heavy weight on their head which can make their cycle riding uncomfortable.

Is helmet good for hair?

Helmet is not good for hair. The hair of the head is buried inside the helmet which can spoil shining. But there is no such evidence that wearing a helmet causes hair fall.

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  1. Ray Thomas

    California enacted a helmet law in 1992. Prior to their passing that law, the death rate per 100 motorcycle accidents was 3,81. After the law was in effect for one year, the death rate per 100 accidents ROSE to 4.22 and has stayed above 4 for the past 27 years. IF helmets were all that beneficial, the death rate per 100 accidents would have dropped significantly, but they did not.

    The DOT claim of a 37% effectiveness for helmets in preventing deaths is a false claim. There is absolutely NO factual data to back up that number.

    The DOT standard f(FMVSS section 218) or helmets has 3 parts, retaining strap, padding arnd hard shell. The hard shell “test” is dropping a helmet from a height of 72 inches onto a curved metal anvil. If a helmet survives that “test” it is certified as a “safety helmet”. Do the math, dropping an object 72 inches (6 feet) results in a terminal velocity of 13.4318 mph. How many motorcycle accidents occur at less than FIFTEEN MILES AN HOUR?

    The slanted media practice of reporting on motorcycle accidents invariably includes the line “he was NOT wearing a helmet at the time” is totally biased reporting. The media has no access to an autopsy a few hours after a wreck, so they have absolutely NO INFORMATION on the cause of death. Regardless, they dutifully report helmet use as a FACT–when it is totally extraneous without any informatoin on cause of death.

    The media loves to quote police officers who say “he would have lived with a helmet” which is a totally subjective opinioni made by an unqualified person. Police officers do not have medical expertise or advanced traning in physics to be able to make that kind of observation withi any validation. PLUS, the ONLY way to verify a statement like that is to perfectly re-create the fatal accident, this time with the rider wearing a helmet to see if he lives. Any volunteers for that?

    Nationwide MORE riders die while wearing helmets than not. This includes states like Florida which does not have a mandatory helmet law for adults.

    If it was all about “saving lives” then why are not pedestrians required to wear helmets? After all, far more pedesitrians die every year than motorcyclists. England and Denmark are seriously considering mandating helmets for pedestrians. Let’s take it a step further, and require helmets for all occupants of cars/trucks/buses as well. After all, why should motorcyclists only “benefit” from this alleged “safety” feature?

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