Hero Passion Pro Features and Complete Specifications (2022)

Hero MotoCorp is considered one of the top motorcycles in India, recently Hero MotoCorp registered a growth of 1.9% in sales in August 2022. This growth has been especially in the domestic sales of motorcycles though the company’s scooters and export sales may still see a decline.

Hero Motocrop released its bike sales figures for August 2022 with 4,62,608 units, an improvement from August 2021 sales of 4,53,879 units.

This motorcycle is a recognized 2-wheeler brand in India with endless bikes and scooter options. Yeah! The company has designed all-purpose vehicles, including daily commute bikes, sports motorcycles, and lightweight scooters.

Now, let’s checkout one of the top models of hero which is Hero Passion Pro best bike to commute every day. Here we mention about Hero passion pro specifications and features.

Hero Passion Pro Features and Specifications

Hero Passion Pro is one of the perfect bikes to make your daily driving experience comfortable and calm. Given below are some important facts to invest in any Hero bike that will help you know why you should go for the Hero Passion Pro. You can also checkout all the features and specifications of Hero Passion Pro at Droom.

#1. The Performance:

The overall performance of the Hero Passion Pro is reliable which can give you different types of pleasure. It is well balancing and a good pick motorcycle on the road with a comfortable drive. This bike is great for daily commute purpose that is complete in themselves.

#2. Features:

Hero Passion Pro comes with a host of good features that add to the comfortable driving experience for the riders even on the highways. The bike comes with simple-to-operate specifications that enhance the overall functionality of the motorcycle.

The bike gets a manual transmission, a constant mesh gearbox, integrated drum brakes at the front and rear, and alloy wheels-tubeless tires. Not only this, additional features include Autocell, XSense, and Engine Cut Off at Fall.

#3. Variety:

Hero Motocrop has launched several variants in the Passion Pro which you can be quite happy to go for. The available models in this bike offer the buyers a diverse array of options to choose from to have an objective experience.

Passion Pro variants include Passion Pro 110 Drum, Passion Pro 100 Drum Edition, Passion Pro Disc, Passion Pro Xtec, Passion Pro Disc 100 Million Drum Edition, and Passion Pro Xtec Disc which can be purchased for daily use purposes.

#4. Engine:

The Passion Pro is amazing in performance because not only does it come with a 113cc air-cooled engine but it is strong and looks stylish too.

Hero Passion Pro performs well in terms of mileage too, ensuring a maximum power output of 9.15 PS @ 7500 rpm and peak torque of 9.79 Nm @5000 rpm. The installation of the air-cooled 4-stroke engine type Hero Passion Pro provides the capability for daily commute riders.

#5. Mileage:

Buyers looking for a fuel-economy bike on a reliable budget should explore the Passion Pro within the variant. Did you know that Hero Passion Pro comes with a liter tank fuel capacity and is assured with an average mileage of 60 KMPL to 68 KMPL? This is the best Hero segment for the Indian daily commute bike buyers whose fuel prices fluctuate on a daily basis.

#6. Maintenance:

Hero passion pro is that it provides less service and maintenance is an important aspect that you can look for with every Hero bike segment. The company always assures the best sales to customer services to the buyers.

The 2-wheeler company has a range of service centers across the country to provide quick maintenance fixes to automobiles though the Passion Pro segment is available with low service efficiency.

The estimated maintenance cost of Hero Passion Pro for three years is Rs.10,200 though it may change slightly with some specific specifications. Its first service is after 500 km, second after 3000 km, third after 6000 km, fourth after 9000 km, fifth after 12000 km, and sixth service is free, as the bike runs 15000 KM or more.

#7. Design & Look:

Hero motorcycles are strong in quality and look great on the roads, it looks different even from a distance. The LED taillight and headlight of this bike complete its look.

The overall dimensions and design of the bike are great with projector headlights, alloy wheels etc. It comes in different color variants like Techno Blue, Glaze Black, Sports Red, Heavy Gray Metallic and Moon Yellow.

#8. Price:

Hero passion pro details prove that it is not only good for decent features and performance but its price makes every bike a better choice. This model is a cost-economy motorcycle to invest in for daily commute riders that can be used in any condition. This bike has six trims or variants; Thus, the cost may also vary.

The latest price of the Hero Passion Pro Drum Brake version is Rs 72,320, while that of the Disc Brake is Rs 75,320. The 100 million editions of the Passion Pro is priced at Rs 74,120 (Front Drum) and Rs 77,120 (Front Disc).

FAQs on Hero passion pro Features

What is the real mileage of Passion Pro BS6?

Hero Passion Pro’s mileage is 60 kmpl but it is stated by the company as 70 kmpl which shows on-road mileage.

Which is better Activa or passion pro?

Activa and Passion Pro both are made for different purposes which differentiates the two in many different ways like price, mileage, performance and strength as well as both are different. It depends on whether you want to go for the bike, male rider prefer Hero Passion Pro while female rider also prefer Activa.

What is weight capacity Passion Pro?

We mentioned here the weight capacity of Passion Pro like a kerb weight of 118 kg and an Engine capacity is 113 CC.

What is the CC of Passion Pro BS6?

The CC of Passion Pro BS6 is 113.2 cc bs6.

Conclusion: Hero passion pro specifications

Hero passion pro gives buyers an endless choice of bikes and scooters to pick from. In fact, the sales ratio is always high because Hero Bikes are worth satisfactory in features and overall performance.

The cost is also pocket-friendly for Indian vehicle investors, making Hero MotoCrop a recognized and trustable 2-wheeler manufacturer.

there are many variants of the Hero Passion bike but Hero Passion Pro is quite different in that you can use it in daily life, So here we can mention Hero Passion Pro specifications, we hope you like the Passion Pro bike after reading this post.

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