How To Install LED Lights In Car Interior- (Detail Guide)

Your happiness knows no bounds when you find interesting and attractive interiors in your car while driving your car or any vehicle in the dark. This is the best way to use LED interior car lights for your enjoyment of driving. If you install LED strip light in your car or any other vehicle then it will enhance the fast and furious look in your car. The biggest advantage of using LED lights is that it will not affect the power consumption of your car but the question is how to install LED lights in the interior of the car.

Buying the perfect LED light for your car interior is not a big challenge but getting the LED light to fit perfectly in your car is a bit challenging. So we will guide you on how to install LED light strips in the car that you can use for a long time.

7 Steps To Install LED Lights In Car Interior

Installing LED lights is not a big challenge but yes if you follow some steps then you can take advantage of installing LED lights in the car. Now let’s talk about how to install LED lights in the interior of the car.

#1. Test Your LED Lights

Before installing car interior lights you should check whether they are working properly or not. Wire interior LED lights in the car that are not working properly, then you may be facing a problem. And you should also check that its wire length is correct which you can install in your car interior.

#2. Remove LED cover

When you buy the LED lights, it is brand new and comes with covers on them. You should remove this cover when you install it in your car because the light of LED lights through the cover may not be better for your eyes.

#3. Clear the LED fitting area

Look carefully at the place where you want to install the LED car light and clean it thoroughly if there is dust on it. So that when you install the interior lights of the car, these lights don’t have to face towards the ground like rough or solidified mud. You can use alcohol spray to clean better. And LED fits in your car for a long time and you can enjoy singing with lights while driving.

#4. Dry and sweep the area

After cleaning the area where the wire interior LED lights are properly cleaned, give it some time to dry. And then clean them one more time for the last time. By doing this, you can protect the LED light from dust as well as water damage.

#5. fit LED with secure

Now you are ready to fit the LED light in your car. Make sure that in the future, it does not fall from your car where you have installed it. You can secure them with glue, zip ties, or even a drill to make them fit snugly.

#6. Connect LED lights

Now you have connected the LED light with the cigarette lighter plugin of the car if it provides the feature of the cigarette lighter plug. Otherwise, you can connect with a different feature that they provide. Make sure they fit well and check them once before final use.

#7. Start Playing and enjoy

You have installed LED lights in the interior of the car, attached them to the car, and fitted them well. So now is the time to use them and make your driving more enjoyable. To operate it, LED light companies also provide remote control and a mobile app, which you can operate with anyone. Now all you have to do is change the light with different music and see if you feel right with which light.

how to install interior LED lights to fuse box?

Here are given 4 steps to install interior LED lights to fuse box.

  • Look for the fuse box diagram in your vehicle’s manual.
  • Remove the existing accessory fuse from the fuse panel.
  • Connect the other end of the fuse adapter to the power box of the light
  • Connect the black wire to the grounding point inside the vehicle

FAQs on LED Lights In Car Interior

Is it hard to install LED lights in cars?

Installing LED lights in a car is not a long and difficult process. This can be done in a few steps as we have just mentioned in this article. And when you buy LED lights, they also have a manual available with a guide on how to connect the LED lights to the car, Install LED Lights In Car Interior, and how to use them.

How do you wire LED interior lights?

Before going for a wired LED interior light, it is very important to keep some aspects in mind like cleaning the area where you are going to install the LED light. And it is to be checked that there is no dry waste or water settled in it. After that you can wire the place and still use the light.

Is it legal to use LED lights in car?

Using LED lights is equitable and fun. It cannot be taken at all in such a way that it is mandatory to put it in the car. So it can be a bit difficult to say whether it is legal to use LED lights in a car. For this, even though all the states have implemented their own laws, so it would be better if you search more about it, but in most cars, people use LED lights.

How much does it cost to install LED lights in your car?

LED light can be of many companies and of many types, which depends on the company to see the different prices. But the cost of installing an average LED light can range from around $100 to $300.

Conclusion: How To Install LED Lights In Car Interior?

We know that you are one of the best car lovers and you drive your car during the day as well as at night. But have you thought of driving a car while enjoying at night, as this is the best time to enjoy your driving experience.

And especially when you drive your car with your family and partner. Because color LED light with music at that time enhances your romantic mode. And all these things are possible with the use of LED light strips in the car.

If you have never installed LED lights in your car then this article will definitely help you in installing LED light strips in your car.

Thank you for reading this article, if you have any questions about installing LED lights in car interior we are always ready to help you.

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