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Tyre Inflator often kept by the car driver because it is not known that it is suddenly needed. Think that you are going somewhere and suddenly your vehicle’s tire gets punctured. And since there is a puncture shop away, you cannot reach there soon.

so there is a huge role-play of tire inflator. Therefore, tyre inflator considered being a very useful car accessory in today’s time.

However, LED light also provided inside it, through which you can easily inflate car tires, bike tires, truck tires in the dark of night, in a place where it is dark. And big vehicles tyres can easily inflate.

Now we talk about that here are different types of tires and different types of brands and also good quality tyre inflators. Why should we still choose the Michelin 12266 high power rapid tyre inflator?

So, Michelin is a very responsive and powerful brand that manufactures a lot of vehicle accessories.

And it has often been seen that whatever product of Michelin is a very good and powerful product. The important thing is that you can only inflate cars, bikes, bicycles, footballs, toys, etc. through another Inflator.

But if you talk that you want to inflate the tires of trucks and big vehicles. So not all types of inflators have the capability to inflate tires of big vehicles.

But if we talk about Michelin, then it would be considered powerful and perfect for this work. And with this, you will be able to inflate tires in 2 to 3 minutes within 0-50 PSI.

Michelin 12266 high power rapid tyre inflator Reviews

The Michelin 12266 high power rapid tyre inflator is a very powerful and latest designed inflator. Which we can use to inflate our car tires, bike tires, and tires of big vehicles.

Although there are more tyre inflators in the market if you think that with the help of different types of the inflator, you will inflate the tire. And it will work the same as a Michelin 12266 high power rapid tyre inflator.

So you are thinking wrong because it considered a very powerful and good inflator towards more inflators in the market.

Michelin 12266 high power rapid tyre inflator is a good designed inflator, this inflator has a rapid function that can fill the air in less time.

If we fill air in the tire through this inflator, then it is capable of filling air with a wide number up to 0-50 PSI. Apart from car tires, if you want to fill air in bike tires, bicycle tires, footballs, toys etc, it will also work for this.

And it has been made with a very long cord that is easy to reach all the tires in your car. Michelin 12266 a 12-volt Powerful Inflator which considered perfect to inflate the tires of all your types of vehicles.

If you fill air in the tire with this inflator, it can read the pressure of the tire very easily because it has a white LCD digital display inside it. And it also has PSI, BAR and kPa function inside which you can also switch it as per the requirement.

If you want to charge your phone, then you do not have to worry. A new digital power USB provided inside it, through which you can easily charge the phone.

You can also use this Michelin 12266 high power rapid tyre inflator as a fixed carry tool.

If you are thinking that the tires of your car or bike do not have a puncture, then this inflator must be used. Because with this you can not only fill the air in the tire, but can also check the pressure of the tire.

If you drive the car and your car tyre get punctured. So using the LED light provided inside it, you can inflate the tire even in the dark of night.

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Feature of Michelin high power rapid tyre inflator

PRE-SET FEATURE:- The Michelin Tire Inflator has a pre-set feature available through which we can set the tire pressure according to the requirement.

COMPACT DESIGN:- Michelin 12266 built with a better compact design that we can take anywhere. And to store it in your car, the perfect size has also been made.

SWITCHABLE BETWEEN PSI, BAR & kPa:- By default, this inflator sets according to the PSI, but if you want, you can also switch between BAR and kPa. This means that you can adjust it to your desire.

DIGITAL DISPLAY METER:- The Michelin 12266 high power rapid tyre inflator has a digital display meter, which allows you to easily see the pressure.

POWER SUPPLY CORD (CIGRATE LIGHTER PLUG):- To use this inflator, a cigarette lighter plug has been used Michelin 12266, through which you can connect the car and inflate the tire.

12V POWER & LED LIGHT:- The Michelin 12266 tyre inflator works a 12-volt power supply and also provided with LED lights which we can use while filling the air in the tires.

How to use it?

To use the Michelin 12266 high power rapid tyre inflator, the cigarette lighter plugin power cord given in the right side box of the tire inflator.

Which you plug a cigarette lighter inside your car and a hose pipe placed on the left side of the inflator. So that you will know the current pressure of your car tire if you add it to the tire.

The Michelin 12266 high power rapid tyre inflator has many more buttons, one of which is the power button.

After turning that power button off, you will be able to use this inflator easily. And another yellow button has been given at the side of the LED display so that you can change its unit.

By default, its unit is set to PSI, you can also set according to the BAR and kPa according to the requirement.

The button to set the pressure given on the left side of the LED display. You can set the pressure for the tire by this button according to your desire.

Note:- Michelin, being an old and good brand, manufactures a lot of accessories of vehicles and its accessories are used by the automobile industries of the world. If we talk about its review, then often people review it a lot of positive thinking. So we can say that this is a very good tire inflator which we must have in our car.

  • Looks good
  • Great size and fits in the most compact places
  • Branded (Michelin)
  • Fully Adjustable Pre-Set Function
  • Switchable (PSI, BAR & kPa)
  • High power rapid tire inflator
  • Compact design
  • NO

Short description:-

  • Compatibility for All cars, trucks, and tractor tires, etc.
  • Digital gauge accurate to +/- 1psi up to 50psi
  • Fully adjustable preset function
  • 0-30psi in approx. 3min
  • High power rapid tire inflator
  • Switchable between PSI, BAR & kPa
  • Digital Power Source Technology- USB socket ideal for charging mobile phones
  • White LCD Digital Display

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