3 Best Microfiber Cloth For Car Cleaning in India (Review & Buying Guide)

If you use a weak microfiber cloth for car cleaning in India, it is obvious that you will be tired, but the cleaning of your car will neither be better nor free from the dirt and debris accumulated in the car.

We have recommended our best microfiber cloth for cars in India to many of our visitors which are made of ultra-fine fiber that helps in removing dirt from their car and protecting the paint of their car as well as getting scratched.

So now just use it and love your car more and to keep your car shiny use our recommended car cleaning cloth while washing the car which we are telling you now.

We are here to share the complete buying guide for the best microfiber towels for waxing cars. If you are feeling free to read this entire post then you must read it. And if it is not so, then you can use any one of these 3 microfiber cloths recommended by us for car cleaning.

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What is Microfiber Cloth For Car?

This is good question that what is the best microfiber cloths for car detailing? It might sound like a silly question, but there are some things that you really need to know.

A microfiber cleaning cloth is a type of clothes specially designed for cleaning your car and bike. And this can hold water up to 3-4 times its own weight and can absorb about 98% moisture.

Therefore Microfiber cleaning cloths considered one of the most effective methods of cleaning any surface specially car exterior part . They are not only highly effective but also help keep your car looking new for longer.

Why we should use the best microfiber cloth for car in india?

  • Microfiber cloth is the perfect option for cleaning almost all things specially car exterior body. This types of cloth can not only thoroughly and thoroughly clean the car body, but also eliminate dust, dirt and scratches on the car body.
  • If you clean the car body using a normal cloth, there is no guarantee that the cloth will clean your car body, or leave a distinct stain. That’s why we always suggest our customers to go for quality microfiber car cleaning cloth.

Here we have detail explained one by one and also given buying guide that what you should look for before buying a microfiber cleaning cloth.

✅3 Top Quality Microfiber Cloth For Car Cleaning in India

When you go to the online market to get the best Microfiber Car Cleaning Cloth, you will many sizes of car cleaning cloths like big sizes and small sizes, there is no need to be confused, you can choose any one.

But the thing to note is that the microfiber cloth for a car should be 800gsm, it is considered better for cleaning the car. So let’s start and know which are the top 3 microfiber cloths for car cleaning, out of which you can buy anyone.

#1. SINLAND Microfiber Car Cleaning Towels with Super Absorbent in india

It doesn’t matter how well designed or sturdy the car cleaning cloth is. Because anyway it is important to replace the microfiber towel after a limited time so that it doesn’t feel like worn out and doesn’t spoil the paint of your car.

This Sinland Microfiber towels manufacture with Ultra Thick which is not only Super Absorbent buy Easily clean many types of dirt and keeps your car shining bright for a long time.

The special point of this big size of car cleaning cloth is that it is 100% machine washable that you can wash when you need and use again.

And also can use to dry the water from the car body after washing the car with the help of these waxing microfiber towels as it absorbs the water fast and rinses off easily.

  • No streaks or swirls
  • Use on paint, mirrors, windows, and more
  • Inexpensive
  • Good quality and very soft
  • Soft and very absorbent
  • Not as absorbent as others
  • May leave behind lint

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#2. Professional Multipurpose Soft and Premium Microfiber Towels for Cars in India

What are the things to consider before buying a cloth for car exterior cleaning? Do you want to make your car shine easily through microfiber cloth?

There are many Premium Microfiber Towels for Cars available in the online market which can provide you at the same price. But we would recommend you to go for a thicker professional multipurpose soft car wash towels so that it can keep your car safe and can be used for multi purpose.

This microfiber cloth for car 800GSM is made with 80% polyester which is perfect for removing all kinds of dust from your car body. The size of this car wash towels is 12*12, this means that you can easily store this car in any corner of your car by folding it.

You will be happy to know that these microfiber towels for cars are available in multiple colors and different sizes which can be used to clean not only the car but also the mirrors and many other things.

  • Super soft towels
  • Massive
  • Extremely absorbent
  • Multipurpose use
  • Scratchproof design
  • May leave behind lint
  • Yellow color towels look dirty

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#3. Multipurpose and Ultra-Thick Car Drying Towel Microfiber Cloth for Car & Home Polishing in india

Going for a big size car cleaning cloth can be a wiser part, so we suggest you use this Ultra-Thick Cars Drying Towel Microfiber Cloth that can be used not only for Car but Home Polishing and many more.

This brand of car detailing microfiber cloths promises to dry up to twice as much water as other brands and responsibly protect your car’s paint from damage.

The advantage of buying this microfiber cloth for car washing in India is that it can be used for a long time and if it gets messy, then you can easily clean it through the machine.

The good news is that it is used for multi-purpose use like it can be used not only on car body but also for windows, mirrors, outdoor, washing, dusting polish and household polish.

  • 1200gsm Super Absorbent and Super soft
  • Two-Layer Plush Microfiber
  • Durable and Reusable
  • No Scratches No Fluff No Fading
  • Multi-Functions Use
  • It’s multipurpose but only good for drying a car
  • May leave behind lint

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Buying guide for Quality Microfiber Cloth For Car

Now we are going to ask you about Buying guide for Quality Microfiber Cloth for Car cleaning. So that whenever you buy Car Cleaning Cloth, keep all these guides keep in your mind.

Thickness and ultra soft

Thick microfiber towels are generally considered better for car cleaning as it tends to absorb more wax and polish.

Before buying a cloth for cleaning car exterior, it should be noted that there are several types of cleaning cloths available per square meter. Lightweight towels have a lower GSM which would have been less expensive. But we do not recommend our customers to go for thin microfiber towels, you should always go for microfiber cloth for car 800GSM.

Size and weight

Microfiber towels are made according to different sizes and weights but most of the microfiber cloths are available from 12 by 12 to 16 by 27 inch towels.

Smaller cloths are considered much better for cleaning car glass and windows, however for larger towels, you can use your to clean the exterior part of your car.


Most of the microfiber car washing cloth that are made for car cleaning use 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. It would be much better if you go for microfiber cloths with polyamide, which are proven to clean the exterior and body of the car as well.

Scratch free design

There are some clothes to clean the car which are more hard but you should not go for such car cleaning cloth and neither we will suggest you about such cleaning cloth for car cleaning. You should choose a microfiber car cleaning cloth that is soft enough not to spoil the paint of the car and which is designed to be scratch free.

Effective cleaning in wet and dry conditions

It will be much better if you use two car cleaning cloths to wipe and clean the car. A microfiber cloth can be used for car cleaning and the other can be used to dry the car after washing.

But if you want to go for a single car cleaning microfiber cloth, then it will also be perfect as effective cleaning in wet and dry condition is better than microfiber cloth.

Good absorb capacity

After cleaning the car, an important role is to clean the frozen water in the car properly. That’s why you should go towards such a microfiber cloth which provides good absorbency. Although the car cleaning cloth mentioned by us is made from better polyamide which is with good absorbability.

8 Benefit of Microfiber car cleaning cloth

Highly Absorbent

Microfiber car cloths are made of very soft type which easily water absorbent on the car that’s why people prefer to go towards microfiber cloth while cleaning the car.

✔ Cleans up the dirt on the car

Suppose you have two microfiber cloth for car in India. One is a microfiber cloth and the other is another type of cleaning cloth. When you clean the car with a microfiber cleaning cloth, it not only cleans the dust and dirt of the car thoroughly, but also cleans the water drop on the car after washing the car. And the best part is that even using microfiber cloth again and again, it does not scratch your car.

Resists Shrinking and Stretching

With frequent use of microfiber cloth for car in India, you will find after a long time that your microfiber cloth has become very old and has lost its luster. But you won’t find it to shrink and stretch, this means that you can use it for a long time but after a period you should change it.

Cost Efficient

One of the best benefits of using microfiber cleaning cloth is that it is not very expensive but affordable. And you will be happy to see its quality. These are good quality microfiber cloths available for around ₹750 to ₹1500, the car cleaning cloth we recommend is within this price range.

Does not damage the surface

What should be the most important thing in your mind when you intend to buy the best microfiber cloth for car in India? The most important thing should be that it should clean your car properly and the body of the car should not have any kind of scratches and damages. You’ll be glad to know that a quality microfiber cleaning cloth does not damage the surface.

✔reusable and durable

Car cleaning cloths are available in different types in the market. But you should always go for a microfiber cleaning cloth as it remains usable even after prolonged use. In simple language we can say that it is reusable and durable.

Penetrates Small Spaces

Microfiber cleaning cloths are made with different quality. A good quality microfiber cleaning cloth is the size of a handkerchief or the size of a towel that can be easily stored anywhere. It can be stored in a small part of your car, which means that it does not demand much space to store.

Multi Purpose Use

Car cleaning cloth are made from a soft type which are used not only to clean the car but also to clean mirrors, tiles, windows, etc.

FAQ’s on Microfiber Cloth For Car

Will a microfiber cloth scratch car paint?

It is a common question that do microfiber cloths scratch cars specially in India? Microfiber cleaning cloth always remove any types of dust, dirt, residual tags, fabric labels etc, but it’s not scratch your car paint. Car waxing is not only good for the exterior and interior of your car but also makes it interesting for daily commute.

Can you apply car wax with a microfiber towel?

Any type of wax or sealant can be used with a microfiber trowel because this type of polish is made specifically for hand application. Even if you have a buffer, it often helps to wipe off the wax by hand anyway, as the towel will give you more control over where and how much wax goes on your vehicle first. When you see how shiny the paint looks afterward, you’ll feel like rewarding yourself that time.

Why can’t I use a regular towel to clean my vehicle?

It is true that you can dry your car with a regular towel after washing your car, but it is definitely not a good way to do so. You know normal towels will leave lint on the surface, which isn’t a big problem for daily use. However, over time it can scratch the same surface leaving a permanent mark. If you decide to use a microfiber Cloth For Car Cleaning instead in India, its ability to get rid of moisture without scratching or causing any damage will ensure that your car looks good and stays safe.

Which GSM microfiber cloth is best for car?

Microfiber cloth for car cleaning is available in various GSMs in India. You should choose the best gsm cloth for car cleaning keeping in mind the softness of your car and the safety of its paint and also keeping in mind the process of car cleaning. 200-300 gsm is considered as a lightweight microfiber cloth and 300-400 gsm is considered as a medium weight microfiber cloth that cleans the interior as well as the exterior of the car. And the 400-600 gsm heavyweight microfiber fabric is known to be very strong in terms of absorbency which protects your car’s paint and polish.

Conclusion: Best microfiber cloth for car in India

If you love your car, then you should not shy away from investing in a good microfiber cloth to keep your car in top condition at all times.

When your car is old or the new car has scratches or the car is dirty in any condition, then this microfiber cloth for car washing keeps your car shining so that you feel proud of your car. As it is made from ultra-fine fibers which provide superior cleaning as well as gently cleaning the delicate surfaces of your car.

And the biggest thing is that it saves you a lot of time as well as money while going to the car washing center. So we recommend buying one of these best cloth for cleaning for car’s exterior as well as interior in India.

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