3 Best Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth, speakers, GPS, & Camera

Are you looking for Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers? Here is full guide.

A motorcycle helmet is considered to be a great motorcycle essential gear that has been built with a slew of advanced technology and latest features. It can be used for comfort riding as well as for Bluetooth, speakers, GPS, and camera.

We can use the Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers for communication, but even better, you can enjoy your favorite music.

We have mentioned here 3 Best Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers and GPS and also mentioned Motorcycle helmet with built-in camera and Bluetooth. Which you must read, will help you choose a better motorcycle helmet.

Benefits of using Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The benefits of using a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet can be gauged from the fact that through a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet you are ready to have hands free communication.

It is very easy to use and in just few seconds you can listen to your favorite song. And in few seconds you can attend the call. And not only this, but GPS navigation system and other electronic devices can be used inside it.

3 Top Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers

Let’s talk about Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers

#1. Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth speaker

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Sena SMH10-10 is considered to be the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers for music. If you are looking for more great speakers in a right range then Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet is the right choice for you.

This Bluetooth speaker is designed to connect to any device very easily. Its Bluetooth version is 3.0 plus EDR Class 1 Stereo Headset. This Bluetooth device is known to be a noise canceling motorcycle helmet speakers that supports 12 hours of talk time and 10 days of stand-by time on a single charge.

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#2. OutdoorMaster Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Helmet HD Speaker

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The OutdoorMaster Wireless Bluetooth Helmet offers a better speaker. If you’re looking for motorcycles as well as ski and snowboard helmets, you should head to OutdoorMaster.

Made in the very best design,12.2 inch cord fits most audio ready ski/snowboard helmets including Giro. It also has a built-in microphone along with the speaker which allows you to access it easily while making calls.

It is considered to be one of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers for music in which it is considered easy to pair the headphones very easily.

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#3. LEXIN 2pcs B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker

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The LEXIN 2pcs B4FM considered one of the best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmet with built in best headset intercom system. Its special feature is that it is celebrated with four intercom functions with a range of up to 1600 meters. Hence 4 riders inside it can communicate simultaneously.

The LEXIN 2pcs B4FM offers interchangeable microphone and great helmet accountability. The good thing is that this Bluetooth Speaker for Motorcycle Helmet is designed with a waterproof. Its provides long battery life which is believed to be the good noise canceling motorcycle helmet speakers.

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Why you need a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker?

Often bike riders like to listen to music, attend calls and see the road view when they ride the bike. This is the biggest reason why you need a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker?

Apart from the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker, you can also use the earphone and wireless earbuds. But it is not considered convenient, especially the earphone is not considered convenient. Because it keeps swinging on your body which does not allow comfort riding.

Often the motorcycle comes with the best Bluetooth speakers in-built for the motorcycle helmet. If you need GPS, you can ask them. And best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers for music can be easily connected not only with the mobile but also with any phone, MP3 player, GPS, etc. And you can also switch with a single button.

Obviously you like to talk on the phone. But what if you are riding and you have to use the phone again and again to communicate with someone, then that is not considered a correct indicator.

But it is possible through Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmet. This is the reason why a lot of riders want to use a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speaker. Because they makes their riding more safe as well as enjoyable.

Types of Helmet Speakers

There are 3 types of helmet speaker available in the online market which usually provides long cord with 3.5 mm connector. It can be connected not only with mobile but also with music player, iPod, MP3 player, iPhone.

  • Wired

A wired helmet speaker is considered a type of helmet speaker that is supported by a wire into your helmet. But it is not considered very safe because its wire is dangling which can give you problems in riding.

  • Wireless

Wireless Bluetooth helmet refers to a smart motorcycle helmet. It has a Bluetooth speaker that allows hands-free calls, intercom, and enjoyment of your favorite music. We have listed the best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmet here that is considered noise cancelling motorcycle helmet speakers.

Buying guide a Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers

Helmet Speaker Size:

It is important to check the helmet speaker size. Since the speaker size of the helmet should be perfect, it should neither be too thick nor too thin. Because if the speaker of the helmet is thick then it will not fit well and if it is too thin then it will not fit.

Mic Quality:

When we select Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmet then we need to pay attention to mic quality because if you like to talk to other riders while riding bike then it is important to pay attention to mic quality.

Sound Performance:

The sound performance of the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers for music should be excellent. Because its issue is to talk to a rider or enjoy music. And not only this, GPS also has to be tracked by speaking, so their sound performance should be good.

Bluetooth version:

If we are planning to get a Bluetooth motorcycle speaker, then we should updated Bluetooth version for better performance. Usually speakers with Bluetooth 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 prove to be expensive than speakers with 2.0 EDR. Bluetooth should be strong because it thinks about improving the stability and range of Bluetooth.


Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers should be such that it should work comfortably and well in any weather. That’s why you should look for waterproof Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmet.

In-Built Mic:

Go with inbuilt motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers as it doesn’t distract your attention much and allows you to ride safely.


We have selected a Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmet. But is it the noise cancelling motorcycle helmet speakers which shows you the right quality of talking while riding with other people. Because if you are guiding a motorcycle in a congested road area, then obviously there are other vehicles traveling around you as well. Noise cancelling motorcycle helmet speakers are a must for those whose noise you will hear.


Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers should be comfortable enough to allow for comfortable riding, it must be selected according to the size of the helmet.

Battery life:

Battery life is a must for a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. For this, you should choose by looking at the battery life. If you are a big fond of riding then the battery life of Bluetooth helmet should be good. And if money is not a problem and you like to ride less, even you should go for longer battery life.

Ease of Use:

Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers should be very easy to use. That’s why you should choose a Bluetooth speaker with easy to use function. Because it makes your riding even easier as all the buttons can be easily accessed.

3 Top Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth and GPS

3 Top Motorcycle helmet with built-in camera and Bluetooth

Tips for Bluetooth helmet

There is a need to look at the safety before checking the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Because safety plays a very important role for the helmet. That’s why you need to choose a certified helmet.

Before buying a helmet, be sure that what is the size of your helmet. Will the helmet fit snugly on your head or not? Accordingly, you should choose a helmet because the helmet should neither be too tight nor loose in your head. If this happens then it can spoil the comfort riding.

Before buying a helmet, check whether the helmet is branded and strong. Since a helmet is important to be durable, it shows strength and takes full care of your safety.

Before buying a bluetooth motorcycle helmet, check whether the bluetooth is fully functional or not. Select a wireless bluetooth helmet, this is considered better helmet.

We are talking about a helmet with Bluetooth as well as GPS here, so you should select a GPS that works properly and indicates the right range.

Helmet manufacturer recommends to replace the helmet every 3 to 5 years to ensure your complete safety, you must follow this.

Long battery life is often provided in helmets with Bluetooth connectivity. Keep this in mind if you want the right advice regarding a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset.


What’s the best motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth?

The best motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth is manufactured by many companies. But the best motorcycle Bluetooth helmet will be considered as the one which has good connectivity and quality. If you have to choose the best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth, then always choose branded Bluetooth helmet for that. Here we will mention five such brand helmet Bluetooth which will help you to choose the best motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth.
Torc Mako
Built Techno

Are there motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth speakers?

Yes, some motorcycle helmets come with Bluetooth speakers which also signifies good quality. But there are many helmets that require an external Bluetooth speaker.

Can you listen to music with a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet?

Often people choose Bluetooth motorcycle helmet so that they can listen to music with Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. And above all, I can communicate with other riders as well. Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are considered very famous for both these features.

Are Bluetooth motorcycle helmets worth it?

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets worth it depends on how fond you are of listening to music. Or how fond of communicating with other riders while riding. Similarly, you can get an idea of ​​the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet worth it for yourself. However, riders often prefer to opt for a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth as they want to allow for comfortable riding. When they are riding, calls via Bluetooth can be easily attended with a single button. For this you do not need to use mobile while riding.

How many devices can I connect to a Bluetooth helmet at once?

Yes! minimum 3 devices can I connect to a Bluetooth helmet at once. But multiple helmets allow connecting with 7 riders as well. It all depends on the quality and capacity of the helmet.

Do motorcycle helmets have Bluetooth?

Yes, many motorcycle helmets have Bluetooth and provides internal helmet speaker and a Bluetooth headset as well. But it depends on what kind of helmet quality you have selected.

Are motorcycle helmet cameras legal?

Motorcycle helmet cameras are considered legal inside India. It also comes in handy for insurance when a two wheeler accident happens. The use of a dashboard camera and helmet-mounted camera to record any event is not considered illegal.

Can you use Bluetooth with a half helmet?

Half face helmets are not considered completely safe. After wearing it, some part of your face is open. If you use Bluetooth on it then it will not help you to hear more clearly. But if you use a full face motorcycle helmet then it completely covers your face and will help you to communicate with other riders clearly via Bluetooth and enjoy the music to the fullest.

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