5 Best Night Vision Helmet For Bike In India: Which Is Best For You?

When you ride a motorcycle at night, you notice that you find it more difficult to ride a bike at night than during the day. To ride a comfortable bike at night it would be wise to go for the best night vision helmet for bike in India. For this reason, you will not only enhance your comfortable ride but will also be much better in terms of safety.

According to the report of the Statista, it has been told that India has the highest number of road accidents in the whole of Asia before 2017. The Report of “Injury Fact” show states that the trend of wearing helmets has increased significantly in India after 2017. This has reduced the number of deaths due to bike accidents and also reduced the number of injuries.

You will be happy to know that many companies have decided to manufacture night vision helmets for bikes in India. Companies say that night vision helmets are a must to enhance the safety of the motorcycle while riding in any weather or in stable weather.

If you go to buy helmet for Night Vision in the local market then there is a high chance that you may be unable to choose the best helmet for yourself. That’s why we will mention for you 5 such night vision helmet for bike in India.

If you do not have time to read this entire post right now, then you can choose any night vision helmet from these. All these helmets have been thoroughly tested and are very sturdy.

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But our opinion would be that you read this entire post so that you can understand which is the best night vision helmet for bike in India.

What is night vision helmet for bike?

The night motorcycle vision helmet was an amazing innovation that gives a better bike riding experience at any time and any weather. It is a superior innovation built with absolutely modern features.

Night vision helmets are like normal helmets which can be used during day as well as night. But the quality of the visor in the night vision helmet is given in such a tyes that it helps to see the road clearly in the night riding.

That’s why we can say that take special care of the visor given in the helmet. The visor of the helmet is such that the visor is not sketchy and does not break easily.

But if you are trying to get a better night vision helmet for bike or motorcycle then you should also think about how to identify whether the helmet is original or not.

Reasons to wear a bike helmet at night

Accidents may occur anytime whether you are riding a bike during the day or at night. However, you should wear a helmet even if you think that accident will not happen as it prevents the dust from moving on the street from getting inside your eyes and nose. So helmets should be used even during the night to avoid all these things.

And if your question is that wearing a helmet at night will not make the road look clear, then you are probably wrong.

Because the helmet is being made with so much advanced technology that night vision visor are also using. Which you will see a clear road while driving the bike even at night time.

Night vision helmets for a bike are very much a necessity, especially for those who like to drive bikes at night time. This night vision helmet technique helps you a lot and also protects you.

Buying Guide For Night vision helmet


Before buying a night vision helmet, it is very important to have a look at the quality of the helmet as it is all about your safe ride. A good quality helmet uses a high-impact resistant thermoplastic shell which proves to be very comfortable for safely long riding. Since you are buying a night vision helmet then you should also consider whether it is a certified ISI-certified or DOT-approved helmet.


A strong and durable helmet works like a boon for the riders. When the rider rides the bike at night, nothing is more than safety, so whenever they go for a night vision helmet, it must be given on its durability.

✔Breathable Pedding and Neck Protector:

The breathable pedding and neck protector on the night riding helmet provides an extra comfortable riding experience. You can never turn away from it and when you are ready for Bike Riding for the night then you should focus on breathable pedaling. Because if it does not have a breathable system then it will bore you to use it for a long time. And if the weight of the helmet is more or less then it is not right for your neck. Many types of helmets provide a neck protector facility, so you should definitely go towards it.

✔Ventilation system:

Especially when bike riders ride bikes in India, they have to face many types of weather. In cold weather, when cold air enters your helmet, it can spoil your riding experience. Or if you ride a bike in the summer and there is no air in your helmet, then your riding experience can be spoiled. In both cases, the night helmet you buy should have a ventilation system so you can take it off and on when needed. Using it enhances your riding experience as well as safety.

5 Best and comfortable night vision helmet for bike in India

Now we talk about which is the 10 Best and comfortable night vision helmet for a bike in India that saves your head from an accident.

Steelbird built many different types of bike helmets. But in this post, we will only know which helmet will be right for us in the night vision that can make your journey easier.

#1. Steelbird SBA-2 Moon Full Face Helmet For Night Riding

Steelbird Night vision helmet for a bike in India

Steelbird is a very well-known company which considered very famous for making bike helmets. SBA-2 Moon Full Face Helmet is an absolutely perfect bike helmet for night riding with Reflective Graphics. Which built of black color and looks absolutely dashing.

When you ride a bike at night wear this helmet, you can also use its night vision system. Due to the Steelbird SBA-2 helmet, you will not have any type of problem while driving the bike at night. With the night vision system provided in this helmet, you can easily view the road.

The glass used inside it is very durable, although it also feels a bit heavy. Overall it is a great product and designed to cover your entire face.

And high impact ABS material shell has been used in it. This Italian design has been created which will give you better comfort even during hot weather.

This helmet is the attractive and extra comfort for long driving, so this is a better night vision helmet for a bike in India for you.


  • Reflective Helmet
  • Complete Protection
  • Incredible Design
  • Replaceable and washable interior
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Protects rider from allergies or infections that may arise
  • value for money


  • Indicates low light when you see any 2 vehicles

#2. Steelbird Helmet SBA-2 night vision rainbow visor & extra Transparent Visor

SBA2 nigh tvision rainbow visor extra Transparent Visor

Another Steelbird brand helmet is an SBA-2 robot built black red/silver rainbow visor. And perfect helmet designed for night vision helmet for a bike in India, with extra Transparent which is 580MM.

This helmet of Steelbird protects our heads very much when we use it while driving a bike. And its grip is also very good, which we can use it when driving long.

And if we apply it in our head for a long time, then there is no problem in our neck. The road looks very clear in this helmet because the visuals have been given very well on the sides of both your eyes.


  • Superb helmet
  • Air Booster System
  • Very comfortable and
  • Excellent fit


  • Foam Quality could have been better

#3. Steelbird SBA-2 For men night Vision bike helmet for a bike in India

Steelbird SBA-2 Night Vision bike helmet For men

The next Steelbird brand that built SBA-2 Stylish Men Helmet For Bikers with Free Transparent Visor For night vision helmet for a bike in India.

This Steelbird SBA 2 Night Vision Helmet for bike provide you very comfortable riding due to reason that you can easy control your bike.

This helmet steel bird SBA-2 Night Vision built with High Impact ABS Material Shell. Which has multi-layer EPS (Thermocol) and the ventilation of the upper part of the helmet uses an air booster. Its color is Mat Silver with Golden which looks very attractive and its visor has a medium size of 580MM.

If you travel through the bike in the dark of night using this helmet, then you will see the road very clearly. Although you can use it during the day too, this special considered a helmet for night vision helmet for a bike .

So it is perfect for this work, its price is also very satisfactory, which the ordinary person can take very easily.


  • Multi-layer EPS (Thermocol)
  • Odorless Mouth Guard
  • Comfort for your head
  • Dashing look
  • Attractive design
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price


  • Not for rainy season

#4.Vega Ryker dual visor Black Night Vision Helmet For Bike in India

Vega Ryker dual visor Black Helmet

The Vega helmet is also a very reputed brand which proves to be robust. This Night Vision Helmet for Bike mentioned by us is made with High Impact ABS Material Shell and Aerodynamic design which not only protects your head but also enhances your riding experience as well as style.

Obviously after wearing the helmet it will be dirty. And if so, then you can wash its lining. However, the removable nose guard is also removable so that you can clean it easily.

We recommend this Night Vision Helmet for Bike for the riders who always like to do long rides as it provides Scratch resistant & UV resistant which supports the fact that it will not scratch for a long time and will help to view the road clear. Will help to see clearly.


  • Removable and washable lining
  • Value for money
  • Increase safety
  • light weight
  • Attractive and modern design
  • Dual visor
  • Removable interiors
  • Reasonable price


  • The black visor has been given too dark

#5. Studds EPS Downtown Flip Off Full Face Helmet for night riding in India


If you are looking for a branded night vision helmet for bike in India, that can be bought this studds helmet an affordable price. So we would recommend this Studds EPS Downtown Flip Off Full Face Helmet for night riding to you.

You will be glad to know that this helmet is not only full face but also offers flip-off facility. This means that you can very easily allow air to go into your helmet for feeling cool.

This helmet for bike does not compromise on the quality of the visor. This means that it will help you to see the road clear during night riding. And as far as the safety of the helmet is concerned, it offers the next level of safety as it has a high-impact outer shell and superior is known for protection and safety.


  • Comes in various sizes and color options
  • Dynamic Ventilation System
  • Protects rider from allergies or infections arising
  • The ventilation system helps in dissipating heat and keeps the rider cool
  • Value for money
  • Increase safety
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive and modern design


  • Sunlight protector glass is not more comfortable down

FAQ’s on night vision helmet for bike in India 2023

Many People Die In A Motorcycle Accident

It is often seen that according to other vehicles, people die the most in bike accidents. And if you want that your life is intact, then you must wear a helmet while driving the bike.

A Helmet Protects Your Head

Wearing a helmet while riding a bike can not only prevent dust in your eyes. If your bike is having an accident, then you can protect your head with a helmet.

Is It Compulsory To Wear Helmet At Night?

Wearing a helmet at night is not just a matter of keeping your eyes and head safe, but the visors of night vision helmets are provided in such a way that it helps you to see the road view clearly. So it is necessary that whenever you ride in night then you should consider night vision helmet for bike in India.

Can you ride a bike wearing a night vision helmet with Bluetooth?

Many helmet manufacturing company offers Bluetooth system which will prove to be quiet and enjoyable to ride. But you should understand that when you are night riding then wearing a night vision helmet with Bluetooth is fine but we would advise you not to listen to anyone talk or sing while riding because your focus is on the Bluetooth of the helmet Not riding, so it will not be good for your riding experience.

Is black visor helmet legal in India?

Riding a bike using a pure black visor is considered illegal in India. But it is said that if your helmet is made with 50% natural light then you can use it. Although it is for your safety, you can use it during the day but avoid using it at night.

Is smoke visor good for night?

When you go for a branded and better helmet, multiple types of visors are provided in it. You can also change this visor if needed. But if your helmet visor is completely black then it is not proof of safety while riding the bike at night.

Conclusion: Night vision helmet for a bike in India

in today’s Pollution time, It is very important to choose the right and good night vision helmet for a bike in India. Because it not only makes your look classic but also keeps you from road accidents.

Especially when you are long driving using your bike, or driving at night. Then you need a night vision helmet for a bike in India, that you can see the road very clear even at night time.

Steelbird brand helmets are available in many online markets, the 6 helmets mentioned here are considered to be good helmets with very high quality with best features.

You can buy one of these helmets and it is very easy to use. It often fits in the head of the size, by using the helmet, not only can you protect yourself from an accident but also you can protect yourself from dust, dirt, on the way.

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