How To Overcome Claustrophobia While Wearing A Helmet: 6 Simple Steps

How to overcome claustrophobia while wearing a helmet: Indeed a helmet provides the necessary protection to riders head during a motorcycle accident. For it to do its job properly, the helmet puts your head in a confined space. Although it’s necessary it can be problematic for people with claustrophobia.

Have you ever felt stuck or suffocated while having the helmet over your head, that means you’re suffering from claustrophobia. And in such cases, any tight space could cause you to have severe anxiety or panic attacks.

Claustrophobia isn’t something to be joked about. It’s a serious problem and in extreme cases it can be the cause of a heart attack or stroke. People with claustrophobia tend to avoid wearing helmets. So it is necessary to know about how to overcome claustrophobia while wearing a helmet.

No worries we will help you overcome claustrophobia while wearing a helmet. Just continue reading through the following segments given below.

What Is Claustrophobia?

According to the American Journal of insanity called claustrophobia “a special form of delirium characterized by fear of a closed space”.

Claustrophobia refers to the condition of feeling fear or anxiousness while being in a confined space of any kind. You can say it is a processing symptom where you feel like you can’t escape from a closed space.

How Does This Happen?

In such cases, your brain tells you that you’re in danger, and activates the Amygdala. That causes you to feel anxious and start panicking, even if there’s no danger.

It’s caused especially if you have previous bad experiences about confining in a trite space. The mere thought of it, can make your body go numb.

However, about 5-10% of the overall population are suffering from claustrophobia, with proper psychological therapy, you can easily recover from it.

Is It Safe For Claustrophobic People To Wear Helmets?

It’s a well-known fact that claustrophobia is very common among various people. And this symptom especially occurs for lack of ventilation. And as you know, while wearing a helmet there’s little room for proper ventilation.

However, the best motorcycle helmet for claustrophobia comes with a proper ventilation system. So, that a claustrophobic person doesn’t feel confined while wearing the helmet.

The helmets designed for claustrophobics not only provide the necessary protection but also with a proper ventilation system to make them feel at ease. Also knowing you can breathe easily inside the helmet enough to cope with wearing a helmet.

6 Simple Steps: How To Cope With Claustrophobia While Wearing A Helmet?

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5 Simple Steps How To Cope With Claustrophobia While Wearing A Helmet

Coping with wearing a helmet for a claustrophobic person isn’t easy. It might seem like nothing to a normal person without any phobia. But for a claustrophobic, it can be a terrifying experience.

So, here are a few simple steps to help you overcome claustrophobia while wearing a helmet.

#1. Find An Appropriate Helmet

Finding the appropriate helmet for a motorcycle rider holds the utmost importance. As you know, a helmet is the only piece of gear that determines life or death during an accident.

However, for a claustrophobic person, it not only determines the physical safety but also the psychological assurance. So if you’re suffering from claustrophobia you must use a helmet that fits perfectly over your head.

Furthermore, you should know as a claustrophobic person, your imagination is your biggest strength and weakness. Because if you imagine there’s nothing wrong it’ll be easier to cope with wearing the helmet.

#3. Increase The Airflow

As we mentioned before claustrophobia occurs mainly because of suffocation. And suffocation is caused by a lack of airflow. You should know a helmet contains a venting system to circulate air within.

It allows you to get proper airflow while wearing the helmet. So whenever you’re wearing the helmet try opening the vents, it’ll surely help you cope with it.

But in between different helmets, not all of them have the necessary vents to provide proper airflow. So while choosing a helmet keep the proper vent system in mind, and choose the one that provides an ample amount of airflow inside.

#4. Choose A Transparent Visor

Anxiety or panic attacks can be caused by fear. Fear tends to grow when you can’t see properly, especially for people with claustrophobia. So whenever you’re picking up a helmet for yourself get the one that provides a transparent visor.

Because a transparent visor will help you have a clear vision of the road ahead. So if you really want to overcome claustrophobia while wearing a helmet then always go for a clear vision helmet because it helps keep you calm while wearing the helmet.

#5. Fast Release Helmet

Too much security can be a hindrance for claustrophobic people. If you struggle with removing the helmet whenever you need it, it might cause you to panic. So look for a helmet that has an easy-release system.

With it, it’ll be easier to remove the helmet anytime you feel like it. So in an emergency situation, you can take off the helmet quickly. Otherwise, it’ll cause serious problems for you.

#6. Try To Divert Your Mind

As we mentioned before, with claustrophobia you are as strong as your mind leads you to believe. Because with it you feel what you perceive in your mind. You know you have claustrophobia, right? And that’s a good thing.

Now you know what will lead you to have panic attacks. So while wearing the helmet you should try to divert your mind with something that makes you feel at ease. It could be music or something else. It’s a good way to feel calm while wearing a helmet.

Considerable Factors While Choosing A Helmet For Claustrophobia

We all know there are varieties of helmets out in the market for claustrophobia people, right? Choosing the right one can be confusing if not difficult. Because there are some considerable factors involved when choosing a helmet for claustrophobic persons.

Let’s find out what they’re, shall we?

  • Yes, picking the helmet with the right fit is crucial, however, if its weight is too much for you, then it may trigger claustrophobia. So choose a lightweight helmet for overcome claustrophobia while wearing a helmet.
  • To increase the wearing comfortability, you can practice wearing the helmet even when you’re riding your motorcycle.
  • When you’re choosing the helmet, remember to get a helmet that has an anti-fogging visor, so in climate change, it doesn’t affect your vision.

6 Best Motorcycle Helmet For Claustrophobia

Here are the 3 best motorcycle helmet for claustrophobia.

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Conclusion: How To Overcome Claustrophobia While Wearing A Helmet

Wearing a helmet means your head is in a concealed space. Although it’s not a problem for usual riders but for a rider with claustrophobia it’s a serious issue. However, having claustrophobia doesn’t mean you can avoid wearing a helmet while riding.

Because you can’t ignore the fact that a helmet carries your safety while riding a motorcycle. However, we do understand the dilemma you’re in with your phobia, and we hope the above segments will be helpful to overcome your conditioning. Good luck, and ride safely.

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