Affordable Coido 12V Tyre Inflator Car Air Compressor 2021

  • Fast, easy & effortless inflation for vehicle tires
  • 12V power outlet 300 psi electric car air compressor
  • multipurpose adaptors
  • Bicycle, Athletic balls, and other inflatables
  • Built-in work light illuminates the surrounding area
  • Compact design for ease of carrying and storage
  • Ease of carrying
  • The wire can be folded and kept inside
  • Compact and easy to store in your car
  • Just plug socket into the cigarette lighter



Coido 12V Tyre Inflator Car Air Compressor India 2021

Topic: Coido 12V Tyre Inflator Car Air Compressor India 2021

Coido 12V Tyre Inflator Car Air Compressor considered a very useful and good quality product. With which you can not only fill the air inside your car but can also use football, bicycle, and different types of inflatables.

Everyone who drives a car, or who owns a car, should use a tire infiltrator. Whenever you are on a deserted road and the tire puncture shop is far away. It always helps us to inflate the tire in your car.

Therefore, Coido 12V Tyre Inflator is a very useful product and a very good product. Which considered successful in making your work much easier.

Features of Coido Tire Inflator

Plastic body and lightweight:- The lightweight of Coido 12V Tyre Inflator 300 psi reflects its specialty. And it has a plastic body that is attractive to look at and is also very full.

Good for Emergency:- You are going somewhere alone and the tire of your car or bike gets punctured. And there is no one to help you far and wide. So Coido dc 12v tire inflator helps you a lot to take you to your destination.

Inflation timing:- Let us know that this Coido 12V Tyre Inflator fills your bike and car tires in just 2 minutes. If you use it for more than 2 minutes, the tire may burst.

It makes a lot of noise when you use it but the good thing that you complete the job done in just 2 minutes. While there is nothing you can do to reduce the volume, you have no choice.

Now just use it for your purpose and it is very helpful in case of an emergency and its quality is much better than other inflators.

Note:- Coido tyre inflator 300 psi does your work very soon and in less time in about 2 minutes. You should not use it in the tire for a long time, if you use it for more than 5 minutes, it can damage your tire because it creates a lot of hit buildup.

Easy to store in your car:- It is very easy to store the Coido 12V Tyre Inflator inside any type of car, you can take it anywhere easily.

Use for tye, football, and other inflatables:- By using Coido dc 12v tire inflator, you can easily and Effortless inflation of tyres, balls, and rubber rafts, and other different types of products.

Torchlight:- It has also been given a flashlight light (torch) inside this inflator, which can be used in the dark.

Power cord with cigarette plug (approx 2 to 3 meters):- The Coido dc 12V Tire Inflator has about 2 to 3 meters of a long wire. Which you can fill inside the tires after connecting it inside your car. Due to its long wire, we get a lot of ease in our work.

Air hose:- It has good quality air hoses, which we use to fill the air in the tires.

Different types of Nozzles:- Different types of nozzles are given in its pack which helps us to fill the air on bicycles and football.

Football pin and needle adapters:- In the Coido 12V Tyre Inflator More types of tires pins are provided in the inflator. And there are needle adapters which we can use as per the requirement.

How to use Coido 12V Tire Inflator?

#1. Connect plug:-

Connect the cigarette plugin to the car.

#2.  Apply handbrake and put car gear in neutral:

Put a handbrake and put the car gear in the neutral, it will be easy, and it is important to do this because the inflator battery does not have any kind of impact.

#3. Start the car, this would reduce the load on the battery:-

When the air connected to the cigarette lighter plug to fill the air in the car. First, you start the car because it consumes too much power. Because of which the inflator battery can have a bad effect, it is better that you turn on the car.

#4. Connect the plug to your car/bike tire:-

And then you connect the Air hose with the tires.

#5. Start compressor on the button:-

Compressor buttons are provided, there available ON-OFF button, you press the ON button, and just turn on the compressor.

#6. Disconnect plug after use:-

Within 1 or 2 minutes, the air in your car tire will fill, when the air is full then you can disconnect the plug.

Important Notes:-

Note:- Coido 12V Tyre Inflator is a product that is considered one of the most useful and valuable of your car’s external tools. When the tire of the car punctured, then it supported taking it to the puncture shop.

Coido 12V Tyre Inflator considered being a useful good product that provides willing support at a low cost. And what else can you expect at a low price, its pipes are durable? The production offers the best and the quality is also good.

Pros and cons

  • Lightweight:- Coido 12V Tyre Inflator 300 psi is lightweight which is good enough to carry and store a tire inflator anywhere
  • Compact portable products:- This is a compact portable product if it is Digital Tire Inflator would have made our work even easier.
  • Inflation timing:- With the Coido dc 12V Tire Inflator, you can fill the air inside your car very easily within 1 or 2 minutes. So the inflation timing inside it is very good which makes our work very easy.
  • Inbuild flashlight:- It also has a flashlight inside, which we can use at night time. When it is dark at night, then by using its flashlight, you can fill the air inside your tire.
  • Build quality:- Its quality is very good, although it has been made of plastic from all four sides. This is an attractive and useful product has been made.
  • Powersupply socket (cigarette plug):- To connect the Coido dc 12v tire inflator, a cigarette plug has been given inside it. Which we can easily connect with our car.
  • Noise and vibration level:- Its noise level is high when you fill it with air inside your car or bike tire, it also vibrates more.

  • Analog pressure gauge:- Analog pressure has been given inside it, which we have to set its PSI itself. If digital pressure gave inside it, then our work could have been much easier.

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