Best RNG EKO Green Car Vacuum Cleaner India 2021

  • High power (150 watts), CE and Rohs certification, 5.5 kPa suction.
  • 72db low noise.
  • Effective cleaning and low suction force [2-3 kpa].
  • 5 meters long wire.
  • Wet/dry cleaning application to absorb the spilled liquid inside the car.
  • Dust Collecting Feature: Dust catcher.
  • Extra brush to clean away dust and extra connector to clean.
  • Storage bag to keep all accessories and vacuum cleaner in an organized manner.
  • Easily removable and washable HEPA filter for high efficiency.



Best RNG EKO Green Car Vacuum Cleaner India 2021

Topic:- Best RNG EKO Green Car Vacuum Cleaner India 2021

RNG-2001 car handheld vacuum cleaner (white)

RNG Car Vacuum Cleaner considered being a very useful item for vehicles, through which we can reach all corners of our entire car and do a good cleaning.

This vacuum cleaner has often been recommended by people with HEPA filters installed inside it. Or is a very good and high-efficiency product, the durability of this product is also very good. Those who drive a car must have this type of vacuum cleaner so that they can take good care of their car.

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RNG EKO Green Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

The RNG EKO green rng-2001 car handheld vacuum cleaner (white) designed with very good attractive and very strong. A plastic bag with a power card and two attachments has also been given inside it. There is also Storage Bag inside it, inside which you can use to keep all such accessories in the car.

RNG-2001 car handheld vacuum cleaner considered to be a very good quality product, inside its plug, power cord, and on-off button, HEPA has been given, which you can also remove and wash if needed. All the features and quality of this product have been made very beautiful.

Best RNG EKO Car Vacuum Cleaner is not only made a good design but its performance is also very good. Whenever it is noise, our ears do not have any kind of problem, it makes a very nice and beautiful noise.

Its nozzles are also very good and accurate when used, so no debris is released from it. When you clean 4 seats with this vacuum cleaner, it will take about 20 or 30 minutes.

If we clean your car through this handheld vacuum cleaner then any type of dust, mud, small stones, or pets hair that have fallen into the car in your car then easily clean it through this vacuum cleaner.

RNG EKO Green Car Vacuum Cleaner uses a HEPA filter which is very easy to clean dust or soil. And after cleaning, you can remove this filter and also wash it with water.

Colour White
Voltage 12 Volts
Wattage 150 Watts
Item Dimensions (L x W x H) 34.3 x 8.9 x 8.9 Centimeters
Model RNG-2001
Item Weight 449 Grams
Maximum Suction 5.5 KPA
Maximum Current 6-8 A
Working Temperature 20°C to 80°C
Noise Level
less than 72 DB

Features of RNG EKO Green Car Vacuum Cleaner India

HIGH POWER:- In the RNG Car Vacuum Cleaner available all feature= High power (150 watts), CE and Rohs certification, 5.5 kPa suction, 72db low noise for quick and effective cleaning and low suction force [2-3 kpa].

5 METRE LONG WIRE:- This vacuum cleaner has 5 meters long wire, which is sufficient to reach every corner of your car. If you want to clean in any corner of your car, then you connect the cigarette lighter plug of this vacuum cleaner and then you can reach any corner and do the cleaning.

STORAGE BAG:- Vacuum cleaners also provide a storage bag, inside which you can use all accessories and vacuum cleaner to keep them organized.

BIGGER MOTOR AND COPPER WINDING:- A large motor (3.6cm diameter) used in RNG vacuum cleaners has been used and is found to have a high power (150 watts) generating motor. Which built 100% pure copper, that is why it gives high efficiency.

WET/DRY CLEANING APPLICATION:- RNG EKO Green Car Vacuum Cleaner has a very strong feature of dust catcher which you can do any type of wet/dry cleaning.

EXTRA BRUSH AND EXTRA CONNECTOR:- RNG Eko green rng-2001 car handheld vacuum cleaner has an extra brush and extra connector through which you can easily clean away dust. Which is enough to reach all corners of your car. Also, a storage bag is also given in which you can keep the vacuum cleaner accessories of the car.

METAL FAN:- Being a metal fan, the RNG EKO green rng-2001 car handheld vacuum cleaner is considered special and produces a high suction force (5.5 KPA).

EASILY REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE:- The good thing in this is that the HEPA filter has been given in it, which you can remove and wash it after cleaning your car.

How to use RNG Vacuum Cleaner?

Cleaning your vehicle with the RNG EKO Green Car Vacuum Cleaner is very easy whether your car is an SUV, sedan, hatchback, Jeep of any kind. With this handheld vacuum cleaner, you can easily clean and clean all the places where it is difficult to reach and the dust is more ground.

Just connect the device to the car cigarette lighter socket separately and then after turning on the power button, you can clean your car with a vacuum cleaner.

For cleaning in difficult areas and tight areas, connect the extensions provided by the RNG-2001 car handheld vacuum cleaner. And where the dust has settled, use a brush to remove dust and to clean up elsewhere so that you can clean all the dirt easily with the RNG EKO Green Car Vacuum Cleaner.

When cleaning done, you can push the cap out by pressing the button on the dust cap. And clean the HEPA filter for maximum and continuous cleaning efficiency.

Note:- If you are cleaning your car with this vacuum cleaner, you should start your car engine. Because the car battery not considered too powerful to supply enough current power of the device to work efficiently.

When you are cleaning with this vacuum cleaner. Then you clean all the places where you want to clean with a microfiber cloth. But remember, never use water for cleaning the electrical part.

Avoid using mostly water for cleaning it, as water reduces the life of the filter. You need to wash the plastic parts with a very little detergent and less water and then dry them with a microfiber cloth.

  • The noise of the fan doesn’t hurt ears
  • The suction of this product is very powerful
  • Good quality plastic and Strong built
  • Great suction power
  • Good product to clean your car like soft dust, piece of tissue, pet hair
  • The 5-meter long wire that reaches your entire car
  • Not much quality in plastic

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