Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator For Car (IG-DC2E-B) India 2021

  • Designed for an attractive and modern automobile
  • Fits easily into any cup or bottle holder
  • Features natural plasma cluster air purification technology
  • High-quality compact design
  • Illuminating control for comfortable driving experience
  • Power: 3 watts and operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts



Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator For Car (IG-DC2E-B) India 2021

Topic: Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator For Car (IG-DC2E-B) India 2021

For car use

If we drive a car or go for a long drive in the car, then I have a chance of smelling a little inside the car. This smell can be through your shoes, through the seat of your car, if your car is a diesel engine, the diesel can smell, if your car is a petrol engine, then your smell can be through petrol Might be possible.

After so much smell, it can prove very difficult for a good person to stay in a car. Children are more disturbed at the time of smell, due to which our health is also seen to be deteriorating. Keeping in mind all those things and eliminating the stench, we have a great product known for Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator For Car.

Sharp Plasmacluster ion generator review

Often, when we drive through our car and go somewhere to drive, it is obvious that polluted air gets into our car. And it hurts us which damages our safe drive.

Here Sharp Plasmacluster is brought in for the Ion Generator For Car inside which allows air to be created. Because of this, you can drive pleasantly and go anywhere, taking pure air comfortably to your destination.

We should thank this air purifier for its odor controller. If you are afraid that there will be polluted air in your car, then you need to keep this portable air purifier in your car.

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator For Car not only reduces germs but also kills bacteria and viruses. There is also an LED display inside it and its design is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly in your car. And when it runs, it does not make any noise at all, there are two fans inside it which are enough to give you good air in your car.

Features of the Sharp Ion Generator

This Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator built of very high quality for car, inside which not only can we reduce germs but also eliminate bacteria, viruses, odors, mold, and fungus.

And on the other hand, it can clean certain types of odor inside it like sweet, cigarette, smoke, or pet odor, because it uses Plasmacluster Ion Technology special high-density output.

Its design has been made perfectly which fits in a car and with just a button, its two fans are turned on and it starts working. Consuming its unit requires at least 1.3 Watts low and 2.3 Watts high.


Manufacturer Test
Brand Sharp
Product Dimensions 7.6 x 7.6 x 15 cm; 420 Grams
Item model number IG-DC2E-B
Other Performance Features Turbo Cooling, Odor Controller
Filter Type Ionizer
Material Plastic
Foldable No
Technology Used ION Plasmacluster
Colour Black
Assembly Required No
Wattage 3 Watts
Item Weight 420 g

Compact & High-Quality Design with Illuminated Indicators:- The specialty of this Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator is that it lasts very long and when it comes to its design, very attractive designs have been made which are compact and high quality.

Designed Specifically for car:- It is an air pollution free device designed to neutralize any type of air pollution, not just germs and bacteria. And Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator (IG-DC2E-B) designed to fit for the car.

Cigarette lighter:- It also has a cigarette lighter plug, so that we can use this air purifier by connecting it to our car.

World’s Most Popular Indoor Air Defence System:- Sharp is such a brand that people around the world trust it more than 7 crores because it is considered to be the World’s Most Popular Indoor Air Defense System.

Sharp Plasmacluster bad for health

Using Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator does not cause any kind of bed effect in your health as it not only kills germs but also bacteria and many types of pollutants that get inside your car from outside and can harm your health. So this kills all these bacteria and protects you although it being an electronic item may have some bad effects on our health.

How does the Plasmacluster ion generator work?

This is an air purifier made of plastic that can be stored inside your car. And any type of pollution inside your car can neutralize it from coming on you.

If we talk about how it works then there is purified air from inside it which is enough to eliminate the germs containing pollution inside your car.

To use it, by joining the cigarette lighter plug through your car. You can fit it in your car by turning on the switch button provided in it. And then you will see that there will not be any kind of pollution inside your car and you will be able to enjoy the improved air.

  • The looks of the generator are very tech and attractive
  • Not very Noise
  • Fits easily into any cup or bottle holder
  • The filter is rated for 19000 hours
  • High-quality compact design
  • When replacing the ion-generator it costs around Rs.2000

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