Powerful TIREWELL 12V Digital Tyre Inflator [Auto Cutoff] India 2021

  • Faster Tyre Inflation: The TIREWELL TW-7001 Digital Tire Inflator is a better reliable companion for your car or motorcycle in an emergency.
  • 0-200 PSI: It can inflate a standard mid-sized tire from 0-200 psi in just 4.8 minutes.
  • More Convenient: This makes low and flat tires in an emergency easier and more convenient.
  • Auto-Off Function: When you are pre-set pressure, the tire inflator will automatically switch off after the pre-set pressure is complete.
  • Digital Display: The proposed air compressor is a high-precision digital display that will help you calculate the required pressure values.
  • LED Lighting: It provides an emergency light to see clearly, this light helps you when you are reinforcing or repairing your tires at night.
  • Long power cord: The power cord of the proposed air compressor pump 3 meters (10 ft) long has been designed so that you can easily reach any of the four wheels.
  • Additional Nozzles And Adapters: The Tire Inflator Air Compressor comes with versatile use and additional accessories, making it easy to fill the air in your car, bike, motorcycle, RV, SUV, and ATV tires and sports equipment and other inflatables.



TIREWELL 12V Digital Tyre Inflator Auto Cutoff India 2021

Topic: TIREWELL 12V Digital Tyre Inflator Auto Cutoff India 2021

TIREWELL TW-7001 12V Digital Tyre Inflator with LED Light and 3 Different Nozzle (200 PSI)

TIREWELL 12V Digital Tyre Inflator can inflate leaked tires quickly to manage tire pressure. It is capable of working with the help of a motor, a good pump inside it is compact and valuable.

Its pump has a cigarette lighter with built-in 10A fuse, 11. 5 feet cigarette lighter power cord, 1. 8 feet inflation tube, screw connector can be tightly connected to the mouth of the tire gas. It works in just under 5 minutes, it is a very nice and comfortable tire inflator which feels very light to use.

If your car is stuck in an emergency at night. Then a special solution has also been provided for an LED light to manage the air compressor at that place. TIREWELL 12V Digital Tyre Inflator display has various types of pressure settings such as Sai, Bar, and Kapa which provide evidence of being a digital and good tire inflator.

Features of TIREWELL Digital Tyre Inflator

  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Current: 10 Amps (max.)
  • LED flashlight: Bright Torch
  • Maximum Air Flow: 35L/ Min
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 200 PSI
  • Display Units: KPA, PSI, BAR, KG/CM

FASTER TYRE INFLATION: TIREWELL 12V Digital Tyre Inflator is a reliable companion that you should always use. You can use it for your car or motorcycle, which always comes in handy in an emergency.

0-200 PSI: Tirewell 12v tire inflator can inflate a standard mid-sized tire from 0-200 psi in 4.8 minutes and makes flat tires easier and more convenient for emergencies.

AUTO-OFF FUNCTION: First of all, you should do pre-set pressure, then after getting the tire pressure, the tire dripping will stop automatically. After that, it will relieve you from worry, when you set the pressure and after working till the set pressure, the automatic goes off. And then you can comfortably enjoy efficient driving in your vehicle.

SMART DISPLAY DIAL:- LCD in PSI, KPA, BAR, and KG / CM modes equipped with backlit digital gauges that can be used to monitor tire pressure during air filling.

CIGARETTE LIGHTER PLUG: The TIREWELL 12V Digital Tyre Inflator features a cigarette lighter socket that is perfect for making your work easier. Through the cigarette lighter plugin you can inflate your tires.

BRASS SCREW CONNECTOR: It comes with a standard air outlet nozzle inside which pure brass has been used. Various connectors are connected to inflate the tire and for the perfect fit.

DIGITAL DISPLAY: The LED display considered a better and updated version in this tyre inflator. The proposed air compressor fitted with a high precision LED display that helps you calculate the pressure values ​​you need.

LED Lighting: An LED light has also been installed inside this tire inflator. To see the light clearly in an emergency that meets your requirement. When you need light at night due to your tire puncture, you can use this LED light in dark times.

LONG POWER CORD: The power cord of the proposed 3 m (10 ft) long air compressor pump designed to allow easy access to any of the four wheels to make repairs.

ADDITIONAL NOZZLES: TIREWELL 12V Digital Tyre Inflator gives more types of nozzles so that you can do your work more easily if you need it.

ADAPTERS: The tire inflator comes with an air compressor and also additional accessories that are considered for versatile use. In which it is easy to use in your car, bike, motorcycle, RV, SUV, and ATV tires and football, and so on.

How to use This Tyre Inflator?

#1. Connect cigarette lighter plug:- First, you connect the cigarette lighter plug to your car.

#2. Start Your Car:- After that, you should start your car so that the TIREWELL 12V Digital Tyre Inflator does not affect the battery in any way. If you do not start the car, then it may cause the battery bad of the inflator to consume more power.

#3. Connect Air hose: Connect the air hose with your tires to fill the air.

#4. Set PSI:- After that, you should set the PSI, the normal car’s PSI is from 0-40. Although tirewell tw-7001 also supports Pre-set due to being digital, the normal PSI power is at 35. Even if you want to use pre-set PSI pressure, you can easily inflate your car tires.

#5. Star TIREWELL Tire Inflator:- And finally, you start the TIREWELL Tire Inflator and in a few moments, you will see that your tire will look bloated.

#6. Disconnect Air hose and cigarette lighter plug: When the tire is full of air, you should remove the air hose from your tire and the cigarette lighter plug from inside the car.

  • Faster Tyre Inflation
  • Auto-Off Function
  • Digital Display
  • LED Lighting
  • Long power cord
  • Additional Nozzles And Adapters
  • Pre-Set Pressure
  • High Noise Level

Note:- It is the best car tyre inflator in India that compact and lightweight and the best part is that you can easily take it anywhere in your car. If you inflate your car and tire, it takes about 7 to 10 minutes, but no problem. This completes your work easier in times of trouble, so it will prove to be a very good product for you.


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