3 Steps To Renew Driving Licence That Has Expired

When my driving license expired, I was very anxious to renew it. And then researched about it in many places and wandered in many places, I also had to face a lot of difficulties. And then found a better way how to renew driving licence that has expired?

According to Uk Government statistics, I found that more that 70% of people are facing same issue in their renew driving licence.

This update of the government surprised me, after that I renewed my driving license. So I am going to share a detailed guide about 3 steps to renew expired driving license.

Why You Might Want To Renew Your Driver’s License Early?

The law of most states provides a period of 4 years to renew a driving license. And if you drive even after the expiry of the driving license and are caught by the police then you may have to pay heavily.

Driving with an expired license in any state is a criminal offense, for which you can be fined up to $1000 and prison up to 6 months.

To get it back you will need a copy of the current license, business, bank, and organization identification. Overall this is a troubling mark, so the driving license should be renewed immediately after it expires.

How to renew driving licence that has expired? (3 Steps)

  • In every state, the local court or motor vehicle department office would have been given to renew the driving license, you can visit these offices. And you can also visit the DMV website. From here you will know what documents and applications are required to renew your driving license.
  • Renewing a driving license can take more than the expected time so make sure you are fully prepared for the long wait. And when you go to the courthouse to renew the license then you should take the expired driving license with you.
  • In many situations, you need to change your name and identity as if you have changed your name after marriage or divorce. In many states, to renew your driving license, your weight and hair color are also required to be included so that you can be identified in case of an accident.


I advise you that you should renew your driving license before it expires. With this, you will not get confused in submitting a copy of the documents in many cases.

And if you are not able to do so and you renew the old driving license after expiring. So keep in mind that every driving license is valid for 4 years and your photo on it is updated every 4 years. So you remember to smile.

When you renew driving license that has expired, within a day or two, you will be issued a permanent license through the post. This license has a maximum validity of 1 month. But it will work till your original driving license is not delivered to you through the post. The period for obtaining a renewed driving license is said to be 6 weeks.

How long after your license expires do you have to retake the test?

There is no time limit as to how long after the expiry of the driving license you have to take the re-exam. But in this 6 months to 1 year, you may have to re-appear for the written and road test.

How Long Do You Have to Get a New Driver’s License After the Current One Has Expired?

The time period for renewing an expired driving license may vary from country to state. If we talk about the United Kingdom, here you can renew your driving license for about 2 years. If the time limit is over, then you should visit the Driving License Center to find out how long you have to renew an expired license. But after the passage of time, you will have to do all the process of driving license again which has to be done while making new ones like vision, road, and written tests and all.

Can you drive with an expired license if you renewed online?

If you have renewed your driving license online, then you must have received its receipt copy and you will get a temporary DL by post within 2 days so that you can drive for some time. But it is considered illegal to drive with an expired DL, for this, you can also be considered a criminal.

How to Renew driving licence over 70 or over?

The process of renewing a driving license is the same but when you turn 70 or you are going to turn 70 in the next 90 days, then you can renew your driving license. Once you turn 70, you have to renew your driving license every 3 years.

Conclusion: How to renew expired driving License?

While traveling around to get your driver’s license renewed can be a dislike, it doesn’t show the value of your time. That’s why we would suggest that whenever you go for renewal of your driving license, know about its rules, regulations and documents and get it.

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