3 Best Riding jackets under 5000 for bikers in India

Topic: Riding jackets under 5000 for bikers

Riding jackets considered to be very important and very essential bike gears which are often liked by riders. You can also use a riding jacket for long drives or short distances.

To buy a better riding jacket, you must look at a branded and better quality. Because riding jacket not only improves your looks but also protects your entire body in a bad situation. That is why we have mentioned the best riding jackets under 5000 for bikers.

How to choose the right motorcycle jacket?

Some points are given here to choose best Riding jackets under 5000 for bikers in India.


If you like long riding or riding for short time. So you should choose a riding jacket that has good protection. There are many types of protection such as a cushion is applied in the jacket for back protection and the elbow, shoulder, back have protection. Similarly, many other types of protection are available in riding jackets. We must pay attention to the protection before buying any kind of riding jacket.


There should be guards inside the riding jacket that we can remove and wash. If this facility is there, then we can keep it on the list of better and better jackets.

Good looking:

A good looking riding jacket makes your riding more comfortable and maintains your riding for a long time. Because of which you agree to ride long. Therefore, you need to choose a better and good looking jacket. Good looking can be done in such a way that well-designed pockets, chains, stitching, shining of the jacket inside the jacket, all of which are seen, are considered in the category of a good looking jacket.

Season jackets:

You should choose a riding jacket that is a jacket used for all seasons. However, it does not matter whether your jacket is going to be used in winter or not. If the liner is not used inside such a jacket, then you can protect yourself from winter weather by wearing the inner, sweater and then wearing the jacket. In the summer season, the jacket should be of the breathable type and should be summer-wise. So that it is completely ready to comfort your riding.

Fit jacket:

It is very important to choose a fit riding jacket as it provides comfort in your riding. If the riding jacket you have purchased will not fit then its shoulder, elbow, and back protection will not be in right place. Therefore, we will not be able to get its correct protection. However, if your jacket is a bit loose in the body part, you can tighten or loosen it by adjusting it with the side velcro. Overall, you should choose a riding jacket that fits your body.


Lastly, we will have an opinion that whenever you choose a riding jacket, you should pay attention to whether the jackets you buy are comfortable according to your body. Because it decides to allow you long riding. The jacket should not be too tight or loose that you have a problem riding. Therefore, you should choose a riding jacket that is comfortable.

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✅ List of 3 Best Riding jackets under 5000

Here are given best and branded riding jackets under 5000 for bikers in India.

#1. Royal Enfield Streetwind Riding Jacket

Royal Enfield Streetwind Riding Jacket
  • Save
  • Suitable for long ride and short distance rides
  • 100% Polyester outer shell
  • Provide CE Level 1 protection for shoulders, elbows and back
  • Comfort and durability
  • Back shock absorbent with EVA foam

The Royal Enfield Streetwind Riding Jacket is made in 100% polyester which shows a lightweight and flexible appearance. This Royal Enfield Riding Jacket is CE Level 1 certified which provides a protector on the shoulder and elbow. Not only that but also protects in the back which gives you a very comfortable feeling while riding for a long time.

Curved sleeves and adjustable straps have been given at the elbow and waist of the jacket which we have used to give us a comfortable feel and it also provides better protection.

This Royal Enfield Streetwind Riding Jacket uses neck cooling fabric to provide comfort that enhances your ride experience.

Brand:Royal Enfield
Model:Streetwind RIDING JACKET BLACK (M)40 CM
Size:“M” but also size available
Comfort:The Royal Enfield provides an enhanced riding experience because it uses cooling fabric at the inner neck.
Item Weight:1 kg 300 g

#2. Biking Brotherhood Riding Jacket

Biking Brotherhood Riding Jacket
  • Save
  • Jacket built with an Simple Styling
  • Lightweight CITY Riding Jacket
  • Strong mix of both Textile and Mesh panels
  • Style and Safety is paramount
  • The latest CE-approved
  • Hard armors on both the Elbows, Shoulders, and Back
  • The textile Fabric can handle light drizzles
  • 3m Reflective piping in front and back for night riding

These types of riding Jackets under 5000 that is a branded jacket made of a strong mix of both Textile and Mesh panels with simple style. This provides a very stylish look and the good thing is that this riding jacket is made with CE-approved hard armors which are given on Elbows, Shoulders, and Back.

Some amount of water-resistant provided in this Brotherhood Riding Jacket. Because of which the fabric used in this jacket can handle light drops. If we talk about night protection: then this riding jacket has used 3m Reflective piping on the front and back which gives good visibility while night riding.

An internal pocket and two external pockets have been provided inside this jacket through which we can keep small accessories such as mobiles, headphones, cards, etc.

You can also use this riding jacket in the winter season because it uses THERMAL LINER for winter riding. However, it considered a very good and good riding jacket for summer too. Because it also provides ventilation which is done to make your riding comfortable.

If we talk about the rainy season, then this riding jacket can be used in the rainy season too. But remember that using this jacket in excess rain will not feel comfortable.

Brand:Biking Brotherhood
Material:300D Cordura -Thermal and 3D steel Mesh
Model Number:Perfect fit
Size:S, M, L, XL,2XL,XL, XXXXL, 5XL
Comfort:Biking Brotherhood Riding Jacket makes your riding comfortable because this riding jacket is designed to use all weather.
Item Weight:2.25 Kilograms

#3. Royal Enfield Streetwind V2 Jacket

Royal Enfield Streetwind V2 Jacket
  • Save
  • Abrasion resistant protective
  • Made for your everyday adventures
  • Premium high abrasion resistance mesh
  • The ventilated outer shell construction is engineered to
  • Ventilated outer shell allow efficient air flow within the jacket
  • Keep cool during those long summer hauls
  • Armor protectors in the shoulder
  • 2 front pocket with zippers

The Royal Enfield Streetwind V2 Jacket is a beautiful and better design riding jacket designed for your everyday riding. When you ride a bike with the help of this jacket, you feel very comfortable. Let us know that this Royal Enfield Streetwind V2 Jacket uses a ventilation outer shell that allows air to pass inside your jacket.

This Royal Enfield Streetwind jacket can also be used in the winter season. If we talk about its safety, then this Royal Enfield Streetwind V2 Jacket has an abrasion resistance mesh installed on the shoulders and elbows which protects you at a time when you accident.

For protection in this riding jacket, Level 1 armors have been used on the shoulder and elbow, which provides proof of a better riding jacket. In its construction, 90% polyester has been used and 10% 600 D polyester has been used.

The Royal Enfield Streetwind V2 jacket is available for all sizes, however, if it is a bit loose then you have an adjustment tab on the cuffs, waist, biceps, and forearms provided in this jacket. With the help of which you can adjust it. In this riding jacket, reflective piping has been used on the front and back, which makes you visible even in low light conditions.

Brand:Royal Enfield
Model Number:JKSS20R01
Size:S, L, XL, XL, XL
Comfort:This Royal Enfield biking jacket use cushion that comfort collar prevents chafing of the skin
Item Weight:1 kg 440 g

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Conclusion: Best Riding jackets under 5000

If you are thinking of a better and branded bike riding jacket. So you must choose any one of the riding jackets mentioned here (Best Riding jackets under 5000). Because we have explained in detail here which riding jacket will be good for you and according to the weather.

Riding a bike using a jacket not only makes your look more stylish but is designed for protection and comfort. So often it is ready to protect you in front of danger.

Here “RoadsRide” has told you about the 3 best riding jackets under 5000. This does not mean much money but it definitely protects you. Riding jackets are also considered as one of the best riding gear of riding gears. Therefore, while choosing riding jackets, we need to pay attention to their quality and features.

Thanks for reading: Best Riding jackets under 5000

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