Top 3 Studds Helmet For Ladies In India: Increase Your Safety While Riding

If you are looking for a superior quality as well as affordable women Studds helmet then you are at the right place. Here we are going to provide complete guide about Studds helmet for ladies.

We share with you top and best 5 studds helmet for women that is not only safest but comfortable, allow to long riding, and affordable as well as stylish.

Why should women use a motorcycle helmet?

We know that joking with our bodies or our lives can cause us a great loss. If we do not use safety measures or precautions while doing any work, it can turn our work into a cause of accident. Similarly, riding a two wheeler without a helmet can lend us in big trouble.

The chances of death due to injury to other parts of our body are very less as our body is able to heal the injured part. But if there is a slight injury in any part of our brain. Then that injured part does not heal with time. Due to this, our mental balance deteriorates as well as there is a danger of death.

By wearing a helmet, our brain remains safe from serious injuries. Other organs such like nose, ear, eyes, lips, jaw etc can also be protected by using helmet while riding a bike or scooty.

What kind of helmet should women choose?

Let us tell you that before selecting any studds ladies helmet, we should give our first priority to its build in quality.

The main reason this is that a helmet made of good material gives us better protection than a normal helmet. Helmet made of cheap material does not save us from serious injury during an accident. Even allergies are common in some people because the interior of some helmet is made up of cheap chemical materials.

Often used half face helmet by women’s. The main reason for this is that women mostly use scooters. But nothing has stopped women’s from using full face helmets.

If women use a full face helmet, it provides a better and next level of comfort as it protects all the parts above your neck.

Here we will talk about full face studds helmet for ladies which can be used for full safety.

Benefits of wearing Studds helmet for female/women:-

Do you know that there are many benefits of using studds helmet for ladies? We will mention all the benefits here.

Protection from major injuries:

If we go out on the roads by two wheelers then it is common to have a normal accident. So we always need to take care on the roads. We should use our safety stuff along and also follow the traffic rules.

One of this stuff is the helmet which keeps us safe at the time of accident. A good quality studds ladies helmet does not allow the slightest injury to our head during an accident.

Protection of eyes and face from dust:

A good studds ladies helmet comes with a transparent visor whose main function is to prevent dust and dirt from entering the eyes. Not only this, when the bike is moving with a high speed then due to the flow of wind, tears start coming out of our eyes.

The face shield of the helmet prevents this strong wind from entering the eyes, which does not cause any inconvenience to us while riding a bike.

While riding a two wheeler, sometimes suddenly flying insects get into our eyes. Due to this our eyes suddenly gets closed and the chances of accident increase. It also causes irritation in eyes.

This problem is not faced while using helmet with visor. If your eyes are dust sensitive or you have allergy with dust then you must go through these studds helmets for women/girls.

Protection from expensive fines:

 It is illegal to ride a two wheeler without a helmet. We may have to pay a costly fine if caught for riding a bike or scooty without a helmet. By using a studds ladies helmet, we can also save ourselves from costly challans.

Sun protection:

A good quality studds ladies helmet keeps us safe from the harmful rays of the sun. It protects our face from darkening. Along with this, it also protects our eyes from the bright light of the sun, due to which we do not need to wear sunglasses while riding a bike.

Keeps the head ventilated:

Studds helmet for girls has been approved by ISI. In these studds ladies helmet, along with strength, a lot of features have been provided for the convenience of the user. One of them is that proper ventilation has been provided in these Studds helmet for women.

You will not feel suffocation inside these Studds ladies helmet due to these ventilations. Despite the hot outside temperature, your head temperature will always remain cool while riding a bike.

Buying guide about studds helmet for women:-

If you want to buy Studds helmet for ladies then you have to go through these guidelines. We are here to guide you for the selection of best studds helmet for girl. The basic guidelines for the purchase of better Studds helmet for women are given below:-

Good built in material and design:

If you are thinking of buying a new studds helmet for ladies. Then the first thing you should pay attention to is the building quality of that helmet.

A poor building quality helmet can save you from fines on the road. But it will be risky for your life. A good quality helmet does not break during an accident, due to which your head remains safe.

Helmet size that fits on your head:

You are thinking of buying a studds helmet for girls. So it should always be kept in mind that the helmet you have chosen is the proper size for your head. A small size helmet can cause pain in your head and ears.

An oversized helmet can repeatedly slip off your head and move around your head. That is why before selecting a perfect size studds helmet for women, you should measure your head 1 inch above your eyebrows. After that, keeping in view the helmet size chart, the helmet of the size of your head should be selected.

Scratch-resistant silicon visor:

Before selecting a studds helmet for ladies, you should also keep in mind that the face shield of the helmet you are selecting should be transparent and of good quality.

If you are fond of night riding, then you should choose a helmet with color less transparent face shield. Along with this, we should also keep in mind that that face shield is scratch resistant. This is because the scratches on the visor affect our visibility.

High quality velvet finish:

The advantage of getting a studds helmet for women that built with a high quality velvet finish. It prove that it fits snugly on your head and feels comfortable. It also prevents sweating.

Harmless and chemical free materials:

While choosing a studds helmet for girls, we should keep in mind that its material is safe and non-poisonous. You should be free from harmful chemicals because harmful chemical main cause infections and allergies in some people.

Quick release straps:

When you buy a Studds helmet for women, you should pay attention to the quality of the straps and buckles of that helmet. A poor quality straps and buckles are prone to break out in case of injury.

Due to this the helmet can come out from the head which causes a great loss while getting an accident.

While buying a studds ladies helmet we should opt for a helmet with quick release stripes. The main advantage of this is why the buckles of this helmet come off easily without effort while taking it out of the head.

High impact outer shell:

A good helmet also needs to have a good quality outer shell to have impact resistance. Due to this, the studds helmet for girls does not break due to injury during an accident.

The high impact resistance helmet keeps us safe during accidents while lasting a long time.


Before buying a studds helmet for ladies we should check its approval. In India no one compromises on ISI certified helmet safety. An approved helmet gives us complete guarantee of safety and is high impact resistant.

Top 3 Studds helmet for ladies in India

After doing a lot of practical research, we have discovered studds ladies helmet. Which consider all these studds helmet for girls is more safe.

#1. Studds Urban Black Strip Open Face Helmet for women

Studds Urban Black Strip Open Face Helmet for women
  • Save
  • Available in three colors i.e. Black, White and Pink
  • Inner material is made up of expanded polystyrene.
  • This is an open face ISI certified helmet
  • It is a good studds helmet for girls that comes with regulated density EPS
  • Its UV resistant paint prevent
  • High impact resistant outer shell for better safety
  • The quick release Chin strap makes the helmet easy to wear and take off
  • Its hypoallergenic liner protects the rider from allergies or infections.
  • Applicable for both men and women
  • Clear vision in both day and night

Size is considered one of the most important factors to consider before buying a Studds helmet for women. The size of this helmet is also available in small, medium, large, and xl.

And you will be happy to know that this studds helmet for girls is available in many colors out of which black, white, and girls’ favorite pink color is also available.

And talking about this studds open face helmet weight, it is 1.1 kg which is better known as weight. It does not put much weight on your neck.

This studds helmet for female is an ISI certification helmet. And this studds helmet for ladies is made in the form of a high impact resistant outer shell which prevents the paint from flaking.

The quality of its chin strap is also better which provides quick release release. This studds open face helmet for ladies can be easily removed and cleaned.

This studds ladies helmet has been provided with hypoallergenic liner which keeps away from allergies and infections.

This Studds helmet for women can be used not only by women but also by men. And the good thing is that it also provides night vision which is useful for better riding at night.

#2. Studds FEMM Open Face Pink Helmet For Female

Studds chrome elite 540 helmet for female
  • Save
  • This studds ladies helmet comes in various sizes and color
  • Full-face ISI Certified helmet
  • Comes with Regulated density EPS
  • High-impact outer shell for superior protection and safety
  • Quick-release chin-strap
  • Helps in dissipating heat
  • It easy to wear and take off the helmet
  • Quick-release visor
  • Hypoallergenic liner prevents allergies
  • This is the good studds helmet for girls that enhances comfort

It is one of the most popular Studds helmet for women. Its inner and outer material is made up of expanded polystyrene. And its weight is around 1.1 kg and it is available in various sizes and colors.

This studds helmet for female gives full protection to female head as it is available in full size which gives better protection to female jaw, cheeks, teeth and nose. It is provided with hypoallergenic liner which protects you from allergies or infections during hot and rainy days.

The quick release Chin strap, present in the helmet the helps the rider to open and wear the helmet conveniently. Beside this it is provided with air vents which make you feel cool while riding a bike.

If you are searching for full face ISI certified studds helmet for ladies, then you can select this product. Its shell is made up of high impact resistant material. Besides this, its visor can be easily removed for cleaning purpose.

#3. Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet

Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet
  • Save
  • Open-face ISI Certified studds helmet for girls
  • Comes with Regulated density EPS
  • Hypoallergenic liner prevents allergies & enhances
  • Replaceable liner
  • Maintain the freshness of the helmet
  • Quick-release visor for conveniently removing
  • Easy to clean visor
  • UV-resistant paint that prevents scratching & fading
  • Comes in different attractive colors
  • High-impact outer shell

If you are searching for one of the best studds helmet for girls then this can also be the perfect one. Its inner material is made up of expanded polystyrene. Where as the outer material is made up of high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic.

This studds open face helmet for ladies has visor is silicon coated which makes it resistant to scratches. Its inner part is lined with anti allergic material.

These inner liners are removable and can be replaced again according to our choice. And it studds Marshall Open Face Helmet also provided with quick release chin strap mechanism. And is provided with ventilation which prevents us from suffocation.

This studds open face helmet is available in different colors such as Matte black, shining black, white, cherry red, matt red and silver grey. It is available in various sizes.

Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet has spare visors are also available various options such as clear, smoke pink, mirror and rainbow. Besides these features, it is also approved by ISI which insures better security.

Before buying this Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet for ladies, you must have to verify the size of your head with the site chart and ensure that it tightly fits on your head.

Conclusion: Studds helmet for ladies in India

The Studds helmet is known to be an affordable and good helmet that can be used not only by women but also by men.

It is an opinion that you buy any studds helmet for ladies by reading all these benefits and buying guide. So you will be successful in buying a better Studds helmet for women.

We have mentioned 3 best Studds helmet for ladies for a bike lover like you, which is a complete guide in practical itself. We hope you like this post.


Which helmet is best for ladies?

Half face helmet is known as the best helmet for ladies. But you should think about a branded ladies helmet which provides better quality. The superior quality helmet for girls keeps the head, eyes, nose, and mouth of the ladies completely safe women studds helmet

Is Studds helmet safe?

Studds Helmet is a superior and safe helmet which is approved by ISI mark. It is specifically known as a full face helmet that covers all the top of the rider’s neck. Therefore it is considered as one of the best and safest helmets for ladies and men.

How do you check Studds helmet is original?

To check whether the Studds helmet is original or not, you should check if the helmet is made by approved. What is the quality of straps in studds helmet and what is the weight of that helmet. The correct weight of the helmet is not less than 700 grams and not more than 1.2 kg.

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