9 Different types of motorcycle helmets in India 2023 (Full guide)

A lot of people choose helmets but they are confused about which types of motorcycle helmet they should choose.

The motorcycle helmet considered to be one of the most important and essential gear that takes full care of our head while riding the motorcycle.

If you want to know about the types of motorcycle helmets then you should be happy. Because “Roadsride” has told about 9 types of best motorcycle helmet.

After knowing that, you will be able to understand which helmet will be better for you. You can read also: how to check original helmet?

We have mentioned a lot of helmets here such as full face motorcycle helmets, flip up helmet, motocross helmet, half face helmet, open face helmet, modular helmet, dual sport helmet, off-Road helmet, and smart helmets.

All these helmets are used with different purposes and different motorcycles.

Importance of wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle

Importance of wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is that when we wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, in such a time, the risk of injury is reduced 69% and the risk of death decreases 42%.

All bikers who ride bikes need to choose a better helmet. Because the helmet considered one of the most essential motorcycle gear. Which not only increase your look but also takes care of head safety.

List of 9 Different types of motorcycle helmets 2023

There are 9 different types of motorcycle helmets. If you reading this article then you can better understand which types of motorcycle helmets are good for you.

#1. Full Face Helmet

Full face motorcycle helmets is one such helmet that is considered to be the most secure. This helmet covers your entire head, even the nose, eyes, mouth, and the back of the head.

The full-face helmet is completely designed for safety. If we drive a bike wearing this helmet, then not allowed to enter the air into the helmet. Due to which no particles can get in our eyes and we can drive safely.

Normally, safety is less in any other helmet. At the same place, there is complete safety in full-face helmets.

The ventilation is used in a full-face helmet for use in summer. At the same place, if we have not need to use a full-face helmet in cold weather, then we can also closed ventilation.

Facility is also given very well in full face motorcycle helmet such as Bluetooth speaker, call attending button, and navigation is also provided.

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#2. Half Face Helmet

The half helmet designed so that it covers your half head. This types of motorcycle helmets may or may not have visor. Therefore, this types of motorcycle helmets is mostly used in scooters.

It covers half of your head, so it has not been described as very beneficial. And compared to other helmets at the time of the accident, this helmet little bit keep safe your head.

The half face helmet is a bit easier to use. You can use it just after tying the straps and the buckle with your head.

But in accident this types of motorcycle helmets protects our head to some extent. But half face is open in this helmet due to which air comes in our face, which we can enjoy pleasant riding.

This type of helmet has less space so it covers only half of your head. But talk about protecting in the sun, to use this helmet, you have to take sunglasses separately.

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#3. Motocross Helmet

The motocross helmet is a helmet that is made very popular and high quality helmets. These are not helmets used in everyday life like common helmets. Rather, it considered a helmet used in areas with heavy dust, dirt and hilly areas.

This helmet is also known by different names like it is also known as Off Road Helmet of Motocross Helmet.

While riding the bike in a dusty area, using a helmet from such a time. Realizes very comfortable riding.

The motocross helmet proves to be very good for your health. And if we use this types of motorcycle helmets in the summer then it keeps your head cool during the hot season.

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#4. Modular Helmets

Modular is one of the best motorcycle helmets are considered used in both types like full-face helmets and half-face helmets. It is a mixture between the two helmets. Visor are provided inside it, which we can use to avoid the summer season and fogging season.

Modular helmets are not only slightly more expensive than full face motorcycle helmets but are also slightly lighter in weight. And speaking of security, it provides more security.

The material of this types of motorcycle helmets are made in some high quality materials. Which makes it attractive to look at and comfortable in providing protection.

Modular helmets are not used in general riding but are therefore used by tourers, cruisers, and adventure riders.

When riding the bike with the help of modular motorcycle helmets. The eyes are in a straight position and parts of the face are open.

It also provided with a Bluetooth facility in the helmet, which you can attend call and access music.

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#5. Open Face Helmet

The open face helmet also considered to be a very popular helmet that protects your head while accident.

But this helmet is not completely safe as it is called open face helmet. Which covers only your head, ears and the back of your head. But the side of the mouth and face are open.

This helmet is considered perfect for scooters, although it is not considered very safe. At the same place, safety is guaranteed to some extent in this helmet.

But at the same place, this types of motorcycle helmets are not completely safe from polluted air, dirt and debris because it is an open face helmet.

If we talk about the quality of open face helmet, then it built with its high quality material. Which is enough for you comfortable riding.

The open face helmet also has straps and buckles provided which you can use to tie it to your head while riding motorcycle.

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#6. Off Road Helmet

Off Road Helmet Basic is a helmet used on dusty, dirt and hilly roads away from the city. With the help of this helmet, it is possible to experience comfortable riding by using it on the road with more dust and dirt.

And we can ride for a long time with the help of Off Road Helmet so that our neck does not even feel tired.

These types of motorcycle helmets are a bit costlier. And have a higher design as well as their convenience as compared to the common helmets. This helmet provides more protection with less weight.

Like other helmets, this helmet also provides ventilation. Through which we can enjoy the open air in the heat and this ventilation can be turned off if needed.

But if you use Off Road Helmet, then you need to get glasses separately. Because this helmet does not have such visors that work like glasses in sunny weather.

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#7. Dual Sport Helmets

Dual Sport Helmets are just like a common helmet. And this helmet is also designed for comfort. Which considered to be a better motorcycle helmet and comfortable helmet.

Dual Sport Helmets are not only just designed to be attractive designs. Rather, it is made for comfortable riding, which you can use for a long time and you won’t even feel tired.

Just as the Off road helmet and full face helmet cover your entire face. Similarly the Dual Sport Helmets also covers your entire face (ie the top of the neck with full visor).

Dual Sport Helmets also provide goggles to avoid sunlight and not only this but helmet has ventilation provided.

Which you can use to pass air inside in your head in the summer season and it is also easy to close it in cold weather.

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#8. Flip up helmet

The flip up helmet is a better helmet with a better quality that not only looks attractive but it made very strong in terms of safety.

This helmet is called flip up helmet because we can also use this types of motorcycle helmets by doing full face helmet. And can also be used as a half-face helmet.

This helmet is very successful for quality, whose material shows a better quality.

We can use flip up helmet by using Bluetooth connectivity, in which we can also use for music access and call attendance.

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#9. Smart Helmets

Smart helmet is a smartly used helmet. And inside smart helmets features are highly available. And talking about security, the security has been put at a higher level.

Although it looks like a common helmet, its function and features have been given a bit more. Such as alcohol detection, accident identification, location tracking, use as a hands-free device, fall detection protection can benefit.

This types of motorcycle helmets also has a Bluetooth system which we can use for music access and call attendants like a common helmet. And you can also use it for calls and for music by turning on the speaker in the helmet.

With the help of smart helmets when we ride the bike and unfortunately when the bike accident happens.

So an information is sent to the registered number with the smart helmet. Which makes it possible to arrive at the place of the accident.

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Opinion: Types of motorcycle helmets

All these types of motorcycle helmets are used in different types of motorcycles and according to different need. If you have any query about helmets then you can message to me.

Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of motorcycle helmets?

Do you know 9 different types of motorcycle helmets that you can use in your motorcycle for safety riding.
1. Full face helmet
2. Half face helmet
3. Motocross helmet
4. Modular Helmets
5. Open face helmet
6. Off Road Helmet
7. Dual Sport Helmets
8. Flip up helmet
9. Smart Helmets

Which type of motorcycle helmet is best?

Here are given some type of motorcycle helmet that called the best. These helmets provide full protection and full safety that is consider comfort riding. Like:
1. Shoei X-Fourteen
2. Scorpion EXO-R420
3. Arai Signet-X
4. Shark Skwal2
5. AGV Pista GP-R
6. Shoei RF-SR
7. Shark Evo-One 2
8. Shark Race-R Pro
9. HJC C70
10. Arai Corsair X

Which is better modular or full face helmet?

The full face motorcycle helmets considered more comfortable than the modular helmet. Usually this helmet is slightly lighter than a modular helmet that covers your entire head. Unfortunately, if there is an accident, then it covers your entire head to a great extent. But in the same place, talk about the modular helmet, then modular helmet is a mixture between full face helmet and half helmet which does not completely safe your head.

How tight should a full face helmet be?

When you buy a full face motorcycle helmet, you should keep in mind how tight the full face helmet should be so that you can comfort ride. And after wearing a full face motorcycle helmet on your head, feel that it is perfectly fit. This helmet should not feel loose while turning the head. One way to check whether a full-face helmet is a perfect fit on your head is that. When you wear a helmet, the top padding of the helmet should not be more than 1 inch above your eyebrow.

How do I choose a helmet?

Choosing a better helmet is very important but the question is how do I choose a helmet? Here we have told some important tips. The first of which is that you should choose the helmet according to the shape and size of your head. And if there is a stylish and comfortable helmet then it would be better. Before choosing a helmet, you should also pay attention to whether this helmet is fitting you properly. And when you select a helmet, then you should use that helmet for at least an hour. And it should be determined that there is no heavy feeling in your head or neck or you are not feeling pain. If you buy a helmet by following all these things, then obviously you are successful in choosing a better helmet.

Which is the safest motorcycle helmet?

Here are some of the safest motorcycle helmets that are considered to be a very good brand at the world level. like:
1. AGV
2. Shoei
3. Shark
4. HJC
5. Arai
6. Caberg
7. Nolan
8. MT

But if we talk about helmet in India. Then these types of motorcycle helmets in India very much is considered as the best helmet like:
1. Vega
2. Studds
3. SBH
4. Steelbird SBA-1
5. Royal enfield
6. Dass getz

Is ECE better than Snell?

ECE certification helmet is considered to be one of the better helmets which is an absolutely up to date helmet. And this element is considered to be the most recognized helmet in the world. Just as the DOT Approval Helmet is tested, similarly the ECE Certification Helmet is also tested. But if you talk about Snell certification helmet. So this helmet requires more extensive testing which is generally considered safer than other helmets. All approved helmets are allowed to be used in all countries. Depends on which helmet is made by testing the most.

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