Top 3 Vega Helmet For Ladies In India: Increase Your Comfort Riding

If you are riding a two wheeler on the road then encountering an accident is not a new thing. If we talk about India, then people often prefer to ride two wheelers without helmet, which is one of the biggest causes of death. Therefore we mentioned top 3 Vega helmet for ladies that considered safest, attractive, and lightweight. Vega brand is the one of the best helmet brand and this is the best helmet for ladies in India.

Vega Helmet is known as a branded helmet which manufactures best, safest, best designed helmets that ladies like and stylish designs.

A lot of women get confused as to which type of Vega helmet they should choose. That’s why we are mentioning Vega helmets to help such riders (who are searching about Vega helmet for ladies).

If you are not feeling free to read the full this post then you can select any one from this Vega Helmet for Ladies.

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All these Vega helmets for women are considered better, safest, stylish, and better to wear even on long rides while matching all types of properties.

But the RoadsRide opinion would be that you should read this complete guide to choose the better Vega helmet for ladies.

Why riders should use helmet?

Despite it being illegal to drive a two wheeler without a helmet, people do not listen and prefer to ride without a helmet.

If we are not wearing helmet and when we take our two wheelers away from the eyes of the policemen. We feel that we are dodging the policeman but in reality we are dodging our life.

Just imagine if today it has been made mandatory for us to ride two wheelers wearing helmets. Then for whose benefit has this been done?

Today we have become so careless that the government just needs to make rules to protect us, while we can do it ourselves but we don’t want to either.

If our one small decision can save our life then why don’t we follow that decision?

If we are somehow riding without helmet and have escaped from the hands of the police. Then we consider ourselves very smart but just imagine that we put our own life in danger with ourselves and consider ourselves smart. Huh.

Is this our decision a right decision? Then let me tell you that this is a foolish decision. It is not wise to take such risky decisions.

5 Benefits of wearing Vega helmets for ladies

✓Dashing look:

Vega Helmet for ladies is provided with a dashing looks. Its visor has also been made with a different look. A bee eye look is provided to this helmet. Along with having a good look, there is no compromising with its strength.

✓Scratch resistant visor:

The visor of vega helmet is sturdy as well as scratch resistant. It can be replaced easily when broken. It prevents your eyes from dust and flying insects. The unique shape of this visor sets it apart from other helmets.

✓Small size helmet:

If we talk about the size of this Vega helmet for ladies, then its size is not so big due to which it can easily fit in the seat storage of your scooty. It is a true female vaga helmet, and vega helmet price falls under the economic range.

Vega manufactures a wide variety of helmets that are made to fit different head sizes in India. Before taking any helmet, you should measure your head size and choose the helmet accordingly. It is made ready to fit in your head.

✓Space provided for ponytail:

Women find it difficult to fit the ponytail inside the helmet. For this reason, these Vega helmets for women have been provided with enough space for women’s ponytails.

Hence, women do not feel uncomfortable inside the helmet as their pony tail can easily fit inside these helmets.

✓Overall protection:

Vega helmet is ASI approved helmet and it is considered a good building quality helmet. It provides complete protection to our head. Along with this, vega helmet also protects our eyes from dust, soil and strong wind.

Buying guides for Vega helmets for women

If you are willing to buy a better Vega helmet in India. Then you must go through the following guides which have been provided for your better security:

Vega helmet Built in good quality:

The first thing that we should consider while buying a vega helmet for women that it is built in quality. We should not select a bad quality helmet as it does not give us full protection.

The only one thing that a bad quality helmet can do is it can save us from expensive challans during ride. And it breaks when an impact force is applied to it during an accident.

It cannot save us from serious injuries that occur during an accident. Our brain is a delicate organ can be easily be affected by little hit that occur during an accident.

A slight injury in brain leads to improper of functioning of brain or other parts of body. It may also lead us to death. This is the reason that we should wear a vega helmet with good built in quality which protect our brain from any kind of injury during an accident.

Vega helmet provide scratch resistant visor:

If you are about to buy a vega helmet for ladies then before buying helmet you must see whether the helmet is provided with scratch resistant visor.

When the visor gets scratched then it becomes uncomfortable for us to see the way. Though the scratches on the visor don’t make it fully translucent but affect our normal visibility.

✓Availability of Broken part:

Before buying a vega ladies helmet you should always go for one of the best selling helmet in the market.

It is because the various spare part of popular helmet can easily be available in the market. If we use unbranded and unpopular helmet then we cannot repair its broken part as its broken part is not available in the market.

In spite of being scratch-resistant visor, sometimes it gets scratched due to the rough use. The scratches on the visor don’t give us clear view of the road. In this situation it is necessary to replace the scratched visor with the new one.

If your helmet is unbranded or unpopular then its visor cannot be found easily in the market. In this case you will be compelled to buy a new helmet which may be a costly decision for you.

✓Vega helmet is ISI approval:

Selection of a vega helmet for female that is approved is a life saving decision. Before buying a Vega helmet for women you should always check whether the given helmet is an ISI certified helmet.

A certified vega helmet insures your full safety. It can with stand a number of hits during the time of an accident. Besides this it does not allow our brain or any part of head to get injured.

List of Top 3 Vega helmet for ladies

Now we talk about Top 3 Vega helmet for ladies that is comfort, stylish, attractive, ISI approved and lightweight helmet.

#1. Vega Verve Open Face Helmet for women (Comes with a different shell)

Vega Verve Open Face Helmet for women (Comes with a different shell)
  • Save
  • ISI approved Vega helmet for ladies
  • Comes with a different shell
  • Lightweight which fits in all mopeds
  • Dashing looks with ponytail space
  • Silent chin strap lock
  • Patent lock mechanism for helmet
  • All helmets feel tight at first to meet safety requirements and foam You can adjust according to your head size

If you want to select one of the best ladies Vega helmet then you can go for this helmet. A very attractive look is provided to it along with high impact resistance.

Vega Verve Open Face Helmet inner layer is made up of foam and cloth liner whereas its outer layer is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). It is provided with a leather finish touch and it has a good quality scratch-resistant visor.

It is a good quality Vega Verve Open Face Helmet for women that is ISI approved helmet. Do you know that it can be used by both male and female rider of any age group due to the availability of a number of sizes.

An anti theft locking system is provided in this Vega Verve Open Face Helmet. It is available in different colors i.e. anthracite /dull anthracite,  Black/  Dull black,  blue / dull blue , Red / dull red, burgundy / dull burgundy, white, silver, yellow, dull desert, Army green, dull purple and mint.

  • Very light weight and comfort
  • Fits perfectly fine
  • You can choose in multiple colors
  • Easy to wear fit size
  • Army green looks cool
  • Provision for locking helmet
  • Not all parts are removable

#2. Vega Atom Black Helmet for Women (Suitable for safety while riding 2 wheelers)

Vega Atom Black Helmet for Women (Suitable for safety while riding 2 wheelers)
  • Save
  • Leather finish touch and ABS material (For High impact resistance)
  • ISI certified Vega helmet for ladies
  • Non removable inserts with good fabrics
  • Metallic Quick release silent buckle
  • Aerodynamic shell with a large eye port for greater visibility
  • Scratch resistant & UV resistant
  • Suitable for safety while riding 2 wheelers
  • Can be used by any age group or gender

If you are looking for a good quality Vega Helmet for Women, then this helmet can prove to be the one of the best option for you.

This Vega atom helmet for ladies inner and outer layers are made of very good quality. And this helmet is not only available in a good quality but available as low budget range.

This vega atom dull black helmet is available with leather finish touch. It is provided with the large eye port for greater visibility. Its outer shell is made up of ABS and cotton is used as inner material. And it’s buckle is double riveted and performs silent operation with quick release mechanism.

Vega Atom Black Helmet for Women is provided with the scratch resistant visor which is UV resistant also. Its visor is easily available in the market and can be replaced easily with less effort. Its visor is available in both clear as well as in smoke look.

It is also an ISI certified helmets and is available in different sizes and colors i.e.  black, blue, pink, red and white. Besides this, it is also provided with anti theft lock system which is used to lock the helmet to your two wheeler and thus prevents it from being theft.

  • Very comfortable, strong and light weight
  • proper scratchproof glass
  • Product is good and strong
  • Finishing is good and attractive
  • Value for money
  • Some people says that it doesn’t fit in Scooty Pep Plus dicky. So you’ll have to use a separate lock to attach it to your vehicle.

#3. Vega Verve Open Face Helmet (Lightweight and Dashing looks)

Vega Verve Open Face Helmet (Lightweight and Dashing looks)
  • Save
  • ISI approved Vega helmet for women
  • Comes with a different shell
  • Patent lock mechanism for helmet
  • Better quality foam has been used
  • This is the true women’s era
  • Lightweight which fits in all mopeds
  • Decent visor removable mechanism
  • Best and dashing looks with ponytail space
  • Silent chin strap lock

This Vega Verve Open Face Helmet is a very popular helmet among Vega women helmet. And it is a half helmet which feels light on your head.

This Vega Verve Open Face Helmet outer shell is made of ABS and its similarity foam, cloth and liner is used as good inner material. There has also been no shortage in the quality of its thermocol. It is an ISI Certified helmet which insures better protection.

This Vega helmet for women provided with silent chin strap lock. Its visor has a bee eyed shape which provides a unique look to the helmet. This visor can be removed and replaced easily. Along with the dashing design this helmet is also provided with space for women’s pony tail.

Due to this vega helmet for ladies being small size, it can fits comfortably inside the under seat storage of any scooty. And It is available in different sizes according to your wish. It is also available in different colors i.e. pink, silver, white, dull desert strome and turquoise.

  • Helmet is good, good looks, and style
  • Preferable for girls
  • This light weight helmet is the best helmet for ladies in India
  • You can choose in multiple colors
  • The quality and color is awesome
  • Fitting is also good
  • Full protection and comfort for girl
  • Value for money
  • It’s available only in S and M size

Conclusion: Top 3 Vega helmet for ladies in India

The craze of Vega helmets is increasing day by day in India. That’s why Vega brand are manufacturing more types of helmet. Out of which it is considered challenging to choose the best Vega Helmet For Ladies.

We have mentioned 3 best Vega Helmets for Ladies in India for riders like you. We hope you like this guide to all Vega helmets.

If you have any query about Vega Helmets for Ladies then you can ask us. RoadsRide is always with you to help you.

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