10 reasons why electric cars are bad (Guide)

In the earlier article we talked about one of the advantages of electric car, now we are going to talk about why electric cars are bad.

You must have heard that electric cars are all good in terms of performance, in terms of running cost, in terms of silent cabin, in terms of driving. You must have also heard that an electric car runs at a speed of 1.5 per kilometer and the engine of an electric car makes less noise.

But you must have seen very few articles or videos about why electric cars are bad. Because you are about to buy an electric car or want to know about electric car. Then it is very important for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of electric car.

10 reasons why electric cars are bad?

Do you know the truth about electric cars? There are a few disadvantages of electric cars that you should be aware of before buying.

#1. Charging system not available everywhere

The charging system of an electric car is not available everywhere petrol, diesel, and CNG engines are available everywhere. So this is one of the biggest problem with electric cars. When you drive an electric car, you are worried that your car might get a low charging indication.

It may also happen that your car battery gets discharged before reaching your destination. And you think that you should turn off the car Ac or turn off the light so that you can save your electric car battery to some extent. This is the truth about electric cars you find in an electric car.

#2. High battery cost

The cost of an electric car battery is expensive, it is said to be between 700000-800000. Since the price of an electric car starts from Rs 13 lakh to Rs 27 lakh, it means that the cost of its battery is going to be expensive this is the truth about electric car batteries.

Electric car batteries have cells that need to be replaced after 700 to 800 uses. Once you charge the battery of the car, practically you can understand that it will run for 250 km, so its life is accordingly. And then it runs out, it requires you to replace the cells and not a full battery setup.

The gist of all this is that you will see your car battery wear out in 7 to 8 years. You have to replace it, it is not an easy thing because in an electric car only two things are expensive, one car engine and the other car battery which comes in the range of 7 to 8 lakhs. You can buy a normal petrol and CNG car with is price range in India. So many electric car owners says that electric cars are a joke.

#3. Less rear space in an electric car

the truth about electric cars is that when you sit in the rear seat, it touches your knee, especially when your height is more than 5.6″. MG zs ev which is priced at 2700000, this car also lacks space and not only in this, there is a lack of space in all the electronic cars presently. If you sit with 3 men in the rear seat you can face difficulties. But if you look at any other petrol or CNG car, you can understand that there is enough space to sit in the rear seat.

#4. It has a indirect environmental impact

Many electric car owners think that they are driving an electric car, which does not affect the environment. But this is true to some extent, although indirectly it does affect the environment to some extent.

Did you know that the metals used inside batteries to make electric cars, such as Leucum, Nickel, Cobalt and Garfield, that live on the Earth’s surface, all cause a lot of pollution?

#5. low insurance claim

As far as we know, there is no insurance company in India that covers 100% electric vehicle batteries except for some companies.

If you have insurance with these companies it does not provide you with complete insurance. Suppose the cost of your car battery is ₹ 800000 and the company claims insurance of ₹ 400000 from you, still you have to take ₹ 400000 out of your pocket. This is no small amount, given that these are the disadvantages of electric cars.

#6. high battery consumption

This is an era where people want to have different types of lighting updates in their vehicle interiors. And if you’ve got a good quality fog light or headlight update, you probably know that an electric car battery will consume a lot of power to function properly. The truth about electric car batteries are more consumption as well as more costly.

#7. Power shortage in rural and small towns

We’ve been to many corners of India that still don’t have good electricity lights, so charging your electric car battery can be a problem there.

In today’s time, the unit rate of electricity is low but as the electronic vehicle increases, the power consumption will also increase. And in the coming time, it may also happen that the unit price of electricity may increase, due to which its effect can be seen on electric vehicles as well.

#8. They are expensive to buy

The electric car has caused complete upheaval in the market, it is said to cost almost 2 times more than petrol and diesel cars, so it can be a disadvantage of electric cars.

The lowest price of an electric car in India is none less than 1300000. There are many types of electric cars that offer more safety but you have to pay for the exclusive right to drive comfortably to be safer.

#9. They take forever to recharge

In a normal car, you put petrol or diesel and enjoy your driving. But this is not the case in an electronic car, it can take more than 1 hour to charge your electronic car properly with the fast charging system.

Talking about India only, if you connect in a simple 120-volt 15-amp domestic wall socket, then you can guess that your time is going to take a lot of time by giving it.

#10. Recyclability

Any car may have to be recycled after some time. This means that the body and other parts of the vehicle can be recycled and used. But the electronic car does not have as many options as the petrol car.

An electronic car has a more expensive battery and engine, and the rest of the body is not given much priority. Therefore, the recycling option in electronic vehicles is very less as compared to petrol vehicles.

FAQs on why electric cars are bad?

What is the biggest problem with electric cars?

Just like you face some problems in diesel/petrol engine cars like display screen not working properly, exterior door light not working properly, bad temperature sensor, and mismatched paint working. You can also see all these problems in electric cars which is a common problem. Apart from that, the biggest problem with an electric car is that it is operated by a charging system which is a long time-consuming process. The electric car claims that it provides fast charging in 1 hour but it doesn’t provide full-time value.

What bad things do electric cars do to the environment?

Operating in an electric car causes brake dust, airborne dust, and tire corrosion which contributes a lot to the matter and you will be sad to know that it is hazardous to health.

Why electric cars are bad for the economy?

Because the electric car is more expensive than a petrol car and its maintenance is similarly expensive. In a normal petrol car, you can keep petrol in your car in just under 2 minutes and enjoy your driving. But in an electric car, you have to give timing for charging and it is not so valuable that you can charge it as soon as possible. You will be sad to know that the electric car battery has a like circle after which it has to be replaced. So overall you can understand that an electric car is bad for the economy to some extent.

What is the price of cheapest electric car in India?

The starting price of Electric hatch- Tata Tiago Ev is ₹ 8.49 Lakh in India.

Conclusion: why electric cars are bad?

There are also some advantages of the electric car which we have shared with you. However, before buying an electric car, it is very important for you to know about its drawbacks because you are going to invest a huge amount.

It is our duty to provide you with accurate knowledge about the electric car. We hope that we have written a detailed guide about why electric cars are bad that you liked.

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