6 Best Car Body Cover In India: 100% Waterproof

Topic: 6 Best car body cover in India

Like every car owner, do you love your car? You would never want that the paint of your car gets damaged and there to be any kind of scratches on the shiny body of the car. This type of problem is especially can see at such a time when your car does not get the right place to park or your car faces more watery and sunny weather.

So, Car cover plays a big role when it comes to keeping your car safe. Therefore the car owner should not compromise with the car body cover.

If you try to search for car covers in the market then there are many types of car body covers available which can confuse you to select the right car cover. But you do not need to worry, we will mention here the top and 100% waterproof 6 best car body cover in India.

We would like to advise you that if you do not have time to read this entire post, then you can select any one of these 3 car covers. This all car cover recommended by us is the best car cover which we often recommend to our friend.

But better consideration would be that you read this entire post so that you can understand better which is the best car body cover in India.

Importance of using car body cover

All types of climate are found in India, summer, winter and rainy. To protect the car in all these weathers, our concern is increasing. So we need the best car body cover because provide next level protecting of the car. In any weather, we need a car cover to hide the painting of our car from the sun, water and mist and heating.

Because everywhere and in every area there are no trees or building shade. Due to reason that car will be safe, so we should think about the car cover.

In the summer season, the car gets hit a lot and then we turn on the car’s AC to reduce that hit. Due to which the fuel consumption of the car increases, which does not maintain the mileage of our car. And this happens simply because of not covering the car.

If you want to protect your car in the cold, summer, and rainy season then the best and cheapest way would be to consider the best car body cover in India. It gives a long lifespan to the shining and painting of your car.

How to Choose an Ideal Car Cover for your Car?

There are some criteria to look at before you buy the best car body cover in India. And some criteria may seem irrelevant but considered very important.

Let us see below what are the criteria that should be kept in mind before buying a car cover.

According to your Car Model: Select the car cover according to your car model. So that it can fit perfectly in your car. A lot of car covers are available on Amazon. If you search the car cover according to your car model then it will prove to be better for your car.

Elastic: When you are absolutely sure about buying your car cover, then you should make sure that the car cover inspired by the elastic edges. The elastic cover will keep your car body safe. So when you want to buy a car cover make sure and check it properly.

Good Material Used: Before buying a car cover, make sure that the car cover has good material used. And also make sure that there should be a waterproof car cover as it will be better for your car. Our opinion will be that if you should buy a lightweight car cover because a heavier car cover cannot protect your car from scratches.

Buckle and Pockets: When you are buying a car cover, you should make sure that your car cover has a buckle. Because when you cover the car and there is a strong wind, the car cover keeps moving at that time which can scratch your car. So make sure that you have a buckle inside your car that you can lock. And you should take care that you have a pocket inside your car cover. Pockets that cover the side mirror or antenna. So that when you use the antenna, then it will work perfectly and keep your side mirror safe too.

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Why choose a Waterproof Car body Cove?

Here are some important reasons why you should choose a waterproof car body cover in India.

Keeps your car clean: Car cover makes your car feel completely clean even if it protects your car from dust, debris, water, and bird dirt. And it also ensures that you do not have to spend much money on car washing because the car cover keeps your car clean.

Protects your vehicle from strong sunlight: The paint of your car can be damaged due to strong sunlight. Therefore, the purpose of buying a car cover is to save the paint of the car. Because the cover of your car is not as expensive as the paint of an expensive car. So use a car cover and save your car paint which is often in sunny weather.

Combat all types of weather: The only way to protect the car from the damage caused by sunlight in the summer season, mist on the car in the winter season, and rainy season or due to feeling of stones, is by car cover. Therefore, a car cover is a very useful and powerful car accessory, we must pay attention to it.

Keeps away your car from scratch: There are small particles on the car, which causes scratches in the car. But if you use the car cover then you will keep your car safe. And the second is also that the children scratch on the car but if the car covered then you will feel very help.

✅6 Best car body cover in India

Here are all the heavy-duty waterproof car covers and the best car body cover in India. That is famous for being waterproof as well as making the car safe in many ways. List of 6 best Best car body cover in India that is waterproof.

#1. 6 Layers, Outdoor Protection, All Weather and Universal fit Car Cover

6 Layers, Outdoor Protection, All Weather and Universal fit Car Cover
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The car cover should be such that claims to be the highest safe, which is not only waterproof but also scratchproof and can protect your car from all kinds of dirt and dust.

You will be happy to know that this heavy duty car body cover is considered better for a perfect fit. Because it is a universal fit car cover it is better to fit in max. sedan.

If you have a look at the design of this car cover then you will be completely satisfied with its design. Along with its unique design, better quality zipper have been provided which are made to open toward the door.


  • It will fit well and be easy to use
  • You definitely like color
  • 100% waterproof and dustproof
  • Durable and unique design


  • According to the 6 layers, this car cover should be manufactured more heavy and quality.

#2. TPH Covers Nomex Ivory Dog Proof Heavy Duty & Custom Fit Car Cover

tph car cover for Hyundai Creta
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TPH car cover based on nylon and polyester polymer is used which is sufficient to protect your car. And the material of the TPH car cover built very durable.

TPH car cover is a very attractive car cover which designed to protect your vehicle from very harsh treatments like small hooves due to its valuable strength.

This car cover is all-weather protection fast for your car which is 100% dustproof and waterproof. Designed to prevent corrosive materials from rubbing inside it, which helps to be water-resistant.

What has been provided is the TPH car cover locking system and real German elastics manufactured by their heavy-duty machines. TPH provides three shirt stitching to make it durable and strong. TPH is one of the best car body covers in India.


  • Customized Perfect Skin Fit Cover
  • Look like premium
  • Durable and Strong fabric
  • Best for animal scratch proof


  • According to quality, it is expensive

#3. Kayme 6 Layers Waterproof Outdoor Full Car Cover Universal Fit for Sedan

Waterproof kayme car cover for Sedan
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Kayme car cover The six layers are made with heavy-duty material and the 100% waterproof and rainproof snow proof.

Therefore kayme is the best car body cover in India and It is good in high reflective aluminum sunproof and anti-UV, which works to keep the car cool during the summer season.

The kayme car cover provided with windproof straps on the front and rear to cover the car in the air which covers your car well. This cover considered perfect for BMW 3 Series, Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Focus sedan, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla Alien, etc.

kayme car cover protects from the sun, which causes sun rays on your car during the summer season, due to which the paint of the car starts to fall. This car cover protects your car completely and protects it from sand, dust, leaves, branches, snow, rain, frost, and the mess of birds.


  • Build with Heavy Duty Material
  • Universal Fit For Sedan
  • Durable and demandable car cover
  • Lightweight


  • Its strap is not strong enough

#4. Dark Grey 100% Water Proof, Anti Reflective and dustproof Car Body Cover by Oshotto

Dark Grey 100% Water Proof, Anti Reflective and dustproof Car Body Cover by Oshotto
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The superior quality of this car body cover is that it provides superior quality straps and buckles that will stay tied to your car in spite of strong gusts of wind.

This car cover helps you to professionally keep your car safe for a long time. It is a hundred percent anti-reflective dustproof and waterproof which is made with not only mirror pockets but an antenna pocket as well.

Because it is made lightweight which shows the easy-to-use process. And you can use it for a long time too as it is triple stitched which gives proof of strength.


  • Triple stitched that provides durability
  • Good Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Quality buckle


  • The ceiling on the antenna is not a proper antenna pocket and can be made for better fitting

#5. Fabtec Waterproof Car Body Cover with Mirror and Antenna Pocket and Soft Cotton Lining

fabtec car cover for swift
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The Fabtec car cover for swift also provides heavy and broad belts as well as buckle which protects your vehicle from harsh outdoor conditions.

And this car cover keeps your car dry during the monsoon and the fog-free during summer. The Fabtec car cover claims to make a cover that is hit resistant and 100% waterproof.

If you want strong stitching car body cover then you should go for this car cover. You know that there are many types of weather in India, in every season, we need a car cover to keep the car safe. Here we are understanding about fabtec car cover for swift.

An improved and powerful car cover has been designed to keep your car dry and total, with triple-stitch best quality and stylish waterproof stylish.

Fabtec car cover for swift the stylish and elegant cover designed with two mirror pockets and an antenna pocket. Which gives a completely different look to your car.


  • Triple stitch for durable
  • Material quality is good
  • Very good with premium looking
  • A useful car cover with a reasonable price
  • Lightweight


  • A bit difficult to fold and requires two people to cover the car

#6. Leader Accessories Car Cover Aluminium +Cotton Sedan Cover for Cars

Leader Accessories Car Cover for sedan
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Leader Accessories Car Cover Aluminum film car cover is new which helps in keeping away the UV rays. And it designed to keep your car cool. And it recommended to use it not only in cold but also in summer.

This Leader Accessories Car Cover keep safe paint of your car and avoid scratches. It has been made convenient which keeps your car safe from heavy rains.

And when the strong wind blows, the buckle has been used to protect the car cover from blowing. This car cover is made waterproof and windproof which considered being of very high quality and the best car body cover in India.


  • Universal Fit
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Soft inner surface to protect the paint


  • This car body cover is not good for long time use.

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Benefits of using car cover:

There are many benefits of using car cover. Here we mentioned about 8 benefits of using car body cover.

✓Paint protective: Due to excess sunlight on your car, the paint of the car does not fall, it protects your car paint.

✓Car not dirt: Car covers protect your car from getting dirty.

✓The car looks like new for a long time: If you always keep a cover on your car. So the car cover will brighten up your car like a new car for a long time.

✓Scratch Protection: Small particles on your car cause scratch on the car. But if you use the car cover, then it saves your car from scratch.

✓Dent Protection: Another tremendous advantage of using a car cover is that it protects your car from the dent.

✓Kids Protection: Kids go to the car and make it dirty, so the cover protects you from the kids.

✓Dog Protection: If you have dogs then you must use a car cover. Because dogs treat cars as a mess of their enjoyment thing. If the cover of your car is loose and if it swings from the air. So dogs make the cover dirty, so tie the cover properly.

✓Any season protection: Whether it is summer or winter or rainy season, inside India a lot of people are worried about taking care of the car in all these seasons. Because the car gets hit too much in the summer season or the paint of the car blows up in the winter season or in the rainy season. All of us have to face these problems when the car finished shining.

Best car body cover brand in India:

There are many types of car cover brand available in India. But we mentioned about some popular and reputed car cover brand in India.

Oxgord Car Covers:

OxGord is the Best car body cover brand in India that has been in business since 1987. As a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality auto parts.

Its waterproof car covers to ensure maximum protection from intense weather conditions as well as other environmental elements that may affect your vehicle’s bodywork. Its Signature Waterproof Car Cover Best car body cover brand in India.

Leader Accessories:

The leader Accessories cover is a good brand and the best car body cover brand in India. It considered for making car covers for over 30 years. Very reliable manufacturer manufactures products and car covers by the designer.

And along with being popular with Leader Accessories grade car cover, it considered very famous for waterproof car cover.

TPH Covers:

The TPH brand is also the best car body cover brand in India that almost every car owner has heard of. TPH car cover considered very famous all over the world to make it of good quality.

The TPH brand has proved to be famous for making car covers for many years. Its car cover with high quality helps a lot in keeping your car safe.

Kayme All-Weather:

Kayme is a very popular and known brand for the last 18 years. So, it considered one of the best car body cover brands in India which is very famous for making auto parts in the market.

The auto parts made by Kayme are a very wide range and of great quality. The stripes of aluminum present in all their veils indicate a very different identity. Which looks like a unique feature that you cannot find in any other manufacturers.

The car inferior made by Kayme protects your car from harmful sun rays. And not only this but there is also waterproof which protects your car during the rainy season. Kayme brand of car cover considered to be of very good quality to protect your car from scratches.

FAQs On Car Body Cover

Should you use a car cover in the snow?

Car covers must be used keeping in view the harshness of the weather, whether you are using the cover in the summer season to avoid the damage caused by the sun or to avoid the winter which can spoil the paint of your car.

Are the car covers washable?

You can use detergent and a microfiber towel to clean your car cover can be dirty at one time by using a car cover. But the car cover basically does not provide a machine washable facility.

Can you dry clean a car cover?

Mostly you can dry clean the car cover but it may go through a process. It will not allow you to make it machine dryable.

How can you protect your car from rust?

There are a few things you should keep in mind to protect your car from rust. As you should not leave the car soaked in water for a long time, if this is the case, try to clean it soon with the help of a microfiber towel. And you should not leave the car in the sun for too long, for this, you should use a car cover. You should keep cleaning the car even if you use a car cover. And when you park the car, park keeping in mind the parking space so that the surrounding dirt does not get into the body of your car.

Conclusion: Best car body cover in India

All the best car body cover in India mentioned here are the Good brand, which is doing really well.

Car body cover must be used by all car owners because this car body cover not only prevents your car’s paint loss during the summer season. But also garbage, dirt, small particles, birds dirt, everything from your car.

Makes it safe And if you always use the car cover, then your car looks new for a long time. I hope you liked this post 6 Best car body cover in India.

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