Top 10 Bikes For Commuting On City Roads In India 2023

According to the report published in Statista, “In 2023, two-wheeler vehicles made up the majority of vehicles in production in India”. All the top brands from Hero, Yamaha, TVS, Bajaj to Suzuki, all have introduced a range of top performance economical bikes which turn out to be the best commuter bikes in India.

Especially, for office goers and college students, a bike by their side brings them the freedom to move at their pace and not spend hours waiting for the bus or train to arrive. When it comes to the city commuting bike, there are more than a few options.

Top 10 Commuter bikes in India

If you are looking to buy a bike for city commuting, here are the Top 10 Commuter bikes in India for you:

#1. Hero Splendor Plus BS6: Best Hero commuter bikes in India

Hero Splendor Plus BS6- The best commuter bikes in India
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Hero splendor is probably the best Hero bike for city commuting. It has gone through many upgrades in terms of engine and design to suit the performance and expectations of its audience.

The current bike powered by a BS6 engine along with XSens fi technology for an array of exciting features such as Engine cut-off at fall, instant pick up, better-pulling power at varying loads, high altitude riding, and much more.

It offers reliable performance for regular city commute at an affordable price range.

Hero Splendor Plus price: ₹49,990 – ₹68,560 (Ex-Showroom Price)

#2. Yamaha FZS FI: Best Yamaha commuter bikes in India

Yamaha FZS FI review by RoadsRide
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Powered by an air-cooled 4-stroke 149cc SOHC, 2-valve, single-cylinder fuel-injected “BLUE CORE” engine. You can expect a revving experience with Yamaha FZ S FI.

Tagged as a “Lord of the Streets”, this Yamaha bike has been a raging hit among college students and professionals. Expect a superior ride experience with Front 1ch ABS & Disc Brake to enjoy better stability at all speeds.

Yamaha FZS FI price: ₹98,680 – ₹1.14 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Price)

#3. TVS Apache: Most comfortable commuter bike in India

TVS Apache is the Most comfortable commuter bike in India
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TVS Apache has crafted a niche for itself in the market and it is most comfortable commuter bike in India. Owing to its popularity and demand in the market, the bike has gone through a lot of updates. And upgrades in its design and engine to be a beast of the bike in the current market.

TVS bike in India are available in RTR and RR series. While the RR series is more ambitious and packs superior power for a sports bike segment.

If you want more and most comfortable commuter bike in India that The RTR series is the best option considering its comparatively in lower price cap. Available in RTR 200V, RTR 180, RTR 160 4V, and RTR 160 variants. You can choose anyone based on your budget and requirements.

TVS Apache RTR 160 price: ₹77,781 – ₹1.08 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Price)

#4. Bajaj Pulsar: One of the best commuter bike in India under 2 lakh

Bajaj Pulsar: One of the best commuter bike in India under 2 lakh
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Currently, there are 8 Bajaj Pulsar models available in different class categories. Every one of them is hugely popular and offers top performance. And a comfortable experience for the city commute.

From Pulsar 125 Pulsar NS125, Pulsar 150, Pulsar 180, Pulsar NS 160, Pulsar 220F, Pulsar NS 200, and Pulsar RS 200 you have plenty of options to choose form if you are looking to buy a Bajaj Pulsar.

Bajaj Pulsar price: ₹70,618 – ₹1.57 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Price)

#5. Honda Unicorn: On of the best commuter bike in India under 1 lakh

Honda Unicorn: On of the best commuter bike in India under 1 lakh
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Honda Unicorn has been a crowd favorite for 15 years since its launch and it is the best commuter bike in India under 1 lakh. Powered by a 160cc HET BS-VI Engine, the bike offers reliable performance for the city commute. With a maintenance-free battery along with HET tyres.

And an advanced PGM-FI sensor system, owners get to enjoy a comfortable ride with optimum fuel efficiency for office commute.

Honda Unicorn Price: ₹72,057 – ₹1.02 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Price)

#6. Suzuki Gixxer: Stylish commuter bikes in India

Suzuki Gixxer Review by RoadsRide
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The Suzuki Gixxer Review by RoadsRide

Suzuki Gixxer has been the favorite Suzuki bike in India for the last few years. The sporty design combined with power performance is a huge hit among the motorbike buyers.

Powered by a 4-Stroke, 1-cylinder, Air cooled engine, the bike delivers a maximum power output of 13.6ps@8000 RPM. And a maximum torque output of 13.8Nm@6000 RPM.  It is the European design trend of the Suzuki Gixxer which attracts eyeballs.

Suzuki Gixxer price: ₹81,406 – ₹1.89 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Price)

#7. Honda Shine: Affordable commuter bike in India

 Honda Shine Review by RoadsRide
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Honda Shine Review by RoadsRide

Powered by an Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine, Honda Shine delivers maximum power of 7.58 kW (10.16 bhp) @ 7500 rpm. And a maximum torque of 10.30 Nm @ 5500 rpm. The bike installed with a 5-step adjustable suspension to offer a comfortable riding experience on all city roads.

With a mileage of 55 to 65 km/l, you can manage your traveling expenses with ease and enjoy hassle free city commute 24/7. Also, it is not only the performance, but also the unique sturdy design which makes it stand apart from the rest.

Honda Shine price: ₹57,094 – ₹81,681 (Ex-Showroom Price)

#8. Bajaj Platina: Best mileage commuter bike in India

Bajaj Platina: Best mileage commuter bike in India
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Bajaj Platina Review by RoadsRide

One of the top selling bikes because of an impressive mileage, Bajaj Platina is a perfect option for people looking to find a budget friendly city commute.

Especially, if you travel frequently, college students, office goers, Bajaj platina offers top performance and reliability. Powered by a 4-Stroke, DTS-i, Single Cylinder, the bike generates a maximum power of 5.8 kW (7.9 PS) @ 7500 rpm and delivers a fuel economy of 70 to 100 km/l.

Bajaj Platina Price: ₹39,987 – ₹68,320 (Ex-Showroom Price)

#9. Revolt RV 400: Fast Commuter bike in India

#9. Revolt RV 400: Fast Commuter bike in India
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Revolt RV 400 Review by RoadsRide

A revolution in its own, Revolt RV 400 is powered by Lithium-Ion battery. As the world is slowly transitioning towards electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions. Revolt RV 400 is a perfect option for city commute.

With a single full charge, you can travel up to 80 kms reaching a maximum speed of 85kmph (Sports version). It takes around 3 hours for the bike to charge to 0-75% and 0-100% in 4.5 hours.

Revolt RV 400 price: 90,799* (On road price)

#10. Hero Glamour: One of the best commuter bikes in India

Hero Glamour: One of the best commuter bikes in India
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The Hero Glamour Review by RoadsRide

Hero Glamour is one another bike from Hero MotoCorp which has experienced huge success among the audience.

The bike is presently available in attractive color schemes. It is powered by a 4-stroke air cooled engine to deliver a maximum power output of 10.7 Bhp @ 7500 RPM and a maximum torque of 10.6 Nm @ 6000 RPM.

The bike is loaded with amazing features such as Built-in mobile charger, navigation assist, Side stand engine cut off and others to deliver an enjoyable ride experience.

Hero Glamour Price: ₹59,550 – ₹84,200 (Ex-showroom price)

There are common issues that affect all the bikers when it comes to city commuting. Therefore, be it your potholes, heavy traffic, or a rowdy passerby. You must have a reliable motorbike by your side for a smooth experience.

All the above-mentioned bikes in one or another help you deal with all the on-road hassles. Your choice of the bike comes down to your requirements. Check out for the suspension if you frequent bumpy roads, check out fuel economy if fuel price is an issue for you.

And now, if you are looking for a high-adrenaline experience, then you have all the bikes from Yamaha and KTM which cater to precise expectations of the buyers.

Go check out the above-mentioned motorbikes and even if they are a little above your budget. Do not hesitate to explore the used bike market as well to find some of the best bikes in the market.

The Indian automobile market has been buzzing with some exciting bike launches which present plenty of options for potential buyers to explore. The above are the top options for commuting bikes for Indian city roads and have been in the market for their reliable performance.

Conclusion: Top 10 Bikes for Commuting on city roads In India

The Top 10 Commuter bikes in India that we have just mentioned are known by the ranking of top position on city roads In India.

It seems to us that you are more fond of bikes. And want to know about such bikes that perform well in India and more people are interested to choose.

After knowing best and most comfortable commuter bike in India you should also known Bike riding gear that can help your increase your comfort riding in your commuting bike.

Keeping in mind your precious time, we have mentioned the top Top 10 Commuter bikes in India for people with precious time like you. Hope you like this post.


What is a commuter bike?

Commuter bikes considered to be a bike that is built for good engine efficiency as well as good performance. This type of bike contributes well in handling and is also better in terms of comfort. You can use it for everyday life too.

Which is the most affordable best commuter bike?

Hero HF Deluxe is considered to be the most affordable and best commuter bikes in India which costs around ₹ 52000.

Which brands offer commuter bikes in India?

There are many such bike companies in India and there are many brands that offer commuter bikes. Hero Honda, Bajaj, and TVS are especially considered for the best commuter bikes in India.

What is CBS in commuter bikes?

Mostly CBS considered to be the best commuter bikes in India. CBS stands for Combined Braking System: This means that when the rider applies the rear brake, the front brake is also applied.

Which are the popular commuter bikes?

The most popular commuter bikes considered to be Bajaj Pulsar, Honda Hornet, and Yamaha’s FZS.

What is the top speed of commuter bikes?

High engine efficiency is built in to the Commuter bikes. Most of the Commuter bikes actually run recording speeds of less than 100kmph.

What is the mileage of commuter bikes?

The fuel tank of a commuter bikes is around 10.5 liters and its mileage is also around 70 kmpl.

Are commuter bikes good for long rides?

There are many types of commuter bikes which considered for long rides. Here we will talk about the KTM 390 which is one of the better and comfortable bike to cover long distances.

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