Best Lightweight Women’s Motorcycle Helmets: Branded & Safest

Topic: Best lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets: Branded and Safest

In earlier times, helmets were of little use. One of the reasons for this is that the right size, right color, and right design of the helmet was not available. And only black helmets were available but this color was not the choice of many riders.

But the helmet manufacture company slowly found a way to progress. And added on to the helmet making it a comfortable, bright, attractive, and safest helmet after all.

Now in the lightweight helmet, the features of ventilation, padding, visor, everything have been arranged to make the riders comfortable riding. So there is no reason left for the riders not to wear helmets.

Here we will talk about the best lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets, which are branded as well as give preference to the safest. Due to this you will be able to choose a better helmet.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to read this entire post. So our opinion is that you should choose one of these lightweight womens motorcycle helmets. these are indicates a better helmet researched by us.

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And if you are feeling free and you have time to read this post. So our opinion would be that you read this complete guide. So that will help you in choosing a better and lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets.

What are the lightest motorcycle helmets?

In the century of 1914, helmets were not considered very safe, although the work of a helmet is to protect. But due to not being so advanced, the helmets were unable to estimate the correct proper fit and weight.

But many centuries passed and the development of modern helmets kept coming. Helmets are available in different types in the market which are known as lightweight womens motorcycle helmets.

Half face helmets are mostly considered for the lightest motorcycle helmets. Because the way it designed that it covers only the upper part of your head and the lower part is open.

Whereas full face helmets, modular helmets, and flip-up helmets cover your entire face. High quality foam and materials are used more inside it. But the full face helmet is known to be the lightest motorcycle helmet as compared to the flipup helmet.

Benefits using lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets

There are huge benefits using lightweight womens motorcycle helmets that you should definitely know.


When you ride a motorcycle wearing lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets. So you are free from the worry that it will completely protect your head even if the motorcycle accidentally get accident. You can use it to protect your head from heavy or light damage.


Expect to spend around $200 on a branded and full face helmet. And if the helmet is made using carbon fiber weave and materials like Kevlar then you must understand that it can cost between $500 to $600. However, lightweight womens motorcycle helmets are available for anywhere between $150 to $200. It depends on which brand and how much safety helmet you are choosing.

Attractive looks

The lightweight helmet is not only at the fore in terms of safety but it is also used to provide a distinct identity and distinct style to the riders. If you choose a light weight helmets for ladies that looks attractive, it will make you look more dashing.

Easy communication

There are many communicator devices available to attach inside the helmets for ladies. By attaching it to the smartphone or connecting it to another device, you can be able to talk to other riders easily. Although this hands free method also allows communication.

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Buying guide about lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets

To help you choose a better lightweight womens motorcycle helmets, we have written a detailed buying guide here which you must read.


Getting the helmet fitted to your head represents a very positive thing. Therefore, whenever you have bought a helmet, you should check that it fits snugly in your head. If you select extra small motorcycle helmet then it is not good for riders. So you should definitely check the helmet size.


The shape of the helmet depends on the riders. Although the helmet is lightweight that built with different types of shapes, you will find it quite attractive.


There are many types of lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets. Mostly used half face helmets are made. Although it is your choice, you can use full face helmet, modular helmet, and half face helmet as well.

Color and design

Women’s motorcycle helmets are particularly known for multiple colors and multiple designs. Such designs and such colors which are considered better for women. It is not mandatory but it is up to you as to what color and design of the helmet you would like.

Strong straps

You should not compromise on the quality of the straps. Because the straps are called a strong part of the helmet.

Face shield and visor

If you have opted for a women helmet which is half face. So obviously visors are not often used in half face helmets. But more than that if you want to choose lightweight full face helmet. So you should pay attention to the quality of face shield and visor. Such a visor which makes it very easy for you to see the road in the night time.

Interior and comfort

Good quality foam and good padding are used to provide comfort in the interior of lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets. By good foam, it means that the foam used in the helmet reflects about half an inch.

5 Best lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets

There are mentioned about 5 Best lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets that are safest, branded, lightweight, and cool. You can choose any one of these.

#1. Shoei RF-SR lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets

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Women riders should pay attention to the comfortable helmet. Similarly, here we are mentioning Shoei brand as a better comfortable and safest helmet than most.

Shoei Helmets are known as premium type of light weight helmets for ladies and men also. And they are made by testing, so they are strong to a great extent. This lightweight motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth intercom help you to connect to other riders for talking while riding

Shoei Helmet claims to be one of the most advanced in helmet technology that is made using more than one superior material for more than 50 years, .

You want to be on the list of riders who do not allow any bad noise inside the helmet. Then this premium type of helmet will be considered right for you.

The weight of helmet will look perfect on your head. Which will neither be too light nor too heavy, hence we know it as the safest omens motorcycle helmet.

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#2. Bell Eliminator lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets

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There is a lot of talk about the safety of Bell brand motorcycle helmets. This helmet has been made of fiberglass composite Shell Construction and EPS was used as the internal material.

You can get this women motorcycle helmet in a variety of colors. And not only this, but this helmet provides super sign and it has got a lot of recommended in terms of lightweight.

The Bell helmet gets visors which reflect very premium quality. Anti-fog material has been used on its visors.

The Bell Helmet is a womens motorcycle helmets DOT approved. which gives a great proof of strength. And inside it has been given Anti-Odor Liner which is superior feet and comfortable.

This helmet brand has been working in the helmet industry for more than 60 years and has made a name for itself. Its customers give more priority to the helmet in terms of comfort to a great extent.

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#3. Vcoros motorcycle half helmet with sun visor

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Known as the Lightest Motorcycle Helmet, this helmet refers to the Half Face Helmet. The performance of the material used inside it is associated with its better features.

This lightweight helmet looks very complete in design which will increase your riding comfort. And you don’t need to worry about safety as this helmet is dot approved which is unique for a strong.

If you are looking for a helmet with Top Quality ABS Shell, then this helmet will play a better role. Because the Quality Improved Integrated Drop Down Sun Visor used in it is Removable and Replaceable.

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#4. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

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The ls2 helmet is known to be a branded helmet and lightweight motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth connectivity. And this is not known to be less than any other branded helmet in terms of comfort.

Here we will talk about the ls2 half helmet which is made using drop-down sunscreen.

The visors used in this lightweight motorcycle helmet can be used to protect especially in sunny areas though you can use them on normal days also.

We have already told you that you need to get an approved helmet. And you will be happy to know that this is a model approved helmet of ls2 which gives its own proof of strength.

The technical fabric liner used in the helmet is hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, removable and washable.

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#5. ILM Motorcycle motorcycle light weight helmets for ladies

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The ILM Motorcycle is a lightweight full face helmet that is built with an anti-fog Pinlock Shield. The helmet can be used not only by female riders but also by male riders.

High quality ABS shell and high density EPS foam have been used to strengthen the helmet. This makes the helmet especially known for safe riding.

If you ride a motorcycle in cold weather or in cold areas with the help of this helmet. So such a quality has been given on its visors that it shows anti fog.

The helmet claims that it offers the convenience of easy to wear and easy to clean. And more than that the ventilation system used inside it is amazing.

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Conclusion: Light weight helmets for ladies

We know that you don’t want to spend your valuable time for researching a motorcycle helmet.

Therefore, keeping in mind your precious time, after doing a better research for you, here we have mentioned 5 such best lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets from which you can select any one.

All the light weight helmets for ladies mentioned here which not only approves all the features but it will also be considered right for you.

Hope you liked Light Weight Motorcycle Helmet For Ladies post.


What is the lightest 3/4 motorcycle helmet?

The lightest 3/4 motorcycle helmet refers to the open face helmet. You should look for an open face helmet that you can use with the motive of half face, open face and full face.

Which type of helmet is more safe?

Such a helmet that has been made through testing, that type of helmet is considered to be more safe. Certification women motorcycle helmets are difficult to break easily. So this proves that if you ride wearing a helmet and unfortunately a motorcycle get accident. So it will completely protect the entire part of your head.

Is a lighter helmet better?

Yes, some types of lighter helmets are better. But it depends on which brand of helmet you are using. Wearing a lighter helmet does not feel like a heavy weight on your head when you ride a motorcycle. So it is easy to understand that light weight helmets for ladies are in a way better known as helmets.

Which helmet is best for ladies?

Half face helmet is the most preferred helmet by ladies. Though this is not being promised but the ladies mostly prefer to ride scooters with the helmet mostly used known as the half face helmet. But if you use a lightweight helmet, then you can also use a full face helmet or flip-up helmet, etc.

How much does a good helmet cost?

A good helmet costs around $100 which are made through certification. However, you can also use a helmet that costs less than that. But these are not made by testing which are not very safest. And if you opt for a helmet above this amount, then obviously you have made up your mind to opt for a better, branded, safest, and comfortable helmet.

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