How to remove water spots from car (5 Simple Steps)

Water spots are a common occurrence on cars and every one wants to remove water spots from car. In most cases they aren’t too serious, but they’re often unsightly and can reduce the value of your car. You notice that in the winter time there will be more and more water spots on your car’s body, however, it can be due to the hardness of water not only in winter but also in other seasons.

This is the big problem for car owners but don’t worry here we’ll talk about what causes water spots on cars and How to remove water spots from car.

What Are Water Spots?

Water spots are small patches of rust which accumulate on the surface of the car. They are caused by the deposits of minerals, salts and other chemicals left behind when water evaporates.

If it is possible you might be wondering how water spots could be so bad that they could damage your car. When these water spots are left in your car body, they can cause damage like rusting the car, damaging the car paint and even messing up the tires’ performance. You should avoid this damage by removing the water spots on your car.

What causes water spots on car?

It is a very important part to know how water stains form in a car so that you will be able to remove water stains from the car.

In some areas the water is soft and in some areas the water is hard. And Minerals get left in the water in hard areas and water spots stay in your car.

Let’s understand with example! When it rains and your car gets wet in the rain or you wash your car with well or tap water, minerals get deposited due to hard water. Due to which the spots get accumulated on the car. When you look closely you will find that there is actually something in the form of water beads.

Types of water stains

We will mention here about two types of water spots. Both can be bad to varying degrees, it will be very important to understand them.

Mineral Deposits

The hardness of a water supply is measured by the amount of minerals dissolved in it. Water is considered hard if it contains excess amounts of magnesium or calcium.

Both these minerals tend to dissolve together, hard water can have both. As rainwater runs over rocks and soil, it picks up small amounts of these minerals that later falls into underground water systems.

When this water is brought into your faucets, appliances, or showers, the excess amount of minerals leave behind a spots on everything and they come in contact with including your car’s finish.

Even if you did wash your car in softened water and find that it’s still suffering from these mineral deposits, don’t despair.

You’re only an hour away from washing away all that yuck with our revolutionary water stains remover. Here are the list of best water spot remover for car.

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Chemical Etching

When carbon dioxide, or CO2, dissolves in water it forms carbonic acid when more acid rain occurs. Acidic means sharp and sour in taste and often has a pH level below 7.0, posing a potential hazard to the exterior of the car if left outside for long periods of time.

However, it is true that a sufficient amount of rain does not cause excessively noticeable damage to cars. Because when you wash your vehicle regularly it washes away any acid that may be splashed on it.

You’re only an hour away from washing your car with our revolutionary water stains remover. Here are the list of acid rain spots remover for car.

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How to remove water spots from car (5 Simple Steps)

Now let’s talk about how to remove water spots from cars. Here we will tell you 5 Simple Steps to get rid of water spots on cars.

#1. Wash your car clearly

To remove water spots from the car, you should first clean the car completely. Because it is very important to do this which it contributes to cleaning your car by removing a lot of dust and dirt. Cleaning the car body thoroughly cleans the car to a great extent and reduces your effort.

#2. Use a water spot remover for cars

Now you are all set to move on to the second step! After this, you should use water spot remover, although you can also use household products.

But it is stronger than the household product and is considered to be more effective in cleaning water stains. Now the question is, which type of water spot remover should you use? Here we will mention several types of water spot remover that are capable of cleaning calcium mineral and fluoride buildup.

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Let us now talk about how you should use water spots remover? You should use a Microsoft towel and put water remover on it and rub it on the body panel of the car for 30 to 60 seconds.

And then you should wipe it using a clean towel. You will see that in a few seconds you will get a good result. There are some things that you should take before using water remover which we guide our every customer. As you should not use water spots remover without gloves nor should you keep water spots remover in your hands for a long time.

#3. Use clay bar to remove water spots

If your car has used nano ceramic coating, or ceramic spray to get rid of water spots on a car but it did not seem to be very effective then you should use a clay bar. It is very effective in removing accumulated dust and soil.

But one condition of this is that you should completely soap the body of the car but it does not even claim that it can completely remove the stains stuck in the tiny pores.

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#4. Use vinegar with Distilled Water to remove water spots from car

Vinegar to get rid of stains is one such item that is considered to be one of the most effective solutions for tough stains and minerals.

That’s why it is also known as a miracle substance that not only eliminates stubborn car stains but is also used for shampooing dogs, killing weeds, and prolonging the life of cut flowers. So it is quite reasonable to expect that white vinegar is capable of cleaning light or heavy car body stains.

How to remove water spots from car with vinegar?

Now let’s talk about how to remove water spots from car with vinegar?

  • First of all, add your Distilled Water and Vinegar in the bottle and mix it.
  • In the second step, you have to spray the entire surface of the car body thoroughly.
  • In the third step, you have to put the remaining solution in a bucket and apply it with a towel on the part of the car where more dirt is seen which needs to be cleaned more. Keep its usage period for 2 minutes and clean it again with water.
  • And lastly, you should wipe it with a Microsoft towel, then you will see that it completely brightens up your car body.

#5. Go for Compounding And Polishing

If you have tried remove water spots from car through our suggested method then it is necessary that you do polishing of your car. Because it is important to make sure that there is no mineral deposits of any kind in your car as it is strong which can show you results soon. After using acid, car polishing is known as a better solution to prevent the car from getting damaged.

Do you have this type of questions about water spots?

How to remove hard water stains?

You should go for White Vinegar Method to remove hard water stains. Here are mentioned about using method and tips for remove hard water sports on car. If you follow these 6 steps method then you will be able to remove hard water spots on car.

● Create cleaning solution

First of all, you should create a cleaning solution for hard water spots on car, for this, you can create by mixing 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.

● Pour the cleaning solution into a spray bottle

After you have created the cleaning solution, you should pour it into a spray bottle as it makes further processing easier.

● Spray the cleaning solution on hard water stains

After that now your work begins! Now spray the cleaning solution that you just made on the tough stains of the car. And keep in mind that spray only on one area at a time, you will be able to clean hard water spots on car.

● Scrub water stains gently with a soft, clean cloth

Now let us assume that you have tried a cleaning solution on that all area of ​​the car, especially which has hard water spots on the car. After that, now you clean the area by rubbing it with a soft microfiber cloth. And if the stain is old then try to climb the solution a little more and do this process till you are sure that the stain is gone. However, the problem of new stains does not arise as it disappears with a few processes while cleaning.

● Wash the car with your hose

After that, you should wash it off with water! Make sure it is completely cleaned. You can use a clean cloth while washing.

● Dry your car completely

Now you have almost completed the process of cleaning hard water spots on the car. Now you can try drying it! You can also use a clean towel and a microfiber cloth to dry it.

How to Get Water Spots Off Car Windows

water spots on car windows are a big problem that paces many car owners. And if you are listed in that people and you also looking for how to remove water spots from glass then don’t worry here we will tell you a 4 different ways about removal tips for water spots from car windows.

● Using a glass cleaner 

There can be many types of glass cleaners that help to cleaning the window. But microfiber cloths are used more because they are known as the most used item in cleaning water stains. Its benefits are also that it works very well and does not scratch the glass. We have mentioned here some Microsoft towels, which you can choose any one.

● Using vinegar

To remove water spots from car windows, vinegar plays a very important role as vinegar is incredibly acidic. It’s perfect for easy use and promises to clean very deep stains and minerals without damaging them.

But it is not already that when you clean the window using vinegar, then you should clean it thoroughly because it can show effect due to being hard. It is a big role of remove water spots on from glass.

● Use Lemon Juice

To Get Water Spots Off Car Windows you can also use lemon instead of vinegar to get rid of water spots on car windows because lemon is one such item that proves to be very good for getting rid of stubborn stains.

One thing to note is that squeezing a lemon and filling it in a bottle can be a very difficult task. Therefore, you should direct use lemon juice in a place where there is a water stain, and then you will be able to clean it.

● Use Baking Soda and Water

To Get Water Spots Off Car Windows you can adopt this fourth method. Perhaps you must have heard that baking soda paste contains abrasive grains which contribute a lot to getting rid of water stains form window.

For this, you should make a paste by mixing water in baking soda and after making the paste, using a Microsoft towel, you should apply it on the window of the car where there is a water stain, then you are able to get rid of the stain.

Because baking soda is hard, we recommend using it on exteriors from the car body, such as windows. But at the same time you should also note that after using baking soda, you should wash it using clean water or else it can spoil the paint of your car.

Note: If you follow one out of all these steps then definitely you will be able to remove water spots from car windows.

3 Best Water spot remover for car

Let’s ready to talk about which is the best water spots remover for cars. We will mention about Top 3 Water spot remover for car.

#1. Superior Quality Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit for your Car

Removing water spots from the car is not a very difficult task, but using the Water Spots Remover For Car that has guidance is necessary. This popular Superior Quality Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit is easily applied to the surface and can be cleaned easily without much effort.

Through this water spot removal, not only the spots of the car can be removed but dirt, dust can also be got rid of. Did you know that it is also free from alcohol and ammonia which ensures that you can use it in many other places as well?

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#2. Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover for Water Spots

Carfidant is better known as a water spot remover for cars. Its work is not only to remove water spots but is also known as scratch and dust removal.

If you are troubled by even more scratches, swirls, and marks, then you should use this. It is considered to be much better and more convenient in all these respects.

Since this water spot remover for cars is also known to be very convenient and powerful. Its function is the same which contributes a lot in keeping your car shining.

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#3. Shine Armor Car Scratch Remover Repair Protection & Swirl Remover

SHINE ARMOR Car Scratch Remover is known to be quite a powerful scratch remover not only for cars but also for other vehicles.

Talking about the features of this car scratch remover, we can say that it helps you to clean deep surface dirt and water stains very easily. And if you have light water spots in your car then it does not give a feeling of the need of rubbing too much.

Often people use this Water spot remover for cars to remove the spots of any vehicle but it is also important to know that it can reduce the car glow/light of the car.

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Best water spot remover for car paint

How to prevent water spots on car?

If you are looking for how to prevent water spots on car then this guide is for you. If you adopt these 4 methods mentioned by us, then you will get the answer of this question that how to prevent water spots on car?

● Use a Ceramic Coating/Wax

Ceramic Coatings and Wax provide very little friction, using it will not damage the paint of your car. And in other words, they are also very durable enough to protect not only from acid rain but also from other corrosive elements. Let us suggest you some Ceramic Coating / Paint Sealant / Quality Wax here, you can choose any of them.

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● Microfiber all the things

After cleaning the car through ceramic coating or wax, it is important that you clean the car with a microfiber towel. Because there are many types of coating that can be hard or soft. It would be wise not to take the risk that the coating should be applied to the body of your car for a long time as it can show its effect soon.

● Do not park your car near sprinklers

If you want to Prevent Water Spots On Car then it is important that you pay attention to where you are parking your car. We mean that you should not do it near the sprinkler at all because its water fountain is very fast and it is harder than normal water. If it stays on your car for a long time and dries up then obviously it will leave a mark of water spots.

● Wash and dry your car after it rains

You can look also for water spots on the car after washing your car therefore, to prevent water spots on the car you should wash the car from the back with clean water after it rains. It destroys the contaminant material clearly. Another habit that you should inculcate is that after washing the car you should always clean the car with a microfiber towel to remove minerals and other contaminants.

Here are detailed guide about how To Prevent Hard Water Spots After Washing Your Car in video form.

FAQ’s on remove water spots from car

How long does it take for water spots to damage car paint?

If water spots accumulate in your car frequently and you clean it frequently, then it will keep your car clean for a long time. But if you not take care of cleaning that then it can spoil the paint of your car in no time. Reads here: how to remove hard water spots from car paint.

Does wax remove water spots?

Quick Detailer & Spray Wax makes it easy to keep cars, trucks, boats, and RVs clean. Not only does wax the paint surface, but it quickly removes water spots and dust.

How do you remove water spots from a car without damaging paint?

To clean a car paint that has oxidation and stubborn road grime, mix one part regular vinegar with one part soft water. Soft water dissolves mineral deposits without damaging the paint finish. Allow mixture to work for up to ten minutes, then rinse with hose.

Are Water Spots Harmful To Paint?

Water is a major threat to your vehicle, it will not be wrong to say that water stains will be harmful to the paint of the car. It is common to disregard it as harmless, but water can contain harmful contaminants that are especially destructive.

Conclusion: How to remove water spots from car?

We want to thank you for taking some time to check out our blog post on how to remove water spots from car. We know that water spots on car windows can be very annoying and make your car look less pristine than you would like.

We’re confident that you’ll be able to remove water spots from car and you will know about how to prevent water spots on car after reading this post. If you have any questions about this or any other topic, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at. Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you on the blog again soon.

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