5 Best Sunglasses For Motorcycle Riding: Full Protect Your Eyes When Riding Motorcycle

If you are on the list of riders who like to ride a bike occasionally or ride on a regular basis. In both the cases, Motorcycle sunglasses calms down your riding and provides the next level of comfort. Sunglasses for motorcycle riding are an important gear for increase your comfort riding.

Motorcycle sunglasses are used in different ways. It is used to protect your eyes from glare, debris and wind.

The biggest beneficial is done to avoid the sun rays while riding. And in another situation it is also used for a night vision. In both the cases, motorcycle sunglasses not only protect your eyes from dust and dirt but also provide a better view of the road while keeping your eyes clean.

Choosing a better motorcycle sunglasses can be challenging. That’s why we have written here complete guide about best sunglasses for motorcycle riding which will help you to choose a better sunglasses.

Don’t you have enough time to read this entire post? So we would be of the opinion that you can choose any of these sunglasses for motorcycle riding. All these are considered for superior performances, strong, durable and comfortable.

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But better consideration would be that you should read this complete guide. With this you can understand which sunglasses for motorcycle riding will be better for you.

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Types of glasses for motorcycle riding

There are 7 types of glasses for motorcycle riding that available in the online market that we can use different purposes.

MIRROR LENSES: (This is the common lenses)

Motorcycle riding goggles with mirror lenses are covered with an optical coating which is mirror-like. This type of lenses are less available in the market. One reason for this is that it scratches easily.

PHOTOCHROMIC LENSES: (This is a darker outdoor lenses)

Some motorcycle riding glasses are made using a photographic lens. It is mostly visible in the dark and better indoors. However, if you ride a motorcycle in the sun by wearing this goggles. Then it is also better in terms of your eyes which keeps your eyes cool but these glasses turn black in the sun.

POLYCARBONATE LENSES: (Extra comfort lens that designed for use in the cockpit of fighter planes)

Polycarbonate lenses are premium compared to other lenses and provide 10 times more protection. Since it is used to provide 100% protection to protect your eyes from UV rays in the sunny season. This type of lens was used for the first time in fighter aircraft although this type of lens is less available in the market. But this type of motorcycle riding sunglasses provides a great extent of protection to the eyes. So this lens are also made very light weight.

POLARIZED LENSES: (Good ability to block glare)

Polarized lenses prove to be of benefit for most of the people who face problems like cataract. It can be used even when the rider feels that their eyes are dazzled. Although its proper use is recommended for people who do water spots. But a normal motorcycle riders are also used it.

PRESCRIPTION LENSES: (an alternative for contact lenses)

If you feel like you need corrective contact lenses but you don’t want to use contact lenses. So the best alternative to contact lenses for you would be prescription lenses. If you want to get a kind of improvement then it is better because single mirror glasses have been provided inside it.

CLEAR & COLORED LENSES: (specific lenses and filter for any colors)

When we choose any type of lens then we are sure whether we need specific lenses or need color lens to use in motorcycle. However, in both the situations, you can take full advantage of it. Specific lenses are used with this motive that we can use them in dark or shady areas. All types of lenses are available in the market. But when you choose color lenses you are sure which color you want to filter, reduce, or which color you would like to use for more contrast. However, if you want to reduce the glare in the eyes while riding a motorbike. Then you should choose a yellow colored lens.

INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES: (This lens is match the riding conditions)

Interchangeable lenses supports the swap process which is known to be a versatile lens. You can use it with many types of motive. For example If you want to ride a motorcycle in the morning then you will need a light color. And if you are now riding a motorcycle in the afternoon, then you will need a dark color. All these features can be easily used in this lens. However, it is with you by going a step further because even if the glasses are damaged, it’s provide easily the process of replacement.


SPY branded glasses are used on motorcycles as well as are known as prescription glasses. Established in 1994, it is known as a leading eyeglasses company that manufactures all types of glasses to provide protection to our eyes. The lenses specially made to protect it from the sun and to protect the eyes from the startled few are quite beneficial.


This company was established in Southern California in1975. This company was a very well-known company for the sports brand in the initial period. But gradually they also entered the glasses industry. The motorcycle glasses made by this company are made differently to provide all kinds of protection. Oakley Men’s Gascan Rectangular Sunglasses are one of the biggest design goggles in the market. Though there are other products from the company which increase the chances of the rider liking it.


WILEY X is considered a very effective and reputed brand for sunglasses. It was invented in 1987 in California. The main reason it was invented in its early stages was to try to deliver protective eyewear to the local people. And then it grew to be known as a big brand company.


BOBSTER is a very popular company invented in 1994 in California which is known not only for motorcycle riding glasses but also for multiple eyewear. This brand is very famous among the people for manufacturing different types of glasses for motorcycle riding glasses. This include sunglasses for use in the sun, colored glasses for riding at night, special glasses for better protection of eyes. Even famous for glasses to prevent glare in your eyes.

What are the benefits of using sunglasses for motorcycle riding?

Now let’s talk about what are the advantages of motorcycle sunglasses?

Sunglasses Protect against glare:

It is common for riders to be glare by UV rays in the afternoon when the rider is riding a motorcycle. This can upset your riding balance. That’s why you need to arrange sunglasses for motorcycle riding, which can prevent glare in the eyes.

✔Sunglasses Reduce eye strain:

The issue of reduced eyesight comes at a time when you feel uncomfortable riding a motorcycle due to UV rays. So you need such sunglasses which reduce the eyestrain of your eyes. Eyestrain The lens works in such a way that it causes your eyesight to coincide with your eyes.

✔Sunglasses protect against road dust, dirt and debris:

There are many types of helmets used in motorcycles. If you use a full face helmet, then it keeps your eyes as well as the whole face safe. But if you use a half face helmet or an open face helmet. Then it does not cover your face completely, due to which dirt, dust and small particles can go into your eyes. A better sunglasses gives you relief from damage to your eyes.

✔Sunglasses protect against gust of wind:

A fashionable rider never tries to ride a bike at an average speed though it can be a bit wrong. But whenever you ride a speed bike on the road, the gust of wind falling on the roads goes in your face and eyes. So it can be the hallmark of an uncomfortable riding. That’s why its benefits are known the most when it blows a strong wind in your eyes. Best sunglasses for motorcycle riding are used to avoid all these things.

✔Increase your attractive style and cool look as well as be a fashionable:

When a rider rides a motorcycle, whether speed ride or slow ride. Whether you are a regular rider or occasionally ride a motorcycle but any rider motives that their style attracts to people Hence. Therefore you should go for a better motorcycle sunglasses that enhances your style.

✔Sunglasses provide clear road view:

If you cannot see the road clear while riding a motorcycle, then it is a danger signal. So you should use best sunglasses for motorcycle riding which provides a clear view of the road. Regular riders prefer to ride a motorcycle during the day as well as at night. But due to more sunlight during the day time, you are not able to see the road much clearer. And during the night time it is dark due to the darkness, you cannot see the road much clearer. But if you use sunglasses for motorcycle riding which provide better road view clear while protecting your eyes. Then it will make you feel like you are an experience rider who has paid full attention to their responsibility to protect himself.

Buying guide about sunglasses for motorcycle riding

Now let’s talk about buying guide about sunglasses for motorcycle riding for the reason that you can choose the best features motorcycle sunglasses.

✔Lens Construction:

When we try to select riding glasses for motorcycle riding, we should pay attention to the type of lens used in the glasses we choose. Made mostly of materials like polyurethane, crystal and polycarbonate, the lenses claim to have UV rays protection, fog protection and anti-scratch.

✔Frame construction:

The frame plays an important role in addition to the lens in glasses. It surrounds the glasses. Often the eyeglass maker uses rugged polycarbonates, advanced composites, and proprietary constructions to manufacture them.

There can be many types of frames which can appeal to the riders due to their exquisite design. Often the glasses makers make the weak type of frames but the motorcycle glasses makers use frames with a strong material which proves that it can be used by the riders for a long time.

✔UV rays and wind protection:

The UV rays protection is great for motorcycle riders who ride motorcycles for long hours in the sun. If you want that there is no damage to your eyes due to UV rays. Then you should choose such motorcycle glasses that provide UV production.

You will be happy to know that most of the motorcycle riding glasses makers make them as per UV-400 rating which protects you from the damage caused by harmful UV rays.

✔Helmet compatible:

The motorcycle sunglasses you buy should fit snugly into the helmet. If the sunglasses are too tight or loose in the helmet then it will not prove to be comfortable and can make your motorcycle riding uncomfortable. Therefore it is necessary to check helmet compatible before selecting helmet sunglasses.

✔Safety rating:

The safety rating of the motorcycle riding goggles means that it can fully protect you from sunlight and UV rays apart from being perfectly fitted with the helmet. However, if you want to the best get motorcycle glasses for night riding, then it is our right to pay attention to its safety too. As it can protect our eyes while night riding and the view of the road is completely clear.

✔Scratch Proof, waterproof and windproof:

Choosing the scratch proof sunglasses for motorcycle riding is a big part of increasing our riding comfort. However, if you opt for branded sunglasses for motorcycle riding. Then it provides the sunglasses to a great extent which prevents getting dirty and scratched.

When you are riding a motorcycle at high speed, the spectacles worn inside your helmet get dust, dirt etc. Which can cause scratches. So choosing a branded motorcycle riding sunglasses is one of the important factors.

If you are fond of wearing full face motorcycle helmets then waterproof sunglasses for motorcycle riding are not considered to be much important. This is mostly considered important when you wear a half face helmets and you need to travel in areas like rainy season.

Covers the area around your eyes using windproof motorcycle riding sunglasses and prevents air from entering your eyes. This prove that you should to choose the windproof sunglasses which warns you of the dangers in your eyes.

✔Anti fog coating:

The anti-fog coating adjusted glass will provide better comfort which helps you to see the foggy road in winters or in foggy areas. If you choose to wear sunglasses on a regular basis, then it is more likely that during foggy time your eyes will be blurred, which increases the chances of getting an accident. This is the reason why often riding glasses manufacturers prefer to manufacture as wraparound frame design instead of anti-fog treatment.

✔Style and Design:

Sunglasses are not only used by the riders to allow them to ride comfortably. But also like to enhance their looks along with providing the next level of comfort to their riding. Riders want to enhance their style by wearing sunglasses and want to people see them as an experience rider.

✔Foam padding:

There are very few motorcycle riding sunglasses which provide padding foam. However, apart from providing you comfort, the foam prevents air from entering your eyes. Due to this, it prevents water from coming in your eyes, which can avoid eye disease.


The quality and brand of sunglasses for motorcycle riding decides how durable a sunglasses will provide you. A durable motorcycle sunglasses built with superior material which decides what level of protection it will provide to your eyes. Therefore you should always go for branded sunglasses for motorcycle riding.

✅Top 5 sunglasses for motorcycle riding

Now let’s talk about which is the best and valuable sunglasses for motorcycle riding that protect your eyes and provide comfortable motorcycle riding.

#1. Oakley GASCAN Sunglasses for motorcycle riding

Oakley known as the one of the best and branded motorcycle sunglasses. This motorcycle riding glasses that are often mentioned by this brand block out bright light and protect your eyes. Oakley Motorcycle Sunglasses feature high-wrap lifestyle shades that not only block hard lines but also block out harmful blue light.

You will be happy to know that these types of oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding offer present High Definition Optics to eliminate glare and distortion.

This oakley motorcycle sunglasses men fits well whether you use it with a helmet or without a helmet. This contributes in providing a nice and clear view of the road.

If talk about providing Next Comfort. So the lenses provided in it reflect high quality which actually contributes a lot in preventing glare from happening in your eyes. And this Gascan rectangle sunglasses have 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection. And it block harmful blue light up to 400nm which protect your eyes against any potential threat.

This is one of the best oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding that you can use it in any weather throughout the year.

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#2. WYND Blocker Polarized Motorcycle sunglasses

WYND Polarized Motorcycle Sunglasses made with plastic frame is known as a better sunglasses. In which 100% UV protection coating has been given which protects us from harmful caused by 100% UVA & UVB.

The quality of the lens of WYND polarized motorcycle sunglasses is better which is known for high performance. It is not only impact resistant but also provides anti scratch feature.

Not only does this polarized motorcycle sunglasses have a sturdy construction but being lightweight, it fits your face perfectly. The internal gasket in this sunglasses is designed to reduce fogging which keeps the flow of air away from your eyes.

Not only is this WYND polarized motorcycle sunglasses affordable but it also takes your riding style to the next level. You do not need to ride a motorcycle to use it, but you can also use it normally to protect your eyes. And can be used for boating, fishing, biking / cycling, driving as well as running.

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#3. Harley-Davidson Gravity Grey Lens for motorcycle riding

Harley-Davidson is a reputed brand that motorcycle riding sunglasses are recommended by experience riders.

As it is known for its high performance which not only provides 100% production to your eyes from dust and dirt along with gusts of wind while riding a motorcycle, it also helps you to enhance your riding experience .

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses proves that it will perfectly protect your eyes from glare while riding a bike in the sun.

The specialty of this sunglasses for motorcycle riding is that when you are riding a motorcycle on the roads by using it and you suddenly see that the light of some other vehicle in front falls on your eyes. Then this gives protection to the eyes from the blue light of that vehicle.

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#4. 3 Pair Motorcycle Riding Glasses that is UV Protection & Windproof

Are you looking for motorcycle riding glasses for multiple purpose use that are available in multiple colors and multiple lenses? So it would be better to have motorcycle riding glasses which not only provide UV protection but are also used for a clear view of the road.

It can be considered as one of the best sunglasses for motorcycle riding as high quality lenses have been used in it which provides UV400 protection. And it is not only impact resistant but also anti wind and anti-glare as well as dust proof.

Because this motorcycle riding sunglass is made according to lightweight which is quite comfortable to wear. It considered to increase your riding experience to the next level.

You can use this sunglasses not only while riding a motorcycle but also for bicycling and climbing, even for sports activities.

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#5. 100% UV Protection Polarized motorcycle Sunglasses For riding

We would suggest that you should use sunglasses that are not only used for cycling, motorcycle riding and fishing as well as for sports purposes but also enhance your style. So that’s why you can use this high definition vision sunglasses which provides UV400 protection.

It has been made lightweight which contributes a lot in providing comfort. You will be happy to know that this sunglasses have been designed as a nose pad, which is to be worn to achieve the next level.

You can opt for this sunglasses for motorcycle riding with a lot of colors and multiple lenses too. And the lens used in it is not only believed to provide 100% UV protection but is scratch restraint, durable, unbreakable as well as skidproof.

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FAQs on sunglasses for motorcycle riding

Who makes the best motorcycle sunglasses?

Multiple sunglasses for motorcycle riding available in online market a winner of our 2018 REXY Awards, the Wiley X Gravity is the go-to motorcycle sunglass. It’s demand increase day by day for quality. Therefore it’s promise is that it is not only does it offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and distortion-free lens clarity, Even it’s ANSI-certified to Z87 that prove to Best Motorcycle Sunglasses.

Do I really need a motorcycle riding glasses?

Yes! we really need a motorcycle riding glasses. sunglasses for motorcycle riding does its duty to protect our eyes from dust, pebbles etc. However, it is also wind proof, which prevents the wind from entering our eyes so that we do not have any kind of problem in the eyes.

How do you clean motorcycle glass?

There are many types of liquid cleaners available to clean sunglasses for motorcycle riding with which you can clean the riding glasses using a microfiber cloth. However, there are some experienced motorcycle riders who suggest that no chemicals should be used to clean the riding glass. Rather it should be cleaned with normal water and microfiber cloth.

Which type of riding sunglasses best for rainy season?

Sunglasses with hydrophobic lenses are considered the best to use in the rainy season. This type of sunglasses works to deflect water so that the riders get a clear view of the road.

Which type of riding sunglasses best for fog season?

For proper use in fog, if you do not have sun protection sun protection goggles with anti-fog coating. Then you should consider such sunglasses which have vents for air circulation. It does not allow fog to freeze due to which you can enjoy better riding even in foggy weather.

Which type of motorcycle riding glasses should you choose, expensive or cheap?

The expensive motorcycle riding sunglasses is made with superior material which ensures that it will help you ride comfortably. And you can use it for a long time. However, if you use cheap motorcycle riding sunglass, it will not provide much quality which will not be scratch proof nor will it provide protection against fog.

Which is the best platform to buy motorcycle riding glasses?

There are many branded and best quality motorcycle sunglasses available in the online market like Amazon. You can choose it according to your wish and usage. If you choose motorcycle sunglasses in the local market then you may have to wander a lot to choose your favorite sunglasses.

Conclusion: Best sunglasses for motorcycle riding

To ride a motorcycle in full comfort and safely, wearing motorcycle riding sunglasses is as important as having salt in the food. However, there are some types of motorcycle helmets that have better quality visors. And glasses are also given which is inbuilt to work better in night vision and sunlight.

You might be in the list of riders who could not research sunglasses for motorcycle riding due to lack of time. That’s why we have mentioned 5 best sunglasses for motorcycle riding. All sunglasses provides comfortable as well as full road view to ensure the safety of riders like you.

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