Best Bike For 7 Year Old Boy- (Review & Buying Guide)

When your kids get 7 years old you are anxious a lot about their increased strength and stamina. You will be happy to know that biking is one of the best ways to develop your kid’s height and mind quickly. But there are multi types of bikes for 7 year old boy available in the online market, So you can confuse to perfect kids’ bike for your 7 year old.

We also face a lot of problems finding bikes for my friend’s kids and then we got some points and tips to get the perfect bike for my friend’s 7 year old kid.

Don’t worry! I help you to choose a comfortable and safest bicycle for 7 year old kids.

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Now we will advise you on some categories of bikes for your 7 year old kid. You can buy any of these bikes according to the situation of your 7 year old kids.

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How to Choose Kids’ Bikes? (Buying Guide)

✓Size and height (Look for Seat):

There are many types of bikes for 7 year old available in the market which can be of different brands. But while buying a bike, it is very important to pay attention to the adjustable feature of the seat. A 20-inch bike is considered better for a 7 year old child but if it has an adjustable seat then you can decrease the height or increase the height of the seat according to the comfort of your child.


Measuring the weight of a bike for a 7 year old is not one of the most important points as it is for 3 year olds and 4 year olds. But before buying a bike for a 7 year old boy, the focus on the weight of the bike is the hallmark of comfortable riding. A bike that weighs less than 50% of the child’s weight should be preferred as it will be lighter and your child will feel very comfortable to ride.

✓Safety and comfort:

It is very important to pay attention to the safety and comfortable bike in a small child’s bike. The suspension features and cushioned seats and good tires are important for a 7 year old boy bike that you buy. This not only increases your child to ride comfort but also prepares them for long rides even if the road is somewhat rough or damage.

✓frame Design and color:

A company that makes bikes for a 7-year-old may make different types of frames and designs and manufacture them in different colors. Because it is a small kid’s bike and little kid enjoys driving attractive bike. A good frame reflects the strength of the bike and the companies making such bikes do not compromise on the design and good colors. Whenever you buy a bike for your 7 year old boy, you should be aware of your child’s likes and dislikes.

✓Brakes type:

Most small children’s bikes use V-brakes, also known as rim brakes, and avoid coaster brakes. These are mostly used in children’s bikes. We wouldn’t recommend using coaster brakes until your little one can ride comfortably and is older.

✓Geared or single-speed:

Handling gear bike for 7-8 year old can be a bit tricky as if the kid is younger then he can be timid. So if you are looking to buy a bike for your little one then you can get single speed which we have just suggested to you. There are some kids who like to switch to gear bikes soon. Depending on the capacity of your kids, you can advise them to switch to gear and single-speed bikes for them. But in the initial days, you should choose a single-speed bike, while choosing a single-speed make sure to pay attention to the gain ratio of the bike.

✓Appropriate Tires:

There are many types of tires available for 7 year old bikes, in which different types of tires from different brands can be used. It is up to you to make sure that what type of road and type of place your kid prefers to ride a bike.

If your child likes to ride on the pavement, you can use a fast-rolling tire. And if your child likes to roam in the market, grass, and mud, then you can use a bike with small square tires. It’s not a big decision, you can change the tires of your kid’s bike anytime.


The price of the bike depends on the features given in the bike. If the bike you buy is expensive, it means that your bike is comfortable enough and it is light enough to allow kids to ride easily in any condition.

If the bike you buy has gears it indicates an expensive bike as it is very easy to operate. We have mentioned all types of bikes in this list, you can choose any of these bikes.

why should a child have a bicycle/Bike?

Have you ever wondered why it is important to teach kids to ride a bike? Here are 6 reasons why your kids should have a bicycle.

It’s pure fun

Riding a bike or telling your child about riding a bike is full of fun. Your child seems quite happy to ride a bike and is able to connect better with his friends and family.

It develops physical and mental strength

According to, children should do at least one hour of physical activity every day to stay healthy, out of which bike riding is considered to be much better. When you encourage a child to ride a bike, you are not only talking about their physical strength but also about their mental strength. And the fitness of your 7 year old kid improves a lot. According to, children who go to school by bike are more focused and more prepared to learn.

Increase independence and confidence

When your 7 year old rides a bike, he learns a lot about bike handling. He gets to know how he can handle the bike due to which your child’s confidence level increases and he becomes independent. And you don’t need to supervise when your child rides a bike to school.

Good for the environment

The environment is also good enough for your 7 year old kids to ride a bike. The use of active transport reduces carbon emissions, reduce traffic congestion, and eliminates parking problems.

Great way to go to school

A bike acts as the perfect transport for your 7 year old child as it not only covers the distance of school but also makes your child feel healthy enough for sports and other activities. Because by using it both your child and you feel free which can often be a joyous occasion for the parents.

FAQs on Bike For 7 Year Old kids

What size bike would a 7 year old boy need?

If your child is 7 years old, then an 18″ or 20″ bike will be better for him. And if your child is taller than average height at the age of 7 then for this you can go towards a 16″ bike and if your child is shorter than average height then his 24″ bike will be fine.

Can a 7 year old ride a 20 inch bike?

According to the height of your child, you can choose the bike for your child. If your child’s average height is taller, than you can use a bike of 18-20 inches for that

Is riding a bike good exercise for kids?

When a child is in the age group of 5 years to 12 years, he is at a growing age. At this age, if your kids ride a bicycle, then not only does your child’s body develop, but his mind develops and he detects faster in studies. It is used as a daily exercise and is used not only by children but also by youth, men, and women to keep their bodies fit.

What age is best for a bike?

When the child is between 4 years and 10 years old, parents should encourage their child to ride a bicycle or bike. Children develop at this age and at this age children start learning a lot. However, you can judge your child better because many children are very intelligent even at a young age and there are many children who are not very intelligent even after 12 years.

Does cycling reduce weight for kids?

Because when a child rides a bicycle, his feet are in active motion, which affects not only the feet but the whole body. So it would not be wrong at all to say that yes cycling does reduce the weight of kids.

Conclusion: Bike For 7 Year Old Boy

Bike can be the best gift for parents to gift their kids. Because the bike given by you develops not only the body but also the mind of the children.

Bike industry is growing and people are showing more interest in giving normal bikes to kids instead of motorbikes.

It is very important to understand that the bike is available in many features and in many colours. And it is not considered too important to see what kind of features and colors you can go towards for your kids.

But a good, safe and comfortable bike will be much better for your child. So we have mentioned in this article 5 Best Bikes for 7 Year Old Boys (Review and Buying Guide). Hope this article proves to be very helpful for you in choosing a bike for your kids.

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