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10 Exclusive tips to maintain a car in good condition

10 Best Car Maintenance Tips That Keeps Your Car In Good Condition

The life of the car gets improved by 60% due to maintaining a car in good condition. It is true that the cost of repairing a car is more than the maintenance of the car and it is always painful to afford the repair cost. If your car breaks down frequently then it can create stress in your mental. Therefore, it is very important to know how to maintain the car in good condition to provide the right life of the car as it also reduces the cost of repairs.

In this post RoadsRide will tell you the details guide about how to maintain a car in good condition. So to know this it is important that you stay with us.

What is maintenance for car?

Maintenance of car means to take care of all those things which can increase the life of the car. There are various types of car maintenance tools and car maintenance kits and car maintenance accessories that represent the process of car maintenance.

Car care includes changing car engine oil, changing flat tyres, changing spark plugs, car headlight and air filter as well as paying attention to car exterior parts like car paint, etc.

By doing better car maintenance, not only does the health of the car improve, but the driver can also drive the car for a long time without worrying and they do not have mental stress.

How to keep your car safe?

To keep the car safe, one needs to avoid all those steps which can lead to damage and loss of the car.

Keeping the car safe means driving safely. Most of the car accidents happen due to drink and drive. More than this, one reason is that when the driver is driving the car, he has a mobile in his hand, in which being busy can also be a reason for the accident.

If you do not service and maintain your car on time, then it will not keep your car safe. And if your car gets damaged then you are reimbursed through the insurance company if you have insurance for your car. But this is the process after the car breaks down.

As your car gets old, the parts start getting damaged which you should replace according to time. Now we will share with you what are the steps that you should keep in mind for car maintenance in good condition.

Types of car maintenance

Maintenance of a car is done at a stipulated time interval. Timely replacement of any parts in the car and service of the vehicle at least every year is included. However, the car manufacturer prepares a service schedule and gives you the number of miles traveled and the service and maintenance that needs to be done.

Here we are mentioning 3 types of car maintenance and car service which includes interim car maintenance, major car maintenance and full car maintenance.

When you go to the leadership or service center for car maintenance, it can tell you about the different types of car maintenance. So now we will talk about 3 types of car maintenance that we have to know.

  • Interim car maintenance and service called a entry level maintenance. It is meant for high mileage driver who covers distance of more than 20000 miles. Usually interim car maintenance includes engine oil change, oil filter change, flat tire change, light change, just such small car parts that are meant to be replaced when not working.
  • Major car maintenance is slightly more than interim car maintenance. A distance of 24 months or 24000 miles recommended for major car maintenance. If you have done previous car service and maintenance as full service then next time you will need major service. It recommended to change additional parts every 2 years which may include fluid and cabin filter, etc.
  • Full car maintenance/service provides more value than interim maintenance and major maintenance. It is usually recommended over a distance of 12 months or 12000 miles. This type of maintenance includes checks done during the last service and a list of maintenance which includes air filter change, fuel filter change, spark plug change, shock absorbers inspection, radiator and coolant hose checked, battery, alternator changing, radiator and coolant hose change if all these not working.

✅10 Exclusive tips to maintain a car in good condition

Now let’s talk about which is the best 8 exclusive tips to maintain a car in good condition.

#1. Engine

To maintain the car in good condition, you should keep an eye on the engine of the car.

✔Keep your car engine clean

Car engine is like a heart for the car. And we all know that the heart should work well so that the whole body performs properly. If you keep the car engine clean on a regular basis, then there is a high chance that any kind of dirt, dust, soil will not settle on the engine nor can it cause internal engine failure.

✔Change engine oil regularly

An engine considered a very important part to keep the car running smoothly. And the engine oil used in the engine which requests to be clean for better performance and smooth running of the engine. Engine oil must be checked at least once in a month to see what the engine oil level of the car is. You should check whether the virtual element of engine oil is pumping properly on a regular basis. And if the engine oil level seems to be deteriorating then you should contact the mechanic. We would like to tell you that most oil manufacturers recommend changing the oil between 10000 kms to 15000 kms. If you want to maintain the car in good condition, then you should take special care of the engine oil of the car.

✔Change your car engine oil filter

Oil filter is one of the most important part of the engine which filters oil. And it prevents dirt from getting into your vehicle’s engine oil in harsh conditions like dusty, muddy roads. If the engine oil filter does not work properly then it can consume more engine oil of your car. Therefore, pay attention from time to time and understand the seriousness of the situation, make an intention to change it from time to time.

✔Keep an eye on spark plugs

The spark plug is an important part of starting your car’s engine. Its working properly indicates that it will keep your car engine healthy. In the second case, if the spark plug is not working properly then it can reduce the mileage of your car and you may have to face more vibration and noise.

#2. Emission Control Systems

Controlling global warming is very important to maintain a car in good condition. The danger of global warming is increasing day by day in comparison to earlier times. To control global warming, we can ensure that we are not under the contribution of car pollution. For this we have to check our car Emissions. The facility to check the car is provided at most of the petrol stations or gas stations.

#3. Car interior

To maintain a car in good condition you should keep clean car interior.

✔Check the interiors of your car

Using the car from time to time adds to the dirtiness of the interior of the car. This dirt can be related to food or drink or your pet’s accessories and food items. If it is not cleaned from time to time then it gets deposited in the interior of the car which can take the form of a mess. Therefore you should always check the interiors of your car to maintain a car in good condition.

✔Always keep the interior clean

The interior of a car can have a variety of accessories and a variety of parts. Keeping it clean always considered for better car maintenance. This motivates you to maintain your car in good condition. The interior of the car includes things like car seat, car dashboard, car mat, etc. Keeping them clean not only increases your comfortable driving but also keeps the interior of the car beautiful like heaven. You can use a soft cloth to clean the car interior, however you can also use a car vacuum cleaner. Thus you can maintain car in good condition. And sometimes you want to sell car in future, then you get better resale value due to clean interior of the car.

#4. Car exterior

To maintain a car in good condition you should keep clean car exterior.

✔Use a cover for your car

Taking care of the exterior part of the car is known as a big responsibility to keep the car in good condition. To keep the exterior part of the car safe, car cover is a very important part, which protects the paint or color of the car from getting damaged as well as provides protection from UV rays.

✔Clean the exterior of the car regularly

Better cleaning of the car proves that how much you love the car. To maintain the car in good condition, keeping the car interior as well as the car exterior clean on a regular basis protects the exterior of the car from dust, dirt, bird dirt, etc. And your car shines for a long time.

#5. Car cleaning

Car cleaning is a great way to maintain a car in good condition

✔Grease and lubricate regularly

A car is a machinery thing whose use of grease from time to time for better performance can enhance your car driving experience. To use grease, start with the chassis which comprises the steering arms and suspension system. Apart from this, it is very important to lubricate other parts of the car which are other minor parts of the car but are considered very important. You can also understand these small parts for parts like door tracks and door locks.

✔Wash and shine your car

Washing the interior and exterior of the car on a regular basis to maintain the car in perfect condition is considered a cosmetic appearance of the car. Therefore, the car has to be regularly washed, cleaned, and painted to protect. Car cleaning on a regular basis is also suggested by the manufacturers company.

#6. Check if important parts are in good condition

To keep the car in good condition, you should check whether all these parts are working or not.


The headlights used in your car have a lot of importance. Any kind of carelessness in this is not good as it can be a cause of the problem. Often when you drive a car at night, headlights are very important and even more so during the rainy season. Therefore, maintaining the car well also includes maintaining the headlights.


Controlling the crash refers to the perfection of the brakes. This not only talks about the safety of your car, but also about the safety of any other vehicle running on the road. So always check that the brakes of your car are fully functional.


Horn of a car used as a way of showing the activity of their car to another vehicle. Car horn is a small thing but its use is very important. Maintaining a car horn can talk about the safety of your car as well as other vehicles.


A good car battery is enough to gauge the overall health of the car. If your car battery is not working properly or you feel like it should be replaced now. So you should not hesitate in this. Often car battery manufacturers recommend replacing the car battery in 4 to 5 years.

#7. Tire

Car tire is one of the most important parts for your car. So you need to take good care for better maintenance.

✔Check tire maintenance

Maintaining a use tire in your car is the hallmark of good and comfortable driving. If the tires of your car are too worn then it may not provide better gripping. And its braking system also does not work properly. Therefore, at some point in time, you should consider it necessary to change the tire. It depends on how far you drive the car. There are some branded car tires which last longer and perform better even in rough roads like michelin, Jk tyre, continental, etc.

✔Keep an eye on car tire pressure

Even if you drive the car on a regular basis or not, it can be difficult to maintain the tire pressure of the car. Car pressure not being maintained this is often seen when your car is not running for some time. That’s why checking the tire pressure of the car from time to time is known as a very important. Through you can see the tire pressure of your car in your mobile by using Car Pressure Monitor System. And accordingly you can easily reach the mechanic.

#8. Check and change the fluids

For the good health of the car and to maintain the car well, you should always check all the fluids of the car and change it as per the need. Apart from engine oil, car fluids can include coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, wiper washer fluid/water, transmission fluid and power string floats, etc.

#9. Replace windshield wipers

The use of windshield wipers proves to be better especially for the rainy season and foggy season. It is not overly expensive which cannot be changed as an excuse due to the slightest defect. Changing it from time to time can be a reason for your safe driving. It considered very important especially for snowy areas.

#10. Protect your car in all weather

Especially 3 types of weather found all over the world. It is winter in some country, summer in some and rain in some. And there are some countries in which all types of weather are found. Protecting your car from all these weather is one of your biggest responsibility. If you drive a car in a sunny area then you should use a better car cover for your car to produce UV rays. Car covers not only protect you car in summer season but also in cold weather and rainy season. It not only protects your car from dust and dirt but also maintains the color of your car. And if you want to maintain a car in good condition then you should think about protecting car from the effects of all weather.


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