8 Important Tips: How to check the original Steelbird helmet?

Topic: How to check original Steelbird helmet?

If you are a bike rider and like to ride a bike. So you would know that the most important considered bike gear is a helmet.

But wait, do you know how to check Steelbird helmet original or not?

If you do not know if the helmet you use is original or not. Then you will get the answer of how to check the original Steelbird helmet in this post.

We will not talk about the brand of all helmets here. This post is about the special how to check original helmet in India.

How to check helmet is original? Genuine and original helmets have Good quality of fiber and Thermocol of the helmet, hard Thermocol in many layers, ISI mark, hard outer exterior parts around the helmet, understand the weight of Steelbird helmet, good quality of straps and buckle, good quality of helmet Visor, original Steelbird helmet touch feels different, Good ventilation. All these are the sign of checking the original Steelbird helmet.

Local vs branded Steelbird helmet

When we buy helmets, we get two types of helmets in the local market or online market. First a normal helmet and second a branded helmet.

When we choose a local helmet, we get a helmet at a very low price. But if we choose a branded helmet at the same place, we get a helmet at a cost of about 10 times 20 times more expensive than the local brand.

Have you ever wondered why an original helmet is priced higher than a local helmet?

We will tell you how to check the original helmet in India and how you can find the best Steelbird helmet. We will talk about the full quality of the Steelbird helmet.

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✅How to check Original Steelbird helmet?

Now we talk about how to check helmet is original? Steelbird original helmet check is very easy but you should understand these tips that mention by RoadsRide.

#1. Fiber and Thermocol

Any fiber or thermocol used in local helmets is of a low quality which provides no comfort for a very long time.

But talk about an original Steelbird helmet at the same place. So good quality fiber and thermocol are used in the original Steelbird helmet.

And not only this but many layers are used there. And their design is made in such a way that it designed to comfort our entire head.

The thermocol used inside the Steelbird helmet is good quality which makes the helmet very comfortable. The thermocol is that which is placed between the helmet.

That thermocol is very important and at the time of the accident, it shows the greatest role that protects our head. Therefore you need to check the thermocol.

Because there is nothing more important than a thermocol under a helmet. If you want to check Original Steelbird helmet then you should check its fiber and thermocol.

#2. Fitted in several layers

When we drive bikes using local helmets. Then after the accident, the helmet does not protect us very well and it can break in one stroke. Yes, it may be that it can protect us for a moment.

But we use Steelbird helmet so that there is no loss of our head due to sudden accident.

Hard thermocols are fitted inside the Steelbird helmets and fitted in several layers. Which provides complete protection to our heads. And it keeps us from worrying that if there is an accident then it will protect us completely.

If you want to check the Original Steelbird helmet then you should check its layers. This type of helmet used well and several layers.

#3. ISI, DOT Approved

This is the best way to find this question’s answer that how to check helmet is original? This in itself is considered a very solid helmet. And the ISI, DOT approved helmet is made by checking how it is strengthened.

Inside the ISI, DOT approved helmet designed as a complete safety for our heads. And its layers depicted in very good quality in many ways.

This is not compulsory that local helmet will ISI, DOT approved. But if we talk about branded helmets (specially Steelbird helmets) then it is ISI approved.

If you want to check the Original Steelbird helmet then you should check its ISI, DOT approved or not.

#4. Helmet weight

According to BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), the correct weight of the helmet should be at least 700 grams and should be at most 1.2 kg.

If the helmet weighs more than 1.2 kg then it will not prove to be right for your head. Because its weight will be high, then your head will not feel comfortable in your helmet, and your neck pain increases.

If the helmet weighs less than 700 grams, then you should understand that it is a very light helmet that is not made of good quality. And its quality is not very good, so it is good for your head.

You will be happy to know that the Steelbird helmet is available in all types of online markets. And all that helmet is within 700 grams and 1.2 kg. Neither is too light nor too heavy.

So it proves to be a very good and comfortable helmet for our heads.

If you want to check the Original Steelbird helmet then you should check its weight. Because the original helmet has not less weight or nor high weight.

#5. Straps and Buckles

It is very important for you to check how the quality of the straps and buckle is inside the Steelbird helmet you have purchased.

You can check this way when you lock these straps and buckle. So you try pulling it by connecting it with your hands. If the stitching of the straps and the grip of the buckle is strong, then you should understand that this helmet is original.

Let me tell you that when the ISI approved helmet is made, it is tested by pulling it to a weight equal to about 200 kg, whether its straps and buckle are strong or not.

If you want to check original helmet in India then you should check the quality of straps and buckles. Because all control depends on the straps and buckles that provide a helmet.

#6. Steelbird Helmet Visor

The helmet visor should built with fiber and strong, not plastic. Because the plastic visor has a chance of deteriorating very soon.

And when there are any particles in the plastic visor or if you continuously touch with your hands, then get scratches.

If you want to check the Original Steelbird helmet then you should check the helmet visor. Because a clear view depends on a visor.

#7. Ventilation

The way to identify good and better Steelbird helmets is that a better quality Steelbird helmet definitely has a system of ventilation.

Because of ventilation features when we ride the bike. So with the help of this ventilation, air passes inside the helmet in a way.

Due to the use of ventilation helmets in the summer season, our head does not sweat. However, in cold weather, this helmet can also be close ventilation very easily.

If you want to check the Original Steelbird helmet then you should check helmet ventilation. Because ventilation a good feature that provides very comfortable riding.

8. Quality is revealed when touched

The quality of a branded Steelbird helmet is very special. As soon as we touch it and see it, we realize that it is of some special type.

The original helmet is of very good and premium quality which is made of fiber. And it is very strong to see and use, it does not break easily.

The quality of the straps and buckles used inside the original Steelbird helmet is also very strong. And it’s playing the responsibility of keeping our heads completely safe.

Important Note:-

When we ride a bike wearing a helmet and unfortunately we have an accident. But if your head is safe by wearing a helmet of good quality.

But still when you ride the bike next time, do not ride the bike wearing that accidental helmet.

Because the accidental helmet will look perfect and you will feel that it is not broken. But the parts inside it become weak.

And the next time does an accident and not necessarily the next time this helmet will protect you completely. Therefore, the best practice would be that you should buy a new helmet.

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✅These are the most important questions that people often ask

These are the most important questions that people often ask about the helmet. And also ask how to check the original helmet in India?

How do I know if my helmet is original?

If your helmet is DOT, ISI approved, good quality of fiber and Thermocol, many layers are fitted within the helmet, helmet weight are adjustable, (at least 700 grams and should be at most 1.2 kg). The better quality of Straps and Buckles, visor quality, etc. Then you should understand that your helmet is original and you can tell that your Steelbird helmet is real.

Are Steelbird helmets DOT approved?

Steelbird helmet is the best helmet not only in India but in another country also. The Steelbird helmets claim that their quality is good and helmets built for very comfortable riding. Steelbird helmets are manufactured best quality control according to the national and international safety standards. Steelbird helmet claim also its testing laboratory is capable of testing helmets that meet all standards including DOT, SNELL 2000 (U.S.A), ECE 22.05 European, British, TCVN 5756 Vietnamese, and Bureau Of Indian Standards (IS: 4151).

Is Steelbird helmet good?

Steelbird helmets are good not only for Indian riders but other country riders. The Steelbird helmet is very good quality and provides a good quality buckle & strap and good quality fiber and Thermocol also.

Are Steelbird helmets safe?

Steelbird helmets are considered as a safes helmet in India. And this helmet built with testing so this is the safest helmet as well as comfortable helmet.

Which brand is best for a helmet?

In which helmet has available all kinds of features, quality, and strength. That helmet called the best brand helmet. Here is a list of some brand helmets which are considered good brands. Such as: Steelbird, Vega, LS2, Royal Enfield, SMK, Aerostar, Gliders, Fastrack, Autofy, Aaron, MT, Bell, Shark, etc.

Which Steelbird helmet is best?

Many people are asking which steelbird helmet is the best? The Steelbird helmet is the best steelbird helmet in which all these features are available. Here is the list of the best Steelbird helmets.

✅Conclusion: How to check the original Steelbird helmet?

Here are full details about how to check the original Steelbird helmet in India? If you choose the best Steelbird helmet then you should consider these things.

Steelbird helmet is a great and premium helmet that is fully protected your head every season. If we use a Steelbird helmet in the winter season then this helmet protects from cold and fog.

And if we use this helmet in the summer season then it has full protection for summer. Because in the Steelbird helmet provided ventilation that allows goes to air in our head.

And if we use a good quality steel bird helmet in the rainy season that protects us from the rain, and allows us to be visible on the road.

The good thing about the steel bird helmet is that this helmet provides a night vision feature. For the reason that we can easily ride on the night.

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