Best way to clean leather car seats (Increase your car seat life)

The finishing of a leather car seat is different as compared to other car seats. Its maintenance is the responsibility of every car owner. When you use a leather car seat, it is suggested by the Experience Rider and the manufacturing company to clean and maintain it every three to four months. This prolongs the life of your leather car seat and does not leave any unsightly marks and breakage marks. But do you know what is the best way to clean leather car seats to avoid damage.

You should understand that leather car seats come in many colors and there can be different ways of cleaning it. But the material can be used the same way. In this post we will tell you that,

  • What is the best way to clean leather car seat?
  • How to deep clean car seats?
  • How to clean dirty leather car seats?
  • How to clean white leather car seats?
  • How to clean tan leather car seats?
  • How to clean beige leather car seats?

What to use to clean leather car seats?

Cleaning a car seat is a important task and there are many accessories inside that should be kept ready. Here we will mention some leather car seat cleaning accessories that you should arrange to clean leather car seat.

Vacuum Cleaner

Before cleaning the car seat, vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner so that it becomes easy to remove the small parts, particles and dirt inside it. When you clean the leather car seat with a vacuum cleaner, it completely cleans which vacuum does its due. Vacuum cleaner helps to clean every corner of the car and clean small particles where even your hands cannot reach.

Air Compressor

The pressure of the air compressor is high, it helps a lot in removing stubborn particles. This will go a long way in keeping the car seat clean.

Soft cleaning Brush

Soft cleaning Brush plays an important role in cleaning the leather car seat. Use it when your leather seat has some sitting dirt and stubborn stains etc.

Microfiber Towel

Microfiber cloth is known to be a soft cloth that you use to clean your leather seat thoroughly. Our opinion would be to arrange for two microfiber cloths! There is a microfiber cloth with the help of which you can use to remove the dirt and sticking dirt while sitting on the letter seat. And another Microsoft cloth can use to ask and dry the seat after washing.

Leather Conditioner

When you ignore the cleaning for a long period of time due to which the leather becomes dry and it becomes more prone to cracking and discoloration. Therefore, to keep it in a condition, you should use leather conditioner.

It contributes greatly to providing protection from heat and abrasion. If you use leather conditioner to maintain and protect the leather car seat. It will greatly contribute to prolonging the life of your leather car seat. But are you wondering which type of conditioner should you choose? So we would advise you to go towards pH neutral conditioners and avoid conditioners containing petroleum distillates, silicone, and waxes.


Water is an important part of cleaning a leather car seat. You should take water in two different buckets! Dissolve soap in a bucket of water and clean the leather seat with their solution. And then after that with another water you can clean the soapy solution with clean water.


Before cleaning a leather car seat, arrange for soap. Soaps can be taken in many forms too! You can also arrange a solution making soap and other spray soap. You will be able to clean much better with the solution soap.

✅The Best way to clean leather car seats

How many ways to clean leather car seats
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We have arranged for all those accessories through which you can clean the leather car seat. Whether you have a white leather car seat, a black leather car seat or any other color, or any other type of leather seat. You can clean all those leather seats using these accessories.

Now we are talking about what is the best way to clean leather car seats.

#1. Begin cleaning the seats from any holes, Perforations and damages

First, check to see if the car seat has perforations and damages. Holes in leather upholstery can be patched up using a strong cloth or glue, but worn areas that aren’t torn can sometimes just be re-tanned.

If your seats have holes or missing chunks, then patching them won’t be worth it since you don’t want to take the time for something that will ultimately look shoddy.

#2. Find stains and Spots on car seats

Before you start to wipe and scrub your car seats with a cleaner, make sure to test it out first. This is an important precaution if you are going to use a cleaning product for the first time.

Do a spot test by applying some of the liquid on an isolated part of your car seat? If everything looks okay (no fizzing or melting), then it’s fine to use the cleaner on the whole area.

#3. Vacuum up dirt and debris from car seats

Whenever you start driving your car in the morning, you may see some signs of windshield wiper streaks. Wiper streak is like smear or line left behind by a windshield wiper. They are generally hard to to drive away even with the cleaning jobs.

Sometimes you cannot do it with just one wipe unless the streak is really light and not set too long before using a clean cloth to wipe off the streaks. In order for you to handle this job, first you will have to do it with a cloth that has been sprayed with water that hasn’t made wet yet. Then rub gently on the car windows section by section and wait until they are gone without leaving any stains.

Because this is not only works on windshields but also clean other parts of the car such as car seats and make it looks shinning again. And after that you can use Vacuum to clean your leather car seat because it the best way to clean leather car seats.

#4. Clean through all corners of the leather seat with a Soft Brush and Cleaner

Soft brushes and cleaners play an important role in removing dark stains on leather car seats. To clean the leather car seat properly in all corners, spray the cleaner and then gently clean it with a soft barsh, it cleans the deep dirt of your car seat.

Remember not to rub it too fast and hard, but try to clean it slowly. If you rub too fast, then the chances of damage to your seat increase and the chances of losing its beauty, shine and oil also increase.

#5. Wipe the leather seat completely, don’t let it remain get wet

Clean leather car seat is no easy task, especially if you prefer to keep it clean on a daily basis. After you finish cleaning your upholstery, always use the cleanest method possible to help avoid break-outs in case of any allergies.

In order to help yourselves from scratching or damaging the leather using microfiber cloths can be quite helpful as they are ideal for removing dirt. But usually have no water components that could damage leather when left in excess and allow them time to dry properly before sitting.

#6. Condition the leather Seat

Using conditioner on your leather car seat ensures that you have apply best way to clean leather car seats. And it has also been checked that there are no spots of any kind on anyone. After that you make sure to use conditioner.

In the beginning, you should apply a small amount of conditioner and then gently wipe off with a microfiber cloth. We do not recommend using too much conditioner as excessive amount will leave the car seat greasy.

After you have used the condition, you should not sit in the car seats for at least 1 hour. So that it does not absorb the leather and its shine is completely intact. After you make sure that the leather seat of your car is in good condition, then you can clean it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Then you will see that the shine of your car seat is intact and you are ready to use it for a long time.

Tips for keep Clean Leather Car Seats

✔Follow cleaning routine: You must follow a cleaning routine to keep clean leather car seats. With this you can keep an eye on your car seat and you can be sure whether your car needs cleaning now or not. Cleaning a car seat on a regular basis is an important part of extending the life of a car seat.

✔Always use Microsoft cloth: Whenever you have to follow a leather car seat cleaning routine, you should always use a soft cloth. However, when you can use the cloth to clean the seat everyday. It is much better at cleaning small stains and dirt that you will be able to Keep Clean Leather Car Seats.

✔Avoid Sun Damage: This is the Biggest Tips for Keep Clean Leather Car Seats that you should always protect your car seat from the heat of the sun. This reality it can destroy by heating up your leather car seat.

✔Condition Your Seats: If necessary, before conditioning the leather car seat, make sure that you do not have any kind of stain on your seat or else it may damage your seat. Conditioning leather car seats on a regular basis ensures that your cars are now ready for long term use.

✅How to clean white leather car seats?

How to clean white leather car seats
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Remove any dirt with microfiber cloth

The white leather car seats would have been glittery and had more of a dirt feel to it. So whenever you feel the responsibility of cleaning the white leather car seat, first of all you should find scratches, holes, perforations and damages in it. And after that you do it slowly clean with lukewarm water through Microsoft cloth and soft brush.

By doing this, the some dust and small particles of the upper part of your white leather car seat are easily cleaned.

Use vacuum on the white leather car seat

Vacuum cleaners help you clean all the dust and small particles of white leather car seats that your hands cannot easily reach. Therefore, after using Microsoft cloth, you should clean the car seat through vacuum.

Wipe down the white leather car seat

A drop of anything on the white leather car seat gives a dirty stain-like feeling which can be considered difficult to clean easily.

You should always use two microfiber cloths to clean a white leather car seat. A microfiber cloth that wipes clean with lukewarm water before vacuuming prevents scratches and damage to the seat. And another microfiber cloth that you can use to wipe and dry the seat after cleaning it.

Condition your white leather car seat

Finally, after you have cleaned your white leather car seats and made sure that your leather car seat is no longer stained and any kind of particles. So now you Ready To Condition white leather car seats, Conditioning increase shine and looks to your car.

In the initial days, you should not condition for a long time and should avoid sitting in the car seat for at least 1 hour after conditioning.

Conclusion: Best way to clean leather car seats

We all car owners are well aware that the interior of a car can be of different types. But a car seat is a large size interior part which plays a huge role in making the interior of your car beautiful. There should not be any compromise in keeping it safe and clean.

The leather car seat that you use will obviously be dirty or torn but it should be our responsibility to maintain it. If you maintain your leather car seat on a regular basis, then it will maintain the beauty and shine of your car interior for a long time. That’s why we have told here about the best way to clean leather car seats by which you can increase the shine of the car seat on your own. Hope you like this post better.

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